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  1. I for one will always prefer "Shonen Sonic" to the "Saturday Morning Sonic" we've had for the past decade. I do wonder what new direction we may get now that we're in a new decade of Sonic, though...

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Somewhat off the subject here, but I can help but find irony in the term "Saturday Morning Sonic": 

      Out of the three DIC Sonic cartoons, the one that actually aired only on "Sat-AM" is indisputably the darkest one.

    2. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      True, but the idea of that moniker is that people have a good idea of what "Saturday Morning Cartoon" usually entails. And it's quite apt, exceptions like SatAM notwithstanding.

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