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  1. Man I just realized I've been on this site for 11 years.

  2. Shade Vortex


    The real seagull was the friends we brought along for the journey. Man I kind of hope she doesn't get into too much trouble for breaking a standard business policy. Not worth it to pursue personal morals in an actual retail environment, that's for sure.
  3. About that... they're not doing the Buu saga at all anymore. Just like the Bojack adaptation, it's been cancelled.
  4. On some level, I wouldn't be against a Sonic Adventure remake, but it would have to be something more akin to the FF7 remake (re-envisioning the concept in a new way) than a straight up creation of the game as it was for me to be interested.

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Honestly same. I love the original SA1 to death warts and all but FUCK purism, do what makes the best possible game out of the foundation the original built, it doesn't matter how different it turns out so long as it shares the same iconography and is actually good

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I hate the confusion of the terms remake, remaster, re-imagining and whatever other buzzwords you hear that are all used interchangeably.

      If I'm understanding you correctly, you'd rather any SA1 remake was not virtually 1:1 to the original. If so, then I agree. SA1 is absolutely great, but it's got huge problems that would be compounded by a straight up remake. Big's gameplay needs overhauling, possibly some of the other characters too. The story and cutscenes need to be completely reworked. Just take the SA1 concepts and make a new game.


      And if Sonic Team ever remake SA1 in any capacity it'll probably be God awful

    3. mayday2592


      I think they should  follow Generations mentality for level design, mostly brand new layouts  with refined gameplay but keep the most iconic segments the same for Sonic, Tails and Amy maybe let Knuckles be playable in these stages too. Then overhaul Big and Gamma's gameplay entirely. Just have Big's stages limited to side games in the hub instead of a full story and maybe do the same for Knuckles emerald hunting, but keep his unique bosses and flashbacks so he  still plays an active role in the story. Also scrap Casinopolis for a more traditional Casino stage.

    4. Kuzu


      All of the effort to reimagine it, you may as well just make a new game if it's going to diverge from the original 

    5. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      @KuzuI'd argue you might as well play the original if you want the exact same experience again, especially if you want -nothing- changed except visually. Purists would never be happy with a straight-up remake because anything that would inevitably be different about it (even if it was minor) would cause contention, but they'd know they were getting into something that's not supposed to be the same with a re-envisioning. But to each their own. In the sea that is the internet, there are a myriad of different ideas and opinions. That's what's good about it, and bad about it. lol

