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  1. You know, I have to be blunt. The trend with the recent topics really proves to me that we have nothing interesting to talk about...

    1. Thigolf


      Very few games released in the last couple of years bundled with them being shallow/light on content/not interesting enough will do that.

    2. Zaysho


      Honestly even when we had new games it felt like people ran out of things to say.

    3. Thigolf


      Yeah, the last few discussions just amounted to 

      "Forces sucks"
      "Mania is great"
      "TSR has nothing to it"

      That's it. There were some differing opinions/points being made, people went "Yeah" or "Nah" to them for one or two replies, and after a week or two, people were just done. There's nothing really to sink your teeth into anymore.

  2. I mean, by the same token: Yuji Naka is the father of NiGHTs, yet Balan Wonderworld is what he's made in recent history (only similar to the former in terms of art/presentation). Even the people who were once the "best person for the job" can become unable to deliver the same experience again. People who are creative, if they keep working on the same thing for a long time, they'll lose their drive, passion and creativity for it, no matter what. Let's not forget that these people can also help stifle creativity just as much as promote it- see how Miyamoto has basically changed what Paper Mario is or what Mario "RPG" spinoffs can even be- effectively not RPGs because he removed the ability to do a deep story, unique characters that fit within the world of the series, or even many other staple RPG elements- even in terms of gameplay. But another thing to consider is that games are not just the responsibility/fault of one person anyways (even Balan might not be WHOLLY Naka's fault, or even him and Oshima's). There are so many people and so many things involved in their creation- and like with any group project, the teamwork of the people, the passion, drive, focus, being able to agree upon and come up with ideas they they're dedicated to deliver and also be able to be realistic with what they can achieve with their talents and team considering the budget and development timeframe that they have- these things are more complicated than many people are even considerate of. Even if Iizuka did decide to head up an Adventure game, he would need to find the right people for the job- not just himself. For example, you don't pull an Activision and have the people who made a few favorably-viewed platformer game revivals into some cyclic developer for your annual cash-grab FPS game.
  3. The thing about that is that developers don't typically close doors, they intentionally leave them open. It's just good PR and common sense. You never say "We're done making this thing", because demand for it can come back in full force later and then you end up with a different problem: sticking to your word or riding the coattails of the resurgence in popularity at the risk to the faith and trust the customers have in you- and SEGA has enough problems with that already, so yeah...
  4. I absolutely think that with the radio silence being as bad as it has been, it's better to go big or go home. People are going to expect a lot after waiting so long. A CGI teaser would be the worst possible way to officially announce these games- especially after how people felt lied to after Forces' CGI teaser, which gave a very distinct impression of what to expect, touting things that weren't even very accurate ("Brought to you by the team that brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations" in order to bolster hype and set expectations). And honestly? The people who WANT an early showing of this game when it's obviously not ready to be publicly shown off have learned nothing from the history of this franchise and its poor choices when it came to early announcements or expectations for timely releases. I would rather have complete radio silence until we can see something significant that represents what we're going to be getting more accurately- than be lied to by marketing.
  5. I mean, the gameplay... is very forgettable. There's nothing noteworthy or of value to be had there. All this game's got going for it is a decent production value: good visuals, music, aesthetics/art direction, cutscenes, etc... reminds me of Sonic Forces in so many ways. But you know what? I'd rather play Forces, the gameplay there may not have been super great, but it also wasn't mind-numbingly slow and straight up not fun thanks to its mechanical shortcomings (the single button style of gameplay that Naka is obsessed with really came to bite him in the ass this time).
  6. That's definitely fanart. Some people are really good at emulating the style, but that definitely doesn't look genuine to the actual Uekawa style.
  7. This is definitely far too contrived to work properly with as varied as the worlds are in SEGA's games. For example, the version of Earth in PSO2 is definitely not the same Earth as in the Sonic games. And many games explicitly do not take place on our Earth or even in our Galaxy or Universe (Hell, most of the Phantasy Star games have nothing to do with Earth, ). I feel like people have this strange obsession with wanting everything they like to be connected together in some way- regardless if it's from the same developer or not- whether it makes sense or not, and I personally don't get it.
  8. This topic is basically how I feel about Warcraft in general, but especially the World of Warcraft. I don't care about or play many MMOs in general, but no other MMO I can think of is as widely-played and liked as WoW, so this one comes up a lot and makes me realize again and again that "well yeah, I know nothing about this, so I can't contribute anything of value to this conversation... I'll just wait until people are done talking about it, then chime in" or the like.
  9. I for one will always prefer "Shonen Sonic" to the "Saturday Morning Sonic" we've had for the past decade. I do wonder what new direction we may get now that we're in a new decade of Sonic, though...

