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    Animatedmusic reacted to Autosaver in Sonic Lost World Reviews   
    The problem with Unleashed is that it had two sides and people have come to a common consensus that it wasn't that good of a game.
    However, people did point out that reviewers at IGN pulled out some of the dumbest clip to illustrate the 'flaws' of the Daytime stages. This includes jumping over a boost pad for no reason or just running into obstacles that are clearly in view. This happened with Lost World.

    Nobody has ever said that bold. Ever! If you think people are saying IGN has some sort of conspiracy to give it a bad score, then I'm not sure what the hell you're talking about.
    When the reviewer in general gives footage such as the above as reasons why the games sucks, you can easily pin point why people are going to have an issue or cast doubts on it.
    Flaws such as
    "Sonic isn't fast as Generations!" is completely irrelevant to how good a game is. The reviewer shouldn't focus if the speed is close to Generations, they should focus on how the new mechanics work. Reviewers should be open-minded and objective, not blatant give up or refuse to adopt the new style because they're used to the old one.
    So what if it's slower? Why is this a big deal? Sonic Lost World adopted a new gameplay style. Reviewers should judge it on it's unique merits.
    This logic is terribly broken and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
    Nobody cares that much about differing opinions. It's the fact that many points made by reviewers have been beyond silly. One reviewer gave the game a 1/5 and had a complaint that Sonic loses his rings when getting hit. Another review complained that the controls caused him to go backwards into a bottomless pit. Another reviewer complained about platforming when he held down the run button the entire time.  Another reviewer complained about speed and yet, never mentioned or used the spindash in any of his playthroughs. Yet, apparently it's getting upset when people make videos showing that when using the mechanics properly such as spindash, the game instantly becomes full of speed.
    Now lets be realistic. When people are listing Sonic's staple features as flaws or play the game wrong, people are going to look twice at reviews.
    It's OK to be disappointed in that it wasn't like Generations. However, it's stupid to blast a game for being different and not even bother trying to adopt the new style. You're not supposed to hold forward and pass everything in Lost World. Lost World actually has you platforming and the user interacting with the environment.
    Do you complain that Forza isn't like Need for Speed? No, you don't. Being different is not a flaw. Refusing to try the difference and base the game on it's own unique playstyle makes for a flawed review.
    You're from the US. You haven't even tried the new gameplay style and you're already throwing it out. This is not something you should be doing. You should be open to trying the game out. Then form the opinion that it's good or bad.
    Nobody has ever said this, ever. Trying to make it look like Sonic fans are being stupid and misinterpreting what they're saying is unfair. Please stop distorting messages and putting words into other peoples' mouth. No matter how many times you repeat it, it's not true.
    "let's just kill all discussion based on reviews"
    This is the fucking review thread. There's going to be discussion on whether or not a review has flaws. Many flaws have been pointed out within these 30 pages, especially from IGN and Gamespot. I honestly don't get why people aren't allowed to bring up valid points that some of these reviews have problems with them and that they shouldn't be looked at 100%.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Thigolf in Spoiler Topic [Warning - Untagged Discussion]   
    Can I say that the "Tails is jealous" thing came out of nowhere? I mean, I get what they're trying to deliver, but honestly - it just felt too fast. If they showed like a scene before with a line like "I leave it to you, Eggman" out of Sonics mouth, I wouldve gotten it, but...that quick? I dunno.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to ThereN'Back in Spoiler Topic [Warning - Untagged Discussion]   
    I'm watching Sky Road now, and just noticed the mission list:
    "Collect 750 rings. Where are you keeping them all?!" (Yes, it did include a question mark and an exclamation point).
    "Run along the walls for at least 10 meters. Who needs gravity?"
    I love the humor in this game, even in the mission list p:
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    Animatedmusic reacted to #EndyGate in Spoiler Topic [Warning - Untagged Discussion]   
    Omg it's Egg Samus
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Autosaver in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    And then you realize it all runs in actual HD resolution and 60fps.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Ferno in Sonic Boom (Working Title)   
    I think I'm going to be disappointed in the real designs now.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to WarioBone in Sonic Boom (Working Title)   
    E-fucking-nough of this.
    Nobody actually fucking complains about this shit.  Maybe ten people.
    Just stop.  It's old and irrelevant and a total cop-out.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Spooky Mulder in S.L.W. Screenshots (P. 54) "Grammar Errors? This game is a sequel to Sonic's Schoolhouse!?"   
    1. You suppose? This is a radical revamp of the gameplay style which meant abandoning a style that had received a ton of praise from critics and arguably brought the Sonic franchise back from the dead. The fact that they'd even consider ditching the boost was surprising, nevermind everything else they've done to change up gameplay 2. This art style clearly is about more than just making the game run at 60 FPS. SEGA is intentionally going for a very classic feel with the style from the bright colors to the look of the plants and the redesigned badniks. The motobugs look like they were ripped straight from Sonic 1 concept art. SEGA has had to make concessions because of hardware limitations before (ex: Colors on the Wii) and they've never gone with a radically different art style to do so. 3. Pure speculation on your part. This time in 2010 people were saying the exact same thing about the Wisps. 4. First of all, there's a lot more to being a bold game than just being "new." Yes, there's plenty of classic level tropes being reexplored here but theyre being presented in a way that is totally fresh. The aesthetics might be inspired by old locations but these levels feel about as new as they can. Desert Ruins doesn't look anything like Sandopolis, Pyramid Cave, Dusty Desert, or Arid Sands. Also, please show me where in the history of Sonic or Mario a single zone has featured either character running through a honeycomb wonderland, a dessert paradise, and an actual desert, and Egyptian ruins. 5. Purely pessimistic speculation on your part. We know essentially nothing about the story yet except that Eggman and Sonic team up to defeat the Deadly Six and the game is rated E10.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Badnik Mechanic in S.L.W. Screenshots (P. 54) "Grammar Errors? This game is a sequel to Sonic's Schoolhouse!?"   
    SSMB: Oh Christ..
    This game isn't... real... It's not actually happening... it all takes place in Sonic's mind! What do I mean... well look!
    You will notice...

