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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Yeah, that video is definitely not what I want out of Sonic level design, for all the reasons Jez said. As much as some people can't stand the controls of the game (I think they're great, myself), Sonic Robo Blast 2 is probably the best example of the level design of the classics translated into 3D, and I think it's more what you're asking for:
  4. Other way around. Stuff that's seen in Sonic 2 / Sonc 3 (like Mecha Sonic) is a prototype of what we see later in Sonic CD (Metal Sonic).
  5. ...You're joking, right? The fact that the masterpiece that is Sonic Robo Blast 2 came from that game is such a miracle that it Jesus himself would be envious of it.
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Oh no, not this topic again... I'll bite. What's the Metal Sonic theory?
  8. I just realized that the Canadian toonie is just an inverted 2 pound coin. Speaking of Canadian money, what's all this stuff about the old coins no longer being legal tender? Canada literally replaces all the money in circulation every few years or so just for the hell of it (I've lived through three eras, myself: the Birds of Canada, the Journey Series, and the Frontier Series); each time all the previous money is still considered legal tender, now and forever. Just two years ago they replaced the one dollar and two dollar coins with new stuff that didn't work in old vending machines—it only took a few weeks before everything was fixed. (Sure, Canadian businesses are probably more prepared for sudden changes in banknotes and coins since it happens all the damn time, but it's still not that big of a deal.)
  9. Because brand new updates (and source code changes) bring brand new bugs.
  10. Great review, Cyndus. Would you mind cross-posting it to the SRB2 MB, or allowing me to link it?
  11. I watched the whole thing. Good playthrough, but I'm not sure what you mean. Every criticism you guys had was related to the netcode or co-op experience (which also relates to visual/control lag) or stuff that you're generally not supposed to use for the single-player campaign, like OpenGL mode or no chasecam. I get that your point is that co-op and the netcode should be better than it is considering that it's included as a core part of the game, but I'm not sure where else you think the game needs improvement besides "fix the netcode". Constructive crit, guys! Some more constructive crit, please.
  12. Okay, yes, it's still in the game. At the end of ERZ2, there's a miniboss that's identical to the miniboss in Flying Battery Zone (where you have to dodge a laser while the room closes in on you). Once you get past that, you'll immediately enter a hallway that turns to the right (leading to an elevator that sends you to the end of the level). Instead of turning to the right, spindash into the wall that's right behind the second of the small grey pillars: You'll get sent to a fairly challenging bonus room that acts as an alternate end to the level. Importantly, the entrance to the room has two 1up boxes right next to each other, and they respawn when you die. Therefore you can get infinite lives by getting both 1ups, dying, then getting them again, and repeat. Each time, your total lives goes up by one. You'll need a lot of lives for ERZ3.
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