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  1. The animation for Season 2 has been consistently solid, some episodes just have some odd looking lightning in some episodes.
  2. As someone that adores everything Boom, obviously hell no. While I can agree the games are nothing noteworthy but the cartoon has been doing pretty well.... outside the US, not kidding. So while Boom is doing decent enough on Boomerang but seeing how it won Best Animation at the Chico Film Festival a few months ago and is nominated for Teens Choice Best Animated TV Show along with more well-known cartoons, I just find it very unlikely that Boom is going to end after its second season. And I can see why people are coming from where Boom is pointless when the main series have been going for a more comical tone but I don't think that's really the case. The only game that's going for a more comical tone in the main series was Colors. Generations has such a lackluster story with no tone so there was barely any comedy in it, Lost World attempted to go for a balanced tone of serious and comical moments and well yeah, didn't work out. And from the looks of it, Forces is going back to a more serious tone. So idk, I find it difficult to see the main series interpretation being placed in the Boom cartoon. Like Boom is a different type of comedy from any other comical attempts in the series, it's very much a sitcom with a casual laidback tone. But with Season 2, it's definitely putting a bigger focus on action/adventure as well with the multiparter episodes but it still has the comical flair that makes Boom standout. Boom is doing fine and it's definitely helps show that Sonic is more than just a gaming character but a multimedia icon. But I can understand if Boom isn't going to last long but until then, I'm gonna enjoy the living crap out of this subseries! GIVE ME MORE BOOM BAYBEEE!
  3. Don't forget, Sam also wrote Nutwork and co-wrote No Robots Allowed as well! Looking forward to Inn Sanity!
  4. I'm a glass full kind of guy so this going to be disgustingly optimistic. But the fact Boom has a nomination at all and is competing against the more popular and bigger shows is definitely a big victory for Boom overall, not sure if how it got its place because of the people behind the awards show chose it or enough fans tweeted out how it should be nominated but either way, it definitely shows that the Boom show is doing something very right to get this kind of attention. It might not win at all but gosh darn it, I'll definitely spam the crap out of the tweet votes I can spam out! Major kuddos to the entire Boom team!
  5. Maybe if you actually looked at the topic instead, you would get your answer.
  6. Shun clarifies how there's not 3 separate stories so I'm guessing is, you play a stage as that character and you'll see what their perspective on that time.
  7. I don't think we've ever known who wrote the story for the Storybook series, people say it's Maekawa but he only has a credit for Secret Rings and it wasn't even for story. Also as someone who enjoyed Lost World and Fire & Ice's story (The Boom writers had no involvement in writing that story, Alan Denton said so on Twitter, check up on that F&I thread to see what's up famsquad), I can see myself enjoying Forces' story considering it seems that the dialogue so far is much more fitting for the game's tone and doesn't really try to force jokes all the time. Of course, still skeptical on how Pontac/Graff are going to handle this many elements in the story with returning villains, Classic being from another dimension, what is up with Infinite and of course the main plot of fighting back Eggman's army. If Flynn really is contributing to the story in some way, that is very reassuring.
  8. It's always a pleasant time to just talk about something fun and postive about Sonic that isn't just about Mania for once (and Boom in my special case). These kinds of events are a safe haven, where I just talk about what aspects/iterations of Sonic I enjoy and why I enjoy them. While it is always interesting to hear the opposite side, it can be quite heated at times very quickly and that's when I don't want to add fuel to the fire IfuelitonTwiiterHEYO But no really, we could use more events like these. I like these, these are a good. Thanks for the effort, Kiah! Always appreciated!
