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  1. I mean, the entire point of the echoes was that, to have so many of them (or have them AT ALL), they had to cut down on the amount of time needed to balance them. Sakurai even said they were balanced in relation to the original character, which saved a LOT of time. It was either they be almost exact copies or not be there at all, as they didn't have the manpower or time to spend balancing so many additions. As a side note (since I know you're not complaining about it, but many people do): honestly, I really agree with Sakurai on his stance. The people who complain about these echo characters are like the people who would complain about a free desert with your meal- you're getting something extra for free, something they had to still spend money and time on- but they didn't have enough extra money or time to give you a second meal, so people don't want it? It's another fun example of entitlement (which this fanbase has plenty of).
  2. I gotta be honest here. This was one of the most disappointing results to one of the most shockingly "too good to be true" rumors. I remember hearing these games were getting remade a long while back, thanks to internet rumory/leakery... but the fact that these are not remakes- 2 of them straight emulations and the third a recompiled (but still pretty much the original) game, for 60 dollars? Activision gave us 2 trilogies- Crash and Spyro, in HD, both for less than full price, and those were full remakes. Now you have of course people who take issues with certain creative decisions/changes in those remakes, but I personally felt those were the definitive versions of those games and I was glad to have them. But these? Nah. Sorry Nintendo, being lazy and cheap might work for most people, but not me. Especially since I don't LIKE the original 64 or Sunshine, so I'd only be getting this for Galaxy and even for a 1080p 60fps experience, Galaxy by itself is certainly not worth 60 dollars.
  3. The "developed in one year" part is true. They spent 3 of the four years making the game engine, which is the Hedgehog Engine 2. This was confirmed in an interview. The development timeline went like this: 2013 - Sonic Team begins Hedgehog Engine 2 development 2014-2016 - Sonic Forces concept development with Nakamura's small team 2016-2017 - Actual Sonic Forces game development”. However, it is also true that some stages had alternate level layouts which were initially more complicated and challenging, so it seems playtesters had a huge influence on the direction the game took:
  4. Forces is proof that a game being technically sound, having good presentation, music and graphics is not all there is to making a good game.

    1. iambitter21


      you're like, 3 years late into saying this, but W either way.

    2. Bobnik


      I mean, I'd argue Forces has technically only one of these (and even then there's some bad music tracks) none of these completely, but yeah, you're not wrong. 

    3. iambitter21


      I thought the graphics engine looked just fine in my opinion.

    4. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      @iambitter21 Well, people were talking about Forces again recently... So I felt that I needed to say my opinion on it again.

      @Bobnik I really don't get why people harp on Forces' graphics.It looks pretty dang good, for a Sonic game.  Hell, in general, it is not a bad looking game:latest?cb=20170810060935

      The main problem it has is being the definition of style-over-substance. You have flashy automated scenes and generally short, easy and linear levels. But I actually argue that graphically (NOT from a level design standpoint), the game is really nice looking in general-it's mainly the fact that things are so simplified in design that is the problem. The classic tracks are pretty bad but IMO the Modern Sonic and Avatar Songs are amazing. As for presentation... The flashy automated/scripted scenes are actually pretty well done, although I do feel like they are absolutely used too much and also with the design being as linear/scripted it is, it's boring to just watch characters do cool things rather than be able to do them yourself, since it is supposed to be a game.

    5. StaticMania


      Looks nice "for a Sonic game"...what?

      Sonic games generally look good, even if people don't like the aesthetic choices.

    6. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      @StaticManiaI mean, you say that... but Lost World looked pretty mediocre IMO. Mainly due to being -overly- simplistic in its geometry/style, and also the aesthetic dissonance caused by the game seeming to look in line for a Classic Sonic experience but with a Modern cast of characters. I would also say that Sonic 4 looked bad, though Episode 2 looked much better. Regardless, my overall point is that Forces isn't a bad looking game. I'd say it's mostly just, as you implied, people just don't like the art direction/aesthetic, which is a preferential and subjective thing. But technically good graphics is definitely something Forces has- it pulls off the look it's going for.