  5. Almost all of Amy's entire character is that she wants to marry Sonic and be with him, especially after she got Flanderized. Actually, her bio in CD was that she used Tarot cards to find her romantic partner. There is no way to look at this character and say, "no, she's not" without ignoring over half of the stuff she does/says. At that point you're just making a fanfic/an entirely different fancanon, which sure, do whatever you want. But don't expect everyone else to be on board with entirely changing a character's dynamic to fit your fic. lol
  6. I finally assembled my own list: Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden): I really feel like his fighting style would be a cool addition to Smash Bros, especially since we've only got two other Ninja characters in the game (Sheik and Greninja). Sora (Kingdom Hearts): A generally popular pick, so I don't really have to explain much about why I want him, but I will clarify, for licensing simplicity and for my own preferences, absolutely no Disney-specific content would be in Smash. Rayman (Rayman): The old fake leak from the past always comes back to my mind, making me wish it were real. Rayman's got a unique style of attack that gives him unprecedented range for a melee fighter, being able to throw his limbs and whatnot. you could even have plok as his alt skin Spyro (Spyro the Dragon): He's able to glide, breathe fire, charge at things, and generally I feel like he'd be a good, unique addition to the game. Heihachi (Tekken): Ever since I learned he was considered for Smash 4 I've wanted him to actually get in. He'd be the first time that a series got first repped by its antagonist, rather than protagonist. Plus he's got a cool design, an iconic personality, and a unique moveset that would involve his thunder melee attack, and other signature moves of his.
  7. @Exotic Meltdown SEGA said no new zones/content was allowed and Taxman/Whitehead wasn't allowed to add it in, that's what happened. It was his first time officially working with SEGA, so he couldn't push his luck trying to get things in. He had more luck when he had Mystic Cave Zone added to Sonic 2 Mobile. Anyways, to the topic on hand: This looks like a pretty cool project, but I'd have to actually play it to judge it fairly. I'll play the demo when I have more time to, and get back on how I feel about it.
  8. See, the problem is, I don't like extremes. Sonic's friends should NOT be useless without him, BUT there should be things they can't do without him. There should be things he can't do without them, either, but also of course, a lot he can do on his own. Basically, you could have specialized tasks for individual characters, and tasks large enough to need a group of characters.
  9. I've uploaded 11 courses so far, so here they are in all their glory: Desert Derby: 911-237-Q4G Koopas in the Desert! Some are driving karts. Can you find all 100 coins? Spooky Contraptions: L93-VF0-FYG Bowser has made crazy contraptions! Bonus: Can you find all the red coins? Tower of Terror: WY7-Q4V-25G You get 60 seconds to beat this Tower of Terror! Coins no longer required. Jungle Jamboree: YJ6-H50-N6G This is a somewhat Metroidvania-style stage, with some tricky sections. Cave Crypt Remix: There's many ways to the goal. One of my best MM1 levels reimagined. Enjoy! Lengthy Labyrinth: 7WM-J5M-04G See if you can find and get to the goal! (Spoilers: It's a short auto level) Big Dig Desert: SFV-CV9-M2G Mine for coins in the Big Dig Desert! It's possible to get 3 1-ups too! Pollution Solution: JCR-1J6-QNG Solving a pollution problem: Raise enough money and plant flowers! Fahren Heights: X32-GXF-HYG It's too cold to jump, and you'll freeze in 100 seconds. It'll be fine! Powerup Plant Remix: D3B-J24-1HG One of my MM1 levels. Can you get 100 coins? Tap B+Y when jumping /w Leaf. Big Battleship: Another of my MM1 levels remade! Can you get 3 1-ups? And I'll be remaking like, 12 more of my MM1 levels, plus of course I'll be making more totally new ones too!
  10. Alright, I'll take you up on the offer.
  11. @Blue BloodI could be remembering wrong, but... BoTW and SS never implied Hylia created Hyrule? My understanding was that Hylia was the chosen protector of the Triforce (that the Golden Goddesses created after creating the world, which would eventually become known as Hyrule after SS Link and Zelda lay the foundations for their Kingdom, which they name after Hylia- but the world wasn't made by them). Sure, they're said to have bestowed the Triforce to the people of Hyrule as well, but even if they bestowed it to Hylia who then bestowed it upon the people, it kind of amounts to the same thing, since Hylia was a servant of the Golden Goddesses too. The timeline is definitely confusing when you try to split it into the three timelines the HH has, or really, no matter how you split it. I don't really care how it all "fits together" since it'll never do so seamlessly, but I do enjoy lore, so these games should still try to share connections with each other in my mind, so as long as they do that, I'll be happy. There's definitely some hopes/wants I have for BOTW2, but one thing I'm certain that's staying is the durability system, for better or worse.
  12. I've been playing the finally-fully-finished fan translation of The Great Ace Attorney 1, I'm now on case 5. So far, I have been thoroughly enjoying the game. It reminds me the most of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, so if you like that game, then (minus the Layton parts) you'll feel right at home playing this one. It's even got the same mechanic for cross-examining/arguing with multiple witnesses/jurors at the same time. In terms of structure, I'd say it's more straight-forward and segmented than most of the games. It's also quite different in feel to the regular ace attorney games, due to defying expectations that were set by the series. But there's enough familiarity and nods/references to aspects from the regular series that fans of it should be able to enjoy it thoroughly. Do keep in mind, as I already have had to accept myself, that unlike the regular AA games, this one was made with a sequel in mind (which I'll have to wait forever for a translation of that, too), and isn't written in a stand-alone way like most of the AA games were. So not everything is resolved in the first game, as mysteries were intentionally left for the sequel to answer. That's the most spoiler-free and vague way I can possibly explain it.
  13. Happy Easter Fools Day.

  14. Except the devs straight up said no, like I said. Though the original tweet seems to have been removed, I don't see why/how their stance would change from a definite no. But many articles referenced that tweet.
  15. I think Frieza's survival will be more significant than just a by-the-numbers victory in a time-out. I feel like he's going to come back with a vengeance, possibly with a new form or just a more powerful True Golden Frieza, and do a final gambit last ditch effort move to KO Toppo, possibly taking himself (or even 17) out with him.
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