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  1. We're all here because we're on board with Sonic. *Shot*

  2. I drew GHZ again.

    lol I'm so bad at drawing but at least I'm having fun drawing stupid doodlesunknown.png?width=958&height=454

  3. I drew Green Hill Zone:aCxaJ5s.png

    1. DiamondX the Fighter

      DiamondX the Fighter

      Better than my drawings.

  4. I can just imagine Infinite at the next Monster of the Week Meetup. Zavok's all "How tough are you?" and Infinite's all "I defeated Sonic twice... in one game'".

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      ''How tough are you?''

      ''Are you implying I'm weak?''

      ''Uh, not really I'm j-''

      ''I'M NOT WEAK''

      ''Dude c-''


    2. blueblur98



    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp


    4. Forte-Metallix


      Infinite: "I'll have you know I got my ass kicked by Shadow, and I only cried for twenty minutes."

      Zavok: "I think you're looking for that game."


      Infinite: "Are you saying I belong in Sonic '06?!"

      Zavok: "Oh, no, I was actually pointing at that game."


  5. Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    I made even more OCs/Outfits since the last time I posted, but instead of putting a bunch more images in one post, I've compiled ALL my Sonic Forces OC pictures in this album. Just for fun I'll pick one of them to just put as an image in this thread- I recreated an old-as-hell OC of mine, Frost the Cat: She was basically originally intended as a counterpart to Tikal- wore the same outfit, but was from a Cat tribe that were enemies with the Echidnas. It was a "Sonic Adventure 3" comic idea I had, where the Echidna Tribe was at war with the Cat Tribe, basically telling the backstory to SA1's past sections. This version of her is far more modern day, let's just say.
  6. Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    I mentioned that I'd come back with more, so here I am... Shade the Hedgehog: Twilight the Hedgehog (yes, literally a female version of the above): Edge the Lord: Paula the Bear:
  7. Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    I know I already posted in this topic, but I figured I'd give a better look at the rest of my OCs since my previous pic mostly focused on one (with the others being on the side of the first pic of that OC lol). Skye the Blue Jay (updated to have white, to make it more obvious she's a blue jay): Yen the Keaton: Enigma the Bandit: Luna the Lopine: Zandu the Bear: Scarlet the Cat: Mirage the Hedgehog: There are a few OCs I may post in the future but for now I've hit the attachment limit and I feel that's a good thing. lol
  8. Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

    These are my OCs. They all have names: Mirage the Hedgehog (a rebellious renegade), Scarlet the Cat (a mercenary for hire, also a crime fighter), Zandu the Bear (an escaped criminal who is borderline insane, but for the time being has the same goal as the heroes), Luna the Lopine (a magical girl), Enigma the Bandit (self explanitory, also he's a wolf in game but lol I don't like wolves), Yen the Keaton (A trickster and a gambler, also it's a dog in game but I don't like dogs so lol), and Skye the Bird (She's actually a military jet pilot and CQC fighter. If you wanted to know which specific bird, she's a blue jay- you can tell she's one of my faves since I gave her three outfits). I decided all my OCs are on the same team, Team Phantom- they want to get the Phantom Ruby for themselves and use its powers for their own goals.
  9. Sonic Forces Impressions Thread

    You know what? I came into this game with very low expectations. Everything that I had seen or heard about the game made me less and less interested in it. And yet... when I actually sat down an played it? I could enjoy it. It baffles me, but I've come to the conclusion that it satisfies the simplistic side of me who just wants to do cool things, blast through enemies, and speed past everything in no time flat. Mind you, I don't think this is a great game, but it's slightly above average. The levels are too short and linear for them to really make their impact big enough to care about most of them, but the bits and pieces of good ideas that are in each level could be expanded upon in a full-fledged stage. I actually enjoy the avatar gameplay and concept the most ironically enough, with modern being my second favorite, but the Classic Sonic stuff can just go away. It's worse than in Generations and not particularly well designed. My standards for Classic are far too high in the wake of Mania for me to accept that portion of Forces' gameplay as anything but poorly-executed pandering. I did like the concept of the story, but much like most of the game, the execution is sorely lacking. If I were to rank this game it'd get a solid 6/10, just above average.
  10. So... Sonic Forces PC version sucks. I got to the third stage and now my game has me automatically going to up and left forever, regardless if I have a controller plugged in or not.

    1. Typical


      A lot of people have been saying that in the steam reviews... Hopefully that should be patched soon

  11. Pretty much what Diogenes said. I've been "a fan" of Sonic for as long as I can remember, though nowadays I don't associate myself with the fandom of pretty much anything anymore, I just like what I like because of who I am. I'm so out of touch with the community itself that I don't consider myself part of it anymore, really. Never been one for social interaction anyways. lol But I can definitely tell you what aspects of the series that I do like and are huge factors in keeping me interested in the franchise: -The music, almost always top-notch or at least tolerable in quality. -The presentation- no matter how bad the game, this is one aspect I think the Sonic series almost always delivers on. On paper, even 06 had a good presentation- the presentation alone is what got me hyped for that game before its launch. I learned my lesson the hard way though, presentation alone isn't everything. -The art- usually vibrant, tending to border on surreal and cartoony at the best of times, and I myself don't mind too much the more realistic/grimdark visuals as long as it's stuff like Crisis City rather than Westopolis or Soleanna (which seemed far more bland in comparison). -The characters, or at least the aspects of them that were once there that I liked and remember them for: Sonic is a character I can identify with because I am highly optimistic, always moving forward in life and never dwelling too much on my past. His attitude in life really is similar to mine. I liked Knuckles in SA1-SA2 because though he was gullible he still seemed somewhat smart, and had a knack for finding things, and had knowledge of ancient artifacts and culture. I also liked SA1-SA2 Amy and Tails, since they learned to become more independent and could fight for themselves if needed. Metal Sonic is my favorite Sonic character, mostly because he's the first true rival to Sonic's abilities, and he looks cool- plus his themes are great. -The locations. Usually full of creativity, vibrant in colors, and visually interesting, and in the best of cases, have cool and unique gimmicks to make each location unique and fun to go through. Though with the series relying on nostalgia and teen/kid pandering (ie Forces) so much these days this point rarely comes to fruition anymore, sadly. We either get more of the same, or the new that we do get feels bland/generic compared to the great stages of the past, at least in my opinion.
  12. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    At the end of the day we're all our own people and make our decisions and have our own opinions (for every person that likes something, there may be somebody who dislikes it and vice versa), so if you decide to buy Forces and enjoy it to the fullest possible extent, good for you. But please don't try to drag the people who don't like the game down in the mud by insinuating that it's wrong for them to be so harsh with this games' myriad of problems that they see with the game, just because you don't seem to see/acknowledge them as problems. The game has nice presentation, that's the best thing I can say about it... the level design here is even more bland and linear than I've seen with the rest of the game, and I hate QTEs so the more I see the worse it gets for me.
  13. the one thing sonic can't force us to do is get along

    1. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      Or fill a swimming pool with lemon jello. He hasn't Forced us to do that yet

  14. a dog is telling all your friends untrue things about you while sleeptalking, and it's ruining your life, but you shouldn't do anything to the dog

    because you should let sleeping dogs lie

  15. there are actually no sonic games

    this is alex kidd stadium