    Sonic becomes an eagle, flying high over a desert, But Sonic is a hedgehog, hedgehogs cannot fly, and eagles do not live in the desert. And how the mountains have teeth... mountains do not have teeth.
    You will notice...

    He becomes effectively a black hole, defying the laws of physics.
    You will notice...

    HE CAN SEE THE MUSIC! No normal person can.
    And finally, you will notice... The eyes...


    The eyes on booth these creatures are not normal, they fly all over the place, but are locked in a stare.
    Sonic Lost World is actually a halucination after Sonic took some drugs following his 20th birthday party! We never did find out what was in those chilli dogs!
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Gatestormer in S.L.W. Screenshots (P. 54) "Grammar Errors? This game is a sequel to Sonic's Schoolhouse!?"   
    I especially love how the Pinball table is shaped like Zavok's face, it really makes the Deadly Six feel a part of the Sonic world. 
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Sami in Lost World Trailer 2 "This looks a bit like *Insert game here*"   
    About the "different world" thing, I'll say this - That may be true, but I don't find it particularly reassuring that this world is completely devoid of logic or context. I'm just not seeing any clean, unifying theming here. Everything is a jumbled mess of color. Colors played with that concept much better, in my opinion.
    Let me ask a general question here, because I'm really curious. What do you all think looks more appealing here? Honestly?


    Two different levels with the exact same theme - candy. Both of these games take place on weird, abstract, fantastical new planets that look silly and whimsical. Yet despite that, Colors still manages to build a location. It's an intelligently designed industrial center mining resources out of a natural looking terrain that just happens to be made of candy. There are lollipops where trees would be, frosting where grass would be, and cake where stone would be. It all comes together really well, in my opinion, and it looks very visually pleasing. 
    Lost World is a bunch of strings of licorice floating in the middle of a pink void for no reason other than "well the player needs something to run on". Why are there donuts randomly floating in the middle of nowhere? No reason. They just do.
    Hell, if this game was built like Colors was, but with HD assets? That would have been glorious. Colors is an absolutely beautiful game thanks to its art style, even despite being on the Wii. This feels like a big step down from that, visually.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Pawn in Lost World Trailer 2 "This looks a bit like *Insert game here*"   
    Sonic was never just about big bright colours and flat textures though (and I think that you underestimate children if you believe that they can't appreciate more than that):