  5. I honestly am baffled. While I myself am not a comic book reader and thus never got into Archie or IDW Sonic- people are COMPLAINING that Amy ISN'T some stalker-like love-obsessed freak? Really? The fact that it's even been defended as an "iconic part of her personality" is what really gets me. Something being the status quo doesn't mean it isn't a problem. As somebody else pointed out, it was basically 90's Japanese chauvinism. Amy was pink because she was a girl, liked Sonic so obsessively because she was a girl, etc. Her being a love-obsessed fanatic was always the most annoying, most problematic part of her characterization- so for me, them moving away from it has done WONDERS for how I think about Amy Rose these days. But maybe I'm the crazy one here, IDK. @PublicEnemy1Since you posted while I was posting, I guess I'll edit to add: Don't get me wrong. Amy's had good moments. But they're far and few between, in between all her moments of being a super-flanderized, overly-cliche'd, 90's fangirl interpretation.
  6. @CommodoreGXIn case you missed it, they're aiming for an April 8th, 2022 release. It was posted on the previous page, so even I missed that it was posted before, hence this edit... I don't think we'll see it earlier than 2022, especially due to Covid.
  7. Well, I can certainly say this is the first time Naka's games have caught my interest since he left Sonic Team. The aesthetics and sound really evoke the early 90's SEGA vibe- I hope the gameplay and level design manage to be interesting enough for this to become a popular enough game to actually become a franchise. We need more 3D platformers!
  8. I personally think the last thing we need to do is to revoke one of the few remaining canonical deaths in the series, especially such an important one. I do feel that it would ruin Shadow's character arc, since he's been over his past for at least half to a full decade now.
  9. Uh... Forces itself only had a year of development. The thing that they apparently took their time doing was getting the Hedgehog Engine 2 ready. Unfortunately, thanks to the lackluster efforts put into Forces itself, we really don't get a good idea of how much HE2 improves over the original. Many say Unleashed looks better than Forces. I just hope we'll actually get a game worth waiting for. I don't care how long the wait itself is.
  10. "Would look like"? I think you mean "Would you like". My answer though, is Sonic's/Shadow's Adventure-style gameplay with hub worlds. No genre roulette or Chao necessary imo, just have a full game's worth of those kinds of levels. I would like to see the elemental shields back, and officially in a 3D environment. I definitely do not think Boost formula can be implemented in a way that doesn't come with the level design caveats that it has always come with. That being that there are inevitably going to be a lot of 2D sections and long, straight "highway sections" with different sets of obstacles but the overall design is generally the same/similar. I want a fully 3D level, with as little automation, scripting and corridors as possible. A few for setpiece sake, but not as much as we've seen over the past decade or two.
  11. Man I just realized I've been on this site for 11 years.

  12. Shade Vortex


    The real seagull was the friends we brought along for the journey. Man I kind of hope she doesn't get into too much trouble for breaking a standard business policy. Not worth it to pursue personal morals in an actual retail environment, that's for sure.
  13. About that... they're not doing the Buu saga at all anymore. Just like the Bojack adaptation, it's been cancelled.
  14. On some level, I wouldn't be against a Sonic Adventure remake, but it would have to be something more akin to the FF7 remake (re-envisioning the concept in a new way) than a straight up creation of the game as it was for me to be interested.

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Honestly same. I love the original SA1 to death warts and all but FUCK purism, do what makes the best possible game out of the foundation the original built, it doesn't matter how different it turns out so long as it shares the same iconography and is actually good

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I hate the confusion of the terms remake, remaster, re-imagining and whatever other buzzwords you hear that are all used interchangeably.

      If I'm understanding you correctly, you'd rather any SA1 remake was not virtually 1:1 to the original. If so, then I agree. SA1 is absolutely great, but it's got huge problems that would be compounded by a straight up remake. Big's gameplay needs overhauling, possibly some of the other characters too. The story and cutscenes need to be completely reworked. Just take the SA1 concepts and make a new game.


      And if Sonic Team ever remake SA1 in any capacity it'll probably be God awful

    3. mayday2592


      I think they should  follow Generations mentality for level design, mostly brand new layouts  with refined gameplay but keep the most iconic segments the same for Sonic, Tails and Amy maybe let Knuckles be playable in these stages too. Then overhaul Big and Gamma's gameplay entirely. Just have Big's stages limited to side games in the hub instead of a full story and maybe do the same for Knuckles emerald hunting, but keep his unique bosses and flashbacks so he  still plays an active role in the story. Also scrap Casinopolis for a more traditional Casino stage.

    4. Kuzu


      All of the effort to reimagine it, you may as well just make a new game if it's going to diverge from the original 

    5. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      @KuzuI'd argue you might as well play the original if you want the exact same experience again, especially if you want -nothing- changed except visually. Purists would never be happy with a straight-up remake because anything that would inevitably be different about it (even if it was minor) would cause contention, but they'd know they were getting into something that's not supposed to be the same with a re-envisioning. But to each their own. In the sea that is the internet, there are a myriad of different ideas and opinions. That's what's good about it, and bad about it. lol

  15. Almost all of Amy's entire character is that she wants to marry Sonic and be with him, especially after she got Flanderized. Actually, her bio in CD was that she used Tarot cards to find her romantic partner. There is no way to look at this character and say, "no, she's not" without ignoring over half of the stuff she does/says. At that point you're just making a fanfic/an entirely different fancanon, which sure, do whatever you want. But don't expect everyone else to be on board with entirely changing a character's dynamic to fit your fic. lol
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