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  1. The animation for Season 2 has been consistently solid, some episodes just have some odd looking lightning in some episodes.
  2. As someone that adores everything Boom, obviously hell no. While I can agree the games are nothing noteworthy but the cartoon has been doing pretty well.... outside the US, not kidding. So while Boom is doing decent enough on Boomerang but seeing how it won Best Animation at the Chico Film Festival a few months ago and is nominated for Teens Choice Best Animated TV Show along with more well-known cartoons, I just find it very unlikely that Boom is going to end after its second season. And I can see why people are coming from where Boom is pointless when the main series have been going for a more comical tone but I don't think that's really the case. The only game that's going for a more comical tone in the main series was Colors. Generations has such a lackluster story with no tone so there was barely any comedy in it, Lost World attempted to go for a balanced tone of serious and comical moments and well yeah, didn't work out. And from the looks of it, Forces is going back to a more serious tone. So idk, I find it difficult to see the main series interpretation being placed in the Boom cartoon. Like Boom is a different type of comedy from any other comical attempts in the series, it's very much a sitcom with a casual laidback tone. But with Season 2, it's definitely putting a bigger focus on action/adventure as well with the multiparter episodes but it still has the comical flair that makes Boom standout. Boom is doing fine and it's definitely helps show that Sonic is more than just a gaming character but a multimedia icon. But I can understand if Boom isn't going to last long but until then, I'm gonna enjoy the living crap out of this subseries! GIVE ME MORE BOOM BAYBEEE!
  3. Don't forget, Sam also wrote Nutwork and co-wrote No Robots Allowed as well! Looking forward to Inn Sanity!
  4. I'm a glass full kind of guy so this going to be disgustingly optimistic. But the fact Boom has a nomination at all and is competing against the more popular and bigger shows is definitely a big victory for Boom overall, not sure if how it got its place because of the people behind the awards show chose it or enough fans tweeted out how it should be nominated but either way, it definitely shows that the Boom show is doing something very right to get this kind of attention. It might not win at all but gosh darn it, I'll definitely spam the crap out of the tweet votes I can spam out! Major kuddos to the entire Boom team!
  5. Maybe if you actually looked at the topic instead, you would get your answer.
  6. Shun clarifies how there's not 3 separate stories so I'm guessing is, you play a stage as that character and you'll see what their perspective on that time.
  7. I don't think we've ever known who wrote the story for the Storybook series, people say it's Maekawa but he only has a credit for Secret Rings and it wasn't even for story. Also as someone who enjoyed Lost World and Fire & Ice's story (The Boom writers had no involvement in writing that story, Alan Denton said so on Twitter, check up on that F&I thread to see what's up famsquad), I can see myself enjoying Forces' story considering it seems that the dialogue so far is much more fitting for the game's tone and doesn't really try to force jokes all the time. Of course, still skeptical on how Pontac/Graff are going to handle this many elements in the story with returning villains, Classic being from another dimension, what is up with Infinite and of course the main plot of fighting back Eggman's army. If Flynn really is contributing to the story in some way, that is very reassuring.
  8. It's always a pleasant time to just talk about something fun and postive about Sonic that isn't just about Mania for once (and Boom in my special case). These kinds of events are a safe haven, where I just talk about what aspects/iterations of Sonic I enjoy and why I enjoy them. While it is always interesting to hear the opposite side, it can be quite heated at times very quickly and that's when I don't want to add fuel to the fire IfuelitonTwiiterHEYO But no really, we could use more events like these. I like these, these are a good. Thanks for the effort, Kiah! Always appreciated!
  9. Classic Sonic is the Sonic from the beginning to the Sonic Underground cartoon and include Mania into there and I guess Generations and Forces too. What makes Classic standout is that he's primarily a 2D gaming character that has some experimentation in 3D with subpar results, most promising was the Sonic World miniworld in the Saturn's Sonic Jam compilation. Classic Sonic has a strong and well established gameplay design that puts a fine balance between speed and platforming with bits of exploration to intrigue and reward the player to take the time to explore the level. Modern Sonic is much more vague than Classic because Modern has went through various iterations in not just media (I'm not including Boom since it was pre-established as its own entity and is marketed as the third branch of the Sonic brand) but in the main series games itself. But if we have a pin a point where Modern began, it started with Sonic Adventure (I guess Pocket Adventure sorta counts but it was a pretty forgettable handheld Classic throwback game that barely anyone played at the start so is it really necessary to consider that the beginning of Modern?) and it's been going still into Forces (again, not including Boom). Modern has went through atleast 4 gameplay styles in its run so far in the MAIN SERIES GAMES ALONE, it'd be more if we're considering major spinoff games like the Storybook series and the like. The four gameplay styles is the Adventure Sonic gameplay, which is akin to the Classic gameplay but still a relatively young gameplay style that has yet to be fully explored IMO and is still in its infancy. There's the Heroes gameplay that returned in Shadow and was also done in 06, while it mashed the Adventure Sonic gameplay as well. Heroes' gameplay, team mechanics aside, focused a good amount on combat with limited moves with flatter and very lengthy levels. Then we have the Boost gameplay from Unleashed, Generations and Forces with Colors being the most different take on the style while including the Color Powers. Levels are almost always focused on going fast with very little platforming in Unleashed but got more platforming focus with Generations and Forces, from the looks of it, but Colors brought that platforming focus as the forefront to the Boost gameplay. And I guess what could consider as another spinoff take of the Adventure Sonic gameplay like the combat-heavy Heroes/Shadow gameplay, we got Lost World. Lost World was a very experimental game so it's a tad bit difficult to clearly define what was its main gameplay but from most of its major 3D/2D levels and ignoring the varying one/two-off extra acts, it follows the same level structure of Colors in its 2D stages while its 3D acts are more expansive but still follows the general level structure of the Boost games' 3D levels. It also introduces a Parkour system that sadly isn't given much focus given how Lost World's levels were designed. But if we're going for a more a stylistic point of view of the 2 branches, that's a lot less words to describe. Classic is mostly portayed as more cutesy and colorful but still relatively grounded and realistic, never going extreme in either direction. Just that right balance of surrealism. Because of technical limitations at the time, Classic is relatively light on plot has a sizeable amount of characters, thanks to the spinoff games of that era. But while it may lack on plot, its visual presentation was done exceptionally well to cleverly tell a simple story through gameplay alone ingeniously! Modern follows a lot of the more modern standards of gaming. For the most part, a pretty big focus on plot and graphical presentation. A wide variety of characters, some might say too wide but each to their own. And its art style tends to vary from game to game, it can take realistic locations but add a cartoony twist to it like the Adventures or be super realistic with it like in 06 and not gonna lie, Unleashed as well. Or it can be very cartoony like in Colors or Lost World (at times). Again, it's difficult to fully pinpoint on what is Modern Sonic when there has so many variations of Modern.
  10. It's kind of amusing to think back when ol' Brad was here and was talking about how great Mania is shaping up to be and people are telling him how is he so sure about it and it now turns out he's one of the level designers for Mania. That's funny as shit. But yeah bless the Mania team, ALL OF THEM! Mania is gonna be such a treat of game to play!
  11. I'm in good terms with Forces' music and its direction so far. Rock for Modern, chiptune for Classic and EDM with vocals for the Custom Hero. Modern Park Avenue sounds good from what I heard. While the instrumentation is a bit weird, I do like the beat of Classic Green Hill. Destiny Lies Before You is probably my favorite track out of them all, corny lyrics with some dope EDM count me in BOI! The Main Theme is also pretty good stuff as well! Didn't hear much of the Classic bossfight with the Egg Dragoon but it's decent, I guess? Not my personal favorite from Hataya. I do like what I'm hearing Custom Hero's Green Hill but I guess that's just because I really do like EDM and any sort of electronic music.
  12. Funny, you should mention that last part since Technicolor is the same animation studio doing Boom.
  13. Oh, wasn't aware that it's the same model. Guess all the more reason why Runners Adventure is a visual downgrade from Runners.
  14. It's not like getting Runners Adventure on Gameloft's Russian store is super expensive, all I did was drop 3 bucks CAD and boom, I got it. Only played 3 levels and yeah, not really digging how it looks. The OG Runners was brighter and vibrant colors, the models had more charm to them and the overall gameplay just feels better than in Runners Adventure. Really find it lame all the music in Runners Adventure is reused, ALL OF IT! I was really hoping this was going to be an improvement from Runners. although it does do away a lot of the garbage Runners had; it seems to have taken away what made Runners fun to play despite said garbage nongameplay elements. So far, Runners Adventure's soft launch started pretty weak for me. Here's hoping Gameloft could add more to it when the worldwide launch begins.
  15. Oh yeah Rafa, I remember Aaron saying one time how they commissioned some fans to make some art for the social media, most notable was Rafa. I recally the 3D render of Sonic and Amy and the Halloween art were done by Knight. Rafa has also done plenty of art for the Archie Comics, any 3D art you see on the covers were done by Rafa as well.
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