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    FriendBot reacted to NikoS in The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!   
    Studiopolis act 1 was my favorite track so far, until Mirage Saloon was revealed, and it took the spot
    There's something about this track that makes me absolutely adore it, i can't point exactly what it is, but it's there.
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    FriendBot reacted to Fletch in The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!   
    All the songs that I've been able to listen to in Mania have all sounded truly fantastic. From the original pieces to the remixed pieces. Studiopolis Act 1 still remains my favorite song in Mania thus far, and while I'm not entirely sure it'll be topped since I feel as if I religiously listen to that song like crazy nowadays, I'm sure the rest of the music will be really good.
    Really hoping Sonic Mania gets a proper physical soundtrack release, and even if it gets a vinyl release like Aaron Webber was asking the fans about back at SSXW, then that'll be even better! 
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    FriendBot reacted to Solly in Possible Sonic Forces Boxart/Key Art   
    Probably to emphasize that they're a customizable character, and don't have a defined look. 
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    FriendBot got a reaction from mikeblastdude in Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.   
    It's kind of amusing to think back when ol' Brad was here and was talking about how great Mania is shaping up to be and people are telling him how is he so sure about it and it now turns out he's one of the level designers for Mania. 
    That's funny as shit.
    But yeah bless the Mania team, ALL OF THEM! Mania is gonna be such a treat of game to play!
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    FriendBot reacted to Barry the Nomad in Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)   
    New interview with Aaron Webber from yo boys at SEGAbits
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    FriendBot reacted to Pawn in Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)   
    It's not as if we didn't know, but it's still exasperating to see confirmation. They have so little confidence in the most logical use of other characters (ie Sonic 3 and Knuckles) and even with just making a game where Sonic can stand alone without an ill-conceived gimmick.
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    FriendBot reacted to Soniman in Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)   
    Considering the general complaints of modern park Avenue are note for note exactly the thing iIzuka said they improved I'm left to assume he's either lying or simply meant later levels. And considering Modern Green Hill got the same type of scrutiny before people saw the rest of the Gens levels in willing to give him the benefit of the doubt 
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    FriendBot reacted to JezMM in Sonic Mania & Forces Interview(s)   
    The comment about the story is my biggest takeaway from this.  I've wanted a Sonic game with a proper plot again for a while and my hopes regarding it have been just a little heightened.
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    FriendBot reacted to YuTwo in Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.   
    Out of all of the other members that have now been revealed I think it's amazing to see Falk from Before/After The Sequel be somewhat involved with this game.
    Although it's stated by Tee Lopes that he isn't composing but rather sound mixing:
    Falk has also made a statement on this game:
    It would have been interesting to hear what kind of tracks Falk could have provided for this game.
    Now I think the other person I recognized was Paul Veer. 
    He is a pixel artist and in 2015 he was commissioned by SEGA and Cook & Becker (There currently doing the 25th Anniversary art book by the way) to do a Sonic art piece to go along with the rest of the other SEGA franchises.
    Here's a Retro article talking about his piece: https://www.sonicretro.org/2015/09/ray-and-mighty-finally-found-on-new-official-sonic-art-print/
    Here's the piece he made:
    Here's a link for a better, bigger view of it: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/001/018/568/1a4.png
    There's a video that shows the process of it:
    I thought it looked pretty nice especially since it showed Bark, Bean, Fang, Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray.
    Seeing Paul Veer's name again automatically reminded me of this piece so I just wanted to share it with others in case they haven't seen it yet.
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    FriendBot reacted to Pawn in Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.   
    This reminded me that we're likely to get an absolutely brilliant credits sequence and End Roll Medley to close the game on.
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    FriendBot reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.   
    On behalf of Slingerland:
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    FriendBot reacted to TimmiT in Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.   
    Does this mean Mania is actually the finished version of Retro Sonic Nexus?
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    FriendBot reacted to TheOcelot in Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.   
    If you are interested in knowing who else is involved with Mania's development:
    Stealth over on Retro:
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    FriendBot reacted to TheOcelot in Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.   
    Tom Fry who's the Art Director from PagodaWest Games (and Sonic Mania) has joined twitter. I've followed him, you should too!
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    FriendBot reacted to Sean in Sonic Forces - Music Thread   
    I absolutely LOVE Park Avenue Custom, and I've had it on repeat for the last few days. It's so catchy, both of the vocals are excellent and set the tone perfectly, and the Sonic R-esque female singing made me lose my shit like you won't believe. This is the best vocal track to come out of the series in ages, and I'm not just referring to the absence of a vocal track in the past few games - I mean this is probably the catchiest motherfucker since the Adventure days. I dig.
    I'm honestly shocked that few people are impressed by the song, at best it's had a pretty lukewarm reception. I think it's fantastic.
