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    his name was kun, he had a sheikh
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    Sonic, Homestar Runner, Transformers, Spongebob, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Drawing, getting good grades, science, engineering, space, jordans, kill la kill, political satire, south park, making animations, the boondocks, FUTBOL, and playing video games..
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  1. (This is random I know) Just wanna ask how are you doing dude? I haven't seen you around much lately.

    1. Vectorman


      hey dudeeeee, haha It's going alright I guess, I've been busy doing summer hw, my SAT classes and robotics that's all, been trying to login consistently just haven't found a topic to really post in tbh 

    2. Osmium


      Oh yeah, it does sound like you're pretty busy with all that stuff lol. And it's perfectly okay that you can't find a topic to post in, I rarely post in topics anymore either XD. 

      Oh yeah, and I'm sorry about your PSN problems. I don't know what to do about that though. 

    3. Vectorman


      haha yeah thanks man 

    4. Vectorman


      hey man how's it hanging

    5. Osmium


      I've been really depressed lately but I'm kinda okay right now. 

    6. Vectorman


      aw dang man :/ sorry to hear about that, glad you're feeling somewhat better though.

    7. Osmium
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