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Somewhat off the subject here, but I can help but find irony in the term "Saturday Morning Sonic": 

      Out of the three DIC Sonic cartoons, the one that actually aired only on "Sat-AM" is indisputably the darkest one.

    2. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      True, but the idea of that moniker is that people have a good idea of what "Saturday Morning Cartoon" usually entails. And it's quite apt, exceptions like SatAM notwithstanding.

  10. If Sonic Team wants to win back my trust, they need to show off whatever the next game is in a more substantial way than just a CGI trailer or a flashy logo, or spouting off some PR drivel about how "Sonic's finally back" again- let the game speak for itself, and actually show gameplay. Until they blow my expectations away, I have no reason to not be cynical.

    1. Rabbitearsblog


      I wonder if Sonic Team will ever release a game this year?

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Sonic team makes games?

    3. Jack-al


      Sonic Team is dead. Long live Sonic Studio

    4. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      @Jack-tedSee, the thing is that no matter how good or bad a tool like Sonic Studio is- as Mario Maker has proved, quality is in the hands of the players- and with the ease of use comes the caveat that you have people who have no idea what makes Sonic tick, making Sonic levels. There's going to be a very similar ratio of garbage-to-gems. At the least, you already know which creators to look out for- those that have been proven to release good levels before. But how many of those people are going to move to a streamlined toolkit from what they were using before?

  11. Wow, it really has been so long since I made this thread... I completely forgot about it. Since my original post, a lot more Ys games have come to Steam, and now the only ones I have yet to play/beat are Nox (waiting for the PC release to buy it), and Ys V, which still has yet to receive a similar remake treatment from XSEED/Falcom as the other games have gotten- the only remake it ever got was on the PS2, and that was handled by a different developer IIRC, plus obviously is not available on Steam/PC officially. To this day my favorite Ys Gameplay style is the one that was in Origins, Felghana and Napishtim, but Lacrimosa of Dana was a pretty great game, though the initial release on PC was a bit botched. It had updates, but honestly? I beat the game when it came out, I'm not playing through it again to see how much better they made it. I'm definitely excited for Nox, but I'll be avoiding spoilers for a little while longer, while I wait for the PC port... which hopefully is better than Dana's.
  12. Yeah, uh... all the positive things and vibes I got/gave off when I saw this game announced? All gone. I myself don't mind how you jump/walk, but yeah, the powerups are not fun and I myself found the "world unfolding" visual effect to not only be disorienting, I felt like it might actually make me sick seeing it too often. Only being able to carry/switch between 3 powerups at once, being able to recollect old keys, the keys in general being superfluous. I feel like Naka's insistence to make the gameplay as simple as possible has backfired on him way more times than its paid off for him... There's no depth to anything and it can never become more complicated and demanding, when it's so restrictive in how you can use your abilities and how basic the level design and "puzzles" were. I got my preorder on Steam refunded. Sorry Naka, I don't think you've got it in you anymore...
  13. I feel like a 3d collectathon would suit Knuckles' gameplay in 3d. Climb and glide your way toi find stuff that's in plain sight in preset locations, rather than rng-based like the emerald radar nonsense. Basically, something that plays like a mix of Spyro the Dragon and Knuckles' Adventure gameplay.
  14. Seems like an influx of spam/troll accounts lately, huh?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Who's a real person and who's a robot?

      All I know is that I'm a bird behind a computer

    2. SaturnWolf


      It's hard to tell who's a bot and who's just a sorta dumb kid sometimes

  15. I love how a lot of these "Smash rules" that are unwritten are mostly fan hearsay that gets perpetuated to the point of becoming gospel, and yet, even after so many get straight up proven wrong or are directly confirmed by Sakurai as not being true, it doesn't stop more of these asinine things from being widespread. One of the only Smash rules that has ever been publicly uttered by Sakurai was that they had to originate from a video game franchise first, so no Manga/Cartoon/movie/book characters like Spongebob, Goku, Shrek or Harry Potter. Also: I for one am very happy with, and very excited about the inclusion of Sephiroth- as he is literally my favorite video game character.
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