  9. Classic Sonic is the Sonic from the beginning to the Sonic Underground cartoon and include Mania into there and I guess Generations and Forces too. What makes Classic standout is that he's primarily a 2D gaming character that has some experimentation in 3D with subpar results, most promising was the Sonic World miniworld in the Saturn's Sonic Jam compilation. Classic Sonic has a strong and well established gameplay design that puts a fine balance between speed and platforming with bits of exploration to intrigue and reward the player to take the time to explore the level. Modern Sonic is much more vague than Classic because Modern has went through various iterations in not just media (I'm not including Boom since it was pre-established as its own entity and is marketed as the third branch of the Sonic brand) but in the main series games itself. But if we have a pin a point where Modern began, it started with Sonic Adventure (I guess Pocket Adventure sorta counts but it was a pretty forgettable handheld Classic throwback game that barely anyone played at the start so is it really necessary to consider that the beginning of Modern?) and it's been going still into Forces (again, not including Boom). Modern has went through atleast 4 gameplay styles in its run so far in the MAIN SERIES GAMES ALONE, it'd be more if we're considering major spinoff games like the Storybook series and the like. The four gameplay styles is the Adventure Sonic gameplay, which is akin to the Classic gameplay but still a relatively young gameplay style that has yet to be fully explored IMO and is still in its infancy. There's the Heroes gameplay that returned in Shadow and was also done in 06, while it mashed the Adventure Sonic gameplay as well. Heroes' gameplay, team mechanics aside, focused a good amount on combat with limited moves with flatter and very lengthy levels. Then we have the Boost gameplay from Unleashed, Generations and Forces with Colors being the most different take on the style while including the Color Powers. Levels are almost always focused on going fast with very little platforming in Unleashed but got more platforming focus with Generations and Forces, from the looks of it, but Colors brought that platforming focus as the forefront to the Boost gameplay. And I guess what could consider as another spinoff take of the Adventure Sonic gameplay like the combat-heavy Heroes/Shadow gameplay, we got Lost World. Lost World was a very experimental game so it's a tad bit difficult to clearly define what was its main gameplay but from most of its major 3D/2D levels and ignoring the varying one/two-off extra acts, it follows the same level structure of Colors in its 2D stages while its 3D acts are more expansive but still follows the general level structure of the Boost games' 3D levels. It also introduces a Parkour system that sadly isn't given much focus given how Lost World's levels were designed. But if we're going for a more a stylistic point of view of the 2 branches, that's a lot less words to describe. Classic is mostly portayed as more cutesy and colorful but still relatively grounded and realistic, never going extreme in either direction. Just that right balance of surrealism. Because of technical limitations at the time, Classic is relatively light on plot has a sizeable amount of characters, thanks to the spinoff games of that era. But while it may lack on plot, its visual presentation was done exceptionally well to cleverly tell a simple story through gameplay alone ingeniously! Modern follows a lot of the more modern standards of gaming. For the most part, a pretty big focus on plot and graphical presentation. A wide variety of characters, some might say too wide but each to their own. And its art style tends to vary from game to game, it can take realistic locations but add a cartoony twist to it like the Adventures or be super realistic with it like in 06 and not gonna lie, Unleashed as well. Or it can be very cartoony like in Colors or Lost World (at times). Again, it's difficult to fully pinpoint on what is Modern Sonic when there has so many variations of Modern.
  10. It's kind of amusing to think back when ol' Brad was here and was talking about how great Mania is shaping up to be and people are telling him how is he so sure about it and it now turns out he's one of the level designers for Mania. That's funny as shit. But yeah bless the Mania team, ALL OF THEM! Mania is gonna be such a treat of game to play!
  11. I'm in good terms with Forces' music and its direction so far. Rock for Modern, chiptune for Classic and EDM with vocals for the Custom Hero. Modern Park Avenue sounds good from what I heard. While the instrumentation is a bit weird, I do like the beat of Classic Green Hill. Destiny Lies Before You is probably my favorite track out of them all, corny lyrics with some dope EDM count me in BOI! The Main Theme is also pretty good stuff as well! Didn't hear much of the Classic bossfight with the Egg Dragoon but it's decent, I guess? Not my personal favorite from Hataya. I do like what I'm hearing Custom Hero's Green Hill but I guess that's just because I really do like EDM and any sort of electronic music.
  12. Funny, you should mention that last part since Technicolor is the same animation studio doing Boom.
  13. Oh, wasn't aware that it's the same model. Guess all the more reason why Runners Adventure is a visual downgrade from Runners.
  14. It's not like getting Runners Adventure on Gameloft's Russian store is super expensive, all I did was drop 3 bucks CAD and boom, I got it. Only played 3 levels and yeah, not really digging how it looks. The OG Runners was brighter and vibrant colors, the models had more charm to them and the overall gameplay just feels better than in Runners Adventure. Really find it lame all the music in Runners Adventure is reused, ALL OF IT! I was really hoping this was going to be an improvement from Runners. although it does do away a lot of the garbage Runners had; it seems to have taken away what made Runners fun to play despite said garbage nongameplay elements. So far, Runners Adventure's soft launch started pretty weak for me. Here's hoping Gameloft could add more to it when the worldwide launch begins.
  15. Oh yeah Rafa, I remember Aaron saying one time how they commissioned some fans to make some art for the social media, most notable was Rafa. I recally the 3D render of Sonic and Amy and the Halloween art were done by Knight. Rafa has also done plenty of art for the Archie Comics, any 3D art you see on the covers were done by Rafa as well.
  16. Well this came out of the blue, the Japanese VA for Knuckles, Nobutoshi Kanna, tweeted out a link about the upcoming Japanese dub of the Boom cartoon airing in Netflix.
  17. That last screenshot was from Shun Nakamura's Twitter, I think?
  18. It's hard to keep track on how many times I've died trying to A Rank Final Chase Hard Mode, that was a long test of my patience. 100%-ing main game Unleashed was pretty tough but I feel like I only had my skill get tested when S Ranking Eggmanland and the Dark Gaia bossfight, nothing else really pops into my mind on what challenges I've experienced.
  19. Yeah, count me in the I like this crowd. I've grown to really like the electronic style of music and I like the 2 singers for the track, cheesy lyrics are too easy? Dood, We Can was my jam and that song's dangerously cheesy. I dig it, looking forward to the full track. Not sure about Runblebee but I'm pretty sure with Cash Cash being very popular, I think it will be more costly to get the guys to make some tracks for the game and Jacques has been doing the music for the Boom games so uh yeah.
  20. I'm all for these kinds of events, they're fun! And I seem to be doing this at the last few days because life has kept me occupied so that's nice. 1. 2017 marks I think 10 years I've been a fan of this blue pincushion, I've been in love with this series for almost half of my life. That's pretty crazy to think actually. 2. I still have yet to see someone who can say this but Rivals 2 was my first Sonic game. It was definitely interesting to see all these characters introduced to me for the first time but I enjoyed their personalities and yep, still do. 3. That opening from Unleashed was definitely the kicker to really look forward to future games, it still is the most amazing opening of a Sonic game I have ever seen. 4. Too many to count, from the 23 physical copies I can count on my room (24 if you count Sm4sh) and probably an extra 10-20 of the various digital copies I have on my phone, PSN and Steam. So yeah a lot of Sonic, pity me. 5. I like both equally, I don't have a strong preference. I like Classic for its solid mix of speed and platforming with plenty of personality and life and Modern is great because of its Modern presentation and overall just being a more cinematic and more engaging take on the series. 6. Sonic duh because he's an easy to understand character but has plenty of personality, it's definitely interesting to see how various media interprets him from the spunky teenager of the Adventure era to the more casual and laidback Boom Sonic to the chill and dorky but always adventurous Modern interpretation. It's just fun to see Sonic being Sonic. 7. Postreboot Archie is personal favorite, it makes the games canon more concise while still having some room to do its own thing. Bless Flynn and the Archie Sonic team for pulling it off and it's disheartening to hear that it might be over. 8. When Sonic was talking to Merlina about living life to the fullest, Black Knight isn't a strong favorite of mine from a gameplay perspective but that message really defined a lot of things I do actually. I try my best to make every day count and that kind of thing, so yeah I can thank Black Knight for that atleast. 9. Favorite story? Hmmm, if we're talking about Archie? Champions easily, that was just a very fun adaptation of Sonic the Fighters with amazing art by Diana Skelly. That's my favorite arc in Archie. In the games? Uhh, that's a bit hard; I can't say with full confidence any story in Sonic was truly great, they all have some flaws. But if I had to choose, it would be Adventure 2 because it's engaging to see how intense the story keeps going, a lot of stuff goes on; it really feels like an epic B movie so yeah, Adventure 2 had a fun story. 10. BOOM BAYBEE! It's funny, witty and entertaining. It really sucks that it's only on Boomerang but it's nice to see fans of the show do their best to keep the show running strong and the crew behind the show are really funny guys. I have nothing but good things to say about Boom! Really hoping for a Season 3! 11. I'm going to go for a unlikely favorite but that one short cutscene in Lost World where Sonic realizes he really screwed things up, it was short, quiet and very somber. A pretty powerful scene and one of the reasons why I really like Lost World's story. 12. 3&K for 2D because it's just the best, a solid mix of platforming and speed, huge levels and a interesting presentation for a simple story. 3D is Unleashed BAYBEE, definitely the biggest Sonic game I've played, so much content and charm has been put into that game and I just love it to pieces! 13. Favorite vocal track? Endless Possibility because yes, Unleashed but it's just a very uplifting song to listen to. I can always listen to it to get my positive vibes going. Non vocal? Uhhh, damn that's hard. But if I have to choose a track right now, it would be Strange Parade from Runners. Just such a good track from that game, also puts me in a good mood as well. Sonic just has good music ok. 14 .Favorite move? Hardcore Parkour with my boi Sonic in Lost World, just doing being able to run any surface is such a really fun idea and if done really well, could really help give Sonic that unique gameplay edge that he needs to stand out! 15. Favorite soundtrack? Lost World because I don't think it gets enough appreciation, Ohtani nearly composed every level and boss track himself except Sugar Lane and it's impressive how he managed to make every track sound unique. It really is the most diverse soundtrack in Sonic if you ask me. 16. That image of Boom is just filled with a lot of personality. You can really tell what their personalities are like based on that image alone, I just love it! I LOVE BOOM OMG! 17. The current cast is my favorite. Roger brought a performance of Sonic that I can really get into that Ryan and Jason couldn't really do for me, Colleen brought a very fun performance of a more snarky but still nice Tails, Travis is just a more fun Dan Green, Cindy from Boom onwards really did it for me to sell her performance, Mike is always great and Kirk as Shadow, I just love and I can't get enough of! 18. Favorite headcanon? Eh, I don't really do headcanons all that much. But I always strongly believe that Generations is not canon and that after Colors, Lost World happened. Really holding out for Forces to prove me right. 19. Favorite level theme? Greenhills Jokes aside, I was more enticed and interested in the more bizarre worlds levels take place in. Levels like Music Plant, Sweet Mountain, DeSsert Ruins are such examples. It really is interesting to see how Sonic Team implements a theme and just go nuts with it. 20. Favorite level? Yikes, so many levels to choose from. You're just being mean here, wow ok let's see. A level I can always get into without much complaints is frankly the OG Rooftop Run from Unleashed. It's one of the more lengthy Boost stages but it's no Jungle Joyride. The level itself is just really good, Ohtani's music, the European inspired setting and level design that reminds me of the best parts of the Rush series. Rooftop Run is always a fun stage to go through. 21. Most memorable year? Well considering I really got into the hype of Sonic when Gens' teaser was first shown on the official Facebook page back at 2011. When I say it, I was like "Cool! The Sonic I know now and the Sonic I played in the older games are going to be in one game, that's cool!", just a casual response. But if I want to know what really stood to me for Sonic, it's a tie between 2014's Boom reveal and the party from last year. I'm Boom trash, no doubt about it. Love me some Boom so when I first saw the reveal of the new designs while I was in a computer engineering class, I was really excited. I showed the new looks for Sonic and Knuckles to my teacher, who also played some Sonic at her days and I saw the strange look in her face, I think it's because of Knuckles but hey, watcha gonna do I guess. I was all for it. Tis a shame Rise of Lyric really bogged the entire series down. And the party, oh boy the party. I remember telling my parents I had to see the stream of the party before I went to helped them out on their work. So I had to pull an allnighter for that faithful July 22nd and it was pretty fun. Yes, we can mock the technical issues for days, everyone has, even Mike does it as a running gag. But really, seeing Mania and Forces get revealed for the first time, seeing Crush 40 perform, neat stuff like LEGO Sonic, Classic in Dash or the Sonic/Sanrio merch crossover. Those were all great! And yes, we can not forget the legendary moment of the Totino's Pope, Skyler, meming it up for all of us to enjoy! Bless that guy, really! 22. My top favorite thing about Sonic? Just how complex and fascinating it is. Sonic is a very messy series, no doubt. So messy that we're up to the point where we probably do need 3 different brands of Sonic to get some actual consistency in this series for once. But that's make so interesting to really dig into and figure out how things work and stuff, Sonic is a series I can really analyze if I want to and I could figure all sorts of neat and not-so-neat stuff about the various games, shows or comics. It's cool to analyze Sonic. 23. Favorite trailer? Easily, the Pre Order trailer for Mania. No other trailer got me as excited or emotional for a game unlike that one. Seeing Tyson Hesse's animations in his iconic Mega Drive artstyle is so goddamn beautiful and it really does make me excited to see if SEGA would be down to make atleast a miniseries of Classic Sonic cartoons with Hesse, that would be so cool! It could be our Pokemon Generations! And Hyper Potions' Time Trails playing in the background, pure bliss. Who would've thought something like this would happen when we first saw Fire & Ice's first trailer with their track, Porta Vista, fun times. I also really like how the trailers switches between Sonic, Tails and Knuckles according to the beat, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff! I could go on for ages about that trailer, it just has so much personality and passion put into it! Bless Webber for getting the idea of Hesse animating for Mania, even if it is for promotional purposes. 24. My favorite iteration of Sonic? Woof, tbh it's actually not that hard. It's another tie, Boom and PostReboot Archie. Boom Sonic is a lot more casual and laidback than most iterations, but to my dismay, people interpret that as Sonic being a tired old grandpa (and extra points for using clips of the second episode of the series because of course! :^) ) but as more episodes get aired, more of Sonic's personality starts begin to show to me. While he is normally casual, he's very much in the go when it comes to fighting off Eggman or any other baddies or when he's goofing off with his friends. He's also a dick and can be pretty blunt at times. TBH, I could very much see this iteration of Sonic just saying it how it is, not sugarcoating or anything. It also makes sense to me when he feels down and people try to cheer him up, he's not really in the mood for it. TBH, Boom Sonic reminds a lot like me so yeah I gravitated to Boom Sonic. Post Reboot Archie Sonic is pretty much Adventure-Black Knight Sonic but I guess with more natural dialogue? But yeah, he's a hog of action, very supportive of his friends and has a fun time kicking robutt as well and cracks some jokes along the way. Not much to say about that, just a more concise interpretation of the various portrayals from the games. 25. Why am I still stuck with the Blue Spikeball? Because I just do? I mean, Sonic was a major driving force of my childhood, it was my escape from the crap moments of my life and it was my gateway to meeting friends and that kind of shindig. I guess it also helps that I do enjoy a good majority of the games, not all (still looking at you 06) but for the most part, I can pick up a game and have a fun time playing though it. Will I ever grow cynical of the series? Well I have been very critical of Forces ever since the SXSW reveal, I can still see myself have a decent enough time playing through it. I guess it helps that I'm just going with the flow with whatever Sonic product is out. New Boom episode? Sure, I'll give it a watch, it'll be a fun time! Mania? Hell yeah, AUGUST 15 HURRY UP YOH! Forces? Not really my cup to tea but it seems decent enough. Runners Adventure? Just tell me when Gameloft will officially announce it and I'll spend all of my damn money on it! BBFA3? Yes, just yes. Gimme the Big goodness! Yeah, I like Sonic I guess. Late response is late but as I said, real life over internet life (most of the time).
  21. The streams start usually around like 6PM EST every other Thursday.
  22. Along with that, Marlene Sharp tweeted an article where Boom got a mention where it's about the impact on Saturday Morning cartoons of the past to now.
  23. A bit of sad news about Sonic Revolution.

    Emily Jones (the voice for Amy and Tails in BBFA3) might not be able to go to the event due to Patreon fraud. A friend of hers is doing commissions to help out, please do help out! Would mean a lot!


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      Another artist is also doing commissions as well, again please do help out!


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