    You can also see that the classics were brimming with as much detail as the team could possibly include. Even in your screenshot of Emerald Hill, the earth is textured so that parts appear to have depth, which is very different to the flat checkerboard walls in Windy Hill.
    It's likely to become a pet peeve of mine that people are going to assume this bright, simple and flat style is similar to the that of the classics'. =P
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Sami in Lost World Trailer 2 "This looks a bit like *Insert game here*"   
    Doesn't even come close to this:

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    Animatedmusic reacted to Blue Blood in I think my Sonic 3 copy is cursed.   
    Or maybe she's pulled the whole thing out of her arse?
    That's the only thing I can think of.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sonic Lost World Live Demo: June 11th 2PM - 3PM (ET) (Spike TV)   
    Spike TV just posted their E3 broadcast schedule... I think you'll like this bit.


    Why do I think that time slot clashes with something?

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    Animatedmusic reacted to Burnt Ash in S.L.W. Screenshots (P. 54) "Grammar Errors? This game is a sequel to Sonic's Schoolhouse!?"   
    Artstyle in particular is definitely something you can judge, even with things like the first level, assuming it's consistent of course. The tropes themselves may be different, but the style of the visuals should be very similar.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Rusty Spy in Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer   
    I...uh... I like it?.... no..... I don't know!
    Looking at Sonic move, this is literally, literally, quite so literally, EVERYTHING I could've asked for!
    Parkour movement! Wallrunning! Ledge grabbing! Fluid, Flowing, Acrobatic movement! All the shit I've been rambling on this forum for Sega to do in a Sonic game, I swear I must've accidentally wished on a shooting star once, because this is literally a dream come true. It even looks like they're doing that manual jumping on enemies thing too! For the first time, like, ever, I can say that the gameplay is everything I've ever wanted!
    So WHY do I feel so let down!
    The gameplay looks perfect, but what is with the level design? This Sonic-Xtreme-Galaxy thing is just.... no... I don't like it. Not only does it make the whole thing look small and linear, but it also kills any idea of an expansive and organic environment, and ironically, despite all the slopes, everything still looks incredibly blocky.
    Oh, and the art design, you had it down to a T in Generations, now your scaling the cartoon factor to the extreme and making everything look plastic and oversimplified.
    Dammit, I WANT to believe this will turn out better than what I'm expecting, but I just don't feel it. I'm trying my damnedest to be optimistic, but I can't help but feel that Sonic Team once again got one aspect right, and completely messed up the other.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Spin Attaxx in Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer   
    With that awkward moment when

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    Animatedmusic reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer   
    H'ok, detailed analysis time (part 1 due to image limits. Warning, large pics.

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    Animatedmusic reacted to Jango in Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer   
    Flickies are back, but guess who's back too?

    Hey, long time no see!
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Solly in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    Oh god, now I finally know what these things remind me of.
    They're not "guardians," they're Monstars.

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    Animatedmusic reacted to Soniman in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    Sonic has been this way for a while man, I think you really need to come to terms with the fact that a series focused on a blue hedgehog won't be taken as seriously as you want it to and that Sega will appropriately show the series in a light hearted tone from now on, otherwise this really isn't the franchise for you at all.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Stasis in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    Someone pointed out a gap on The Girl's legs, so she's either wearing hot pants or has a striped pattern on her clothing. The Staff Rider I really can't put a face to. It looks like the hair covers the entire body.

    Not Bowser looks like Tim Curry in Legend - http://telstarmedia.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/legend-02.jpg

    Haven't scribbled the other two yet.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    This one been posted yet?

    I know it's been extracted and enlarged from the site background... only this looks like an original new image?
    Side Note: If you view this post in Sonical, it looks like Sonic & Tails are about to crash into a giant Sonic.
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    Animatedmusic reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    Totally agree. It's not really any different to how they updated the Badnik designs for Colours and Generations (especially when you consider how badly they were done in both S4 episodes). Comparison shot:

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