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    FriendBot reacted to Wraith in Sonic Forces Impressions   
    Where the hell are you dying in colors? lol
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    FriendBot reacted to Sega DogTagz in Sonic Forces E3 Trailer "The Next Generations" *Huge Spoilers in OP   
    Its some kinds of hellish irony that the comics are stuck in an unexplained limbo while the talent for said comics is potentially serving as a lightningrod of positivity for mania and forces.
    Is this the Twilight Zone?
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    FriendBot reacted to Bobnik in Sonic Forces E3 Trailer "The Next Generations" *Huge Spoilers in OP   
    I don't think it means anything tbh. This sounds more like "Yes, I would have this make sense" and not some sort of tease of his involvement in this game.
    i'll scream like a girl if he is actually involved tho
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    FriendBot reacted to Mad0Mura in Sonic Forces E3 Trailer "The Next Generations" *Huge Spoilers in OP   
    Don't know if this was posted already, but apparently Ohtani isn't the only composer for this game: 
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    FriendBot reacted to Detective Kaito in Sonic Forces E3 Trailer "The Next Generations" *Huge Spoilers in OP   
    Has anyone posted this link yet? It has a press release saying that Shadow has his own reasons for joining Eggman. Well, it doesn't say that directly but implies it.
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    FriendBot reacted to Blue Blood in New Sonic Forces Gameplay teased on twitch.tv (link and screenhots here)   
    More footage, this time with the Lightning Wispon being used in the Custom GHZ. Actually looks like the lightdash that it offers could be used to great effect, if not for the fact that it's so limited by the energy gauge.
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    FriendBot reacted to JezMM in New Sonic Forces Gameplay teased on twitch.tv (link and screenhots here)   
    Unleashed, Colours and Generations all had this effect and it was super annoying in the end coz it kills the bass in the music.  I really wish they didn't do it.
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    FriendBot reacted to Radiant Hero Ike in Sonic Forces Impressions   
    Cross post from the E3 trailer thread.
    Well, I played it earlier.
    Modern Sonic is fun. A bit too close to Colors gameplay for my liking, but not bad. It doesn't seem like you can drift anymore. 2D parts are alright. Easier to platform with the double jump. Also noticed I ran out of boost very often, since you don't get energy from rings anymore.
    Classic Sonic I can't say much on since it was a boss fight, but I liked Drop Dashing around. The bosses were pretty fun. Just super easy.
    Custom Hero was surprisingly fun too. Being unable to double jump threw me off though. I think I was a wolf or something. The electric Wispon is cool, but from the gameplay I saw I think Burst is better (I only got to play as the OC once and I picked the electric one). It is fun zapping along rings and through enemies though. The platforming felt less stiff than I expected. It was pretty floaty. The chase scene with the crab thing had major slowdown issues though.
    So, yeah. I'm very excited to play it when it releases.
    Other details I forgot to mention:
    -The goal is a red Eggman symbol that turns into a blue star (like the one in the title) when you run through it, at least for Modern and OC. Since Classic had a boss stage he might still have the sign post thingy.
    -The stage clear music is great. It's a softer orchestra version of the main theme IIRC. Reminds me of the nice acoustic guitar version of 06's stage clear.
    -Shadow was at the end of the Modern stage. This isn't very important but I like Shadow so I figured I'd mention it.
    -GHZ for OC had some cool bleached out sections. I liked the look of it. The factory segments were pretty sweet too.
    -It actually seems tougher to get an S rank in this game. I didn't die as Modern Sonic but I still didn't get an S.
    -The grappling hook thing stops momentum when initially using it, but it's not as jarring as it looked in the video. I only used one though, so I don't know for sure.
    -There were multiple paths for OC depending on what Wispon you use. Since I had Lightning (?) I couldn't take the upper path. You need Burst for that.
    -Modern Sonic didn't have any Wisps other than the Boost ones. He may not use colored ones at all. But I'm not sure. I don't remember if Colors introduced colored Wisps in the first stage.
    -Tails unfortunately still lives.
    -I believe Sonic has his Generations stomp back. The one in Unleashed didn't stop him completely, this one does.
    -Amy sounds just like she does in Sonic Boom. Knuckles sounds more like the main series Knuckles, though, so I guess they just changed her direction. Which reminds me, Tails isn't voiced by Kate Higgins anymore. I don't think, anyway. I guess his Boom voice actress has taken over for the main series.
    -The OC sounded kind of familiar. But it was only grunts so I'm not sure. Personally hope Robbie Daymond is one of the voices you can choose.
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    FriendBot reacted to Slingerland in Sonic Mania Chemical Plant act1 & act2 New Gameplay   
    Hey, everyone! Glad you are digging the new Chemical Plant. We understