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    Vectorman got a reaction from Felix in Thread of great movie theme songs   
    man I love this song 
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    Vectorman got a reaction from Felix in Vectorman's Art   
    lockdown, mang

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    Vectorman got a reaction from Osmium in Vectorman's Art   
    Here are some quad designs i did in my computer graphics class. We had to color 3 of them with different themes/ colors.
    I'll upload the other 2 later

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    Vectorman got a reaction from Osmium in Vectorman's Art   
    Finally more art to show:

    This was for my computer graphics class; we were supposed to parody a masterpiece from a famous artist, so i chose Mona Lisa and made it with Darth Vader. It's  not all that great though.
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    Vectorman got a reaction from Osmium in Vectorman's Art   
    Here's a really old Sonic Poster that I drew that i'm not that proud of anymore...

    I'll put up more in the future. 
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    Vectorman got a reaction from Osmium in Vectorman's Art   
    I know this isn't sonic- related but I just wanted to show this: 
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    Vectorman got a reaction from Syntax Speedway in The SSMB Banner Thread   
    Here's my banner:

    I was thinking of making tails shorter since he's kinda tall compared to the other two and drawing my own background with green hill but i could do that later.
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    Vectorman reacted to Chris in Holiday Gaming Awards   
    Our community is one filled with gamers as I'm sure you know - so why not embrace that for the season? The following awards will be up for grabs for anyone who completes the appropriate listed games from the SNES/MD generation:

    White Border
    Gold Border
    (Check FAQ below)
    SNES Applicable Games [White Borders]
    Chrono Trigger [with any ending - new game + discouraged]; The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; A Mega Man X entry [X1, X2 or X3 - any ending]; Super Castlevania IV; Super Metroid [with any percentage and time]; A Super Mario platforming game on the console [sMW, Yoshi, All Stars]; Kirby's Dreamland 3 [Dedede, incomplete heart progress] or Kirby Super Star [Milky Way Wishes sub-story]; Contra III - The Alien Wars; A Donkey Kong Country installment [without all DK coins - regular ending]; The first Ganbare Goemon, also known as The Legend of the Mystical Ninja [first world only]; Star Fox or Star Fox 2; Earthbound/Mother II; Gradius III; Tetris Attack; Super Ghosts & Ghouls; Maui Mallard/Donald Duck in Cold Shadow; Zombies Ate My Neighbours (10 stage clear); Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time; Final Fantasy VI; Killer Instinct; Mega Man 7 Genesis/MegaDrive Applicable Games [White Borders]
    Any Sonic the Hedgehog sidescrolling platformer with or without Chaos Emeralds [1, 2, 3, CD, Chaotix, etc]; Toejam & Earl [Repair your ship!] or the sequel; Ecco the Dolphin 1 or 2; Shinobi; Rocket Knight Adventures; Gunstar Heroes; Bonanza Brothers [Completing up to and including Pyramid]; Ristar; A Streets of Rage installment; Aladdin [MegaDrive or SNES version]; The Lion King [MegaDrive or SNES version]; Bubsy [MegaDrive or SNES version]; Zero Wing; Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine; Vectorman 1 or 2; Comix Zone; Golden Axe 1 or 2; Phantasy Star IV; Any Spiderman Title [MegaDrive or SNES]; Dynamite Headdy; Sonic 3D Blast; Strider But how do I get these icons?
    To be eligible, you must provide a screenshot or photo of the ending cutscenes before the credits (unless the game has an end of credits cutscene [provide either]). 
    What are these gold bordered awards for?
    The gold bordered awards are for specific games which require a lot more effort to do completely for the best ending.
    Current list of Gold Awards:
    Donkey Kong Country 2 [102%] or 3 [105%] run; Kirby's Dreamland 3 [100%] run with special ending; Completion of The Great Cave Offensive [with 60% collectables] or The Arena in Kirby Super Star; Any Ganbare Goemon game on the SNES from start to finish; Zombies Ate My Neighbours (30 stage clear); Clearing an Earthworm Jim game on MegaDrive or SNES; Clearing Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars including the Final Fantasy encounter; Clearing a Battletoads game on MegaDrive or SNES; Information on the Sonic golden award When does the event end?
    The event will end as the new year dings in on the east coast of the United States. These awards will only be given out during the duration of this event, which is why they have the year on them. 
    Do my GBA Mario games (or [insert port or remake name here]) count?
    Ports count as long as you can provide the pictures. Remakes count as long as the source game hasn't been heavily modified. Maverick/Irregular Hunter X on PSP does not count for the Mega Man X award and is one of the very few exceptions to this.
    More games please!
    More will be added daily, so check back! They will be added to this post as well as a notification later in the topic (as a new post).
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    Vectorman reacted to Abominal SnowTaz in Amazon is making an aerial drone to deliver your packages   
    I know right?

    Damn city folk and their flying machines!!
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    Vectorman reacted to Silencer226 in Amazon is making an aerial drone to deliver your packages   
    I doubt they'd steal them because you'd have to be a complete dumbass to steal something who's last location went to your residence.
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    Vectorman got a reaction from MykonosFan in Steam: Sonic Hits Collection Half-Price!   
    I thought so..
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    Vectorman reacted to Dr. Mechano in The SSMB Banner Thread   
    Just submitting a little something I put together.
    The corners are transparent, and it's intended to just go over the default header background.
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    Vectorman reacted to RosaRosaRosalina in ARTWORK: Rosa clicks stuff and makes blocky things as well as scribbles!   
    boy lemme tell you about that sonic guy he's a real peice of work

    JEEZ iphone cameras love to make everything 1000 times bigger than what they really are
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    Vectorman reacted to Chris in Memes and Status Updates   
    I didn't say you can't use memes - actually quite the opposite. I want the negative attitude regarding them as well as other status updates to stop. It's a fun feature of the forums that isn't there to be used to harass or ruin someone's day.
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    Vectorman reacted to Chris in Memes and Status Updates   
    It's no secret to anybody that I've been much more active on the forums in the last few days, especially in the status updates. I try to chime in jokingly and it makes me happy to create some hype occasionally about new additions to the forums but also look to nip issues in the bud before they lead to our report centre.   In this time however, I've noticed that the reception for internet memes has been steadily going downhill. I want to make this very clear: my primary task on the forums is to solve disputes, be it amongst the staff or members. That is what I intend to do, but I won't go any further than to say the following about the entire situation:   If your intention is to stir up another user through the status updates indirectly, then you're more than likely going to lose your ability to use the function. Keep it civil - being silly in the updates is fine as it's meant to be an outlet, but using it as a means to disrupt the enjoyment of another user isn't going to be tolerated.   That said, I lost my cool in dealing with the situation and I apologize to those affected. It's for this reason that I won't take any action on the situation and will take full responsibility for what occurred. The staff are not incapable of error as can be seen here.   I hope you all continue to enjoy the additions I have planned for the forums for the rest of the week.
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    Vectorman reacted to Jango in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4)   
    Yes! More Uncharted is a good deal. Of course something new would be great, but this is cool neverthless, I mean, it's Uncharted we're talking about, these games are fucking epic.
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    Vectorman reacted to Komodin in The official 2013 Christmas gift and wish list topic   
    Right now, there are only two major things that I want to get by Christmas:
    The Google Nexus 7 (2013, 4G LTE): My OG Nexus 7 is starting to show its age at this point, and I'm ready to upgrade. The 4G LTE model will be most useful for me, as I won't have to worry so much about Wi-Fi. The HP Chromebook 14 (HSPA+): After using a Chromebook (the Acer C7 Chromebook) for the past year, I'm pretty much sold on Chrome OS and its ecosystem. Between its long battery life and its built-in mobile data capabilities, I'm certain that I'll get a lot of mileage out of this laptop.  
    Though I also get things like Super Mario 3D World, both versions of Sonic Lost World and a 3DS XL with A Link Between Worlds, those two I listed above are my top priority at the moment.
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    Vectorman reacted to Iggy in [ARTWORK] SheWhoDrawsTooMuch's Artsy Stuff WARNING: Any Ditto Caught Trespassing will be Forced to Watch Batman & Robin   
    Only posting this because I loved the way the crown turned out. Everything else is just me being a lazy bum. I'm not seeking criticism on the girl because I was being sloppy and not trying, but if you have some advice on the crown's design, I'd love to hear it!

    I was very lazy on the anatomy and shading, but I like the way the girl's hair turned out, even if it is a bit sketchy. It's hard to see in the picture, but I purposely drew her with no pupils to give it an eerie effect. I'd love to hear what you think! Might finish this one sometime.

    Sorry, I'm only posting two pictures for now. I'll post some more later. Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to grab a can of root beer for yourself on the way out.
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    Vectorman reacted to Detective Shadzter in YOOOOOOO GABBA GABBA   
    I too had never heard of it until South Park's recent episode about it. Today's pre-school stuff has nothing on the stuff I grew up with, like Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesame Street. 
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    Vectorman reacted to Remy in SONIC ADVENTURE 3 PETITION   
    Sonic Adventure 3 discussion has been done to death here, and it's highly unlikely any petitions will change the situation.
    Discussion on that game has been banned.

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    Vectorman reacted to Johnny Boy in TRANSFORMERS!   
    Transformers 4 good sir. Now with no Shia Labouf.
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    Vectorman reacted to Carbo in why do people still talk about sonic 06?   
    Because the game is a blight on video games in general. Talk about it here.

    Oh and cut down on the topic making, almost nothing you're posting is much of a basis for discussion and your post content is bordering thoughtless spam.
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    Vectorman reacted to Badnik Mechanic in PlayStation 4 Discussion   
    Is there actually anything to these rumors other than youtube video and 'a guy who knows a guy, knows a guy?'
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    Vectorman reacted to AlphaRuby in PlayStation 4 Discussion   
    Good job used games are being allowed, eh?
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    Vectorman reacted to Vec in GTA V (Trailers in OP)   
    Still no online heists...
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