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  1. I'd say go for watching the entire multiparter in one go and if you can get a guest over, that'd be even cooler!
  2. The reason why SEGA hasn't released a demo for Mania is because they are fully aware of how people can hack into the demo and find all sorts of secrets, similar to what happened with Generations. The entire game was spoiled because of that, so SEGA are going for a more reserved approach to make sure the game won't be spoiled before it got released and you know what? I'm perfectly ok with that, I want to be surprised of what I'm going to play in Mania.
  3. Oooo more events, count me in! As for the question? I'm fine with the rules, it's not necessary to include every game's music into it; just the notable ones is fine. As for the missing tracks, Cavern Island shares the same music as Volcanic Tunnel, Green Island shares the same music as Polly Mountain and Lake Crystal is pretty much the Sea Fox theme. Never heard of Practice Stage from Mean Bean Machine, isn't that pretty much Exercise Mode? And for the last question, I would like to have the choice of having all of them or just the tiered badge, choices are nice.
  4. Not a livestream but a live Q&A on Twitter, just use #AskSonicBoomCrew for Da Boom Crew to answer your questions. I'll write down the more interesting questions and answers like I did for the previous 2 sessions. If only to help Kevin out.
  5. As someone who lives in the Toronto area, this is true. And sweet mother of bee jesus, reading this thread was certainly an experience that's for sure. To be fair, I can see both sides of the argument. I can see the positives and negatives about the Custom Hero reveal. I mean when I first saw it, I didn't know how to feel. It took some time to really take in that I felt more comfortable with the concept. Making your own character that fights off Eggman's forces with the Sonics is a nice idea, gives power to the player and makes them more invested in whatever's going on (in concept atleast, reality is a different story). It kinda does suck that the 7 species you can choose has really minor abilites that don't really change things up a whole lot but I guess Sonic Team didn't want to make each of them radically different but eh, still kinda sucks. The Wispon is an interesting evolution from the Color Powers, helps that you don't go into a form that kills the flow and you just do the ability based on that short gameplay tease at Park Avenue. So yeah, that's pretty cool. Also really awesome to hear vocal tracks in the stages are returning, that doesn't happen often. I can only recall that happening in Adventure 2, Secret Rings and Rush. Also Pontac/Graff are back? Well considering I'm in the minority that actually liked Lost World's story in how to mixes both light and dark tones, I'm curious to see how they can work with Forces' story. Although I totally get why people are really disappointed with that, but here's hoping Pontac and Graff are working more closely with Sonic Team to provide a more action-oriented and intense story that can still provide some fun, entertaining moments as well. I mean, before this announcement, I was really disinterested in Forces. The gameplay tease for Modern Sonic did not seem interesting with the huge amounts of automation and incredibly basic and level design. Classic Sonic really disinterested me with barely any improvements from Generations and it's going to be pretty terrible when you compare it to Mania. I wouldn't be surprised at all if people criticized Classic Sonic in Forces because of how inferior it is to Mania, it's definitely going to be the element that's going to bog the overall game down in my eyes. If Forces just had Modern and the Custom Hero, it would've been a better game but nope. Anyways, with this new announcement did made more interested in the game to the point I'm slightly positive towards it. Not super hyped but interested. So yeah, will just be waiting to get my hands on Mania!
  6. Your Boom trio, @AAUK, @DoubleXXCross and @SSF1991, are back again with a Boom commentary that's a tad bit more wetter than usual!
  7. o hey, we're talking about lost world again? I hope we're talking about how underrated it is....




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  8. When you’ve got a heart of gold but have to keep up appearances #some people like to say shadow is edgy #that he's the kind of person to play reaper #he's not such a bad guy #though you wouldn't know it from how he looks #don't judge people by look alone #you'd be quite surprised to see what kind of person they really are #though we can't defend the stealing candy from a baby line #but you'd be a bit on edge too #if you learned you're part evil alien war monger race #and they're trying to destroy the planet Have a Chao meme
  9. The third character is playable and will play a major role in the story, which is a no-brainer. Like why would you make a minor character take up a third of the entire time playing through the game?
  10. FriendBot is 86% more excited for the next Sonic Boom episode than normal.

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  11. In the UK, that is. You still have Hulu if want to watch Boom on the US (along with X but who even likes Sonic X nowadays lmao)
  12. I hope you're talking about the Boom games and not the main series because it was already mentioned that Boom will not do their own takes on the those games, Boom is its own continuity.
  13. I wouldn't know how they could end off Season 2, maybe with another multiparter where we see Shadow and Metal along with other characters from the main series, maybe? I don't know.
  14. And we have the trailer for Tails in BBFA3! Tails is voiced by Emily Jones (she's also the voice for Amy in BBFA3 as well), she does cosplay stuff and as you can tell, she does voice acting (and music covers) as well. Check her stuff out!
  15. I think it was those special previews "influencers" get to have to help promote the show and give their thoughts on it, so yeah. But really pleased to hear Robots from the Sky is going to be a treat, I'm aware of some things that happen in it but I don't have the full picture. This should be a good time, sucks that they had to spread throughout the month but better than nothing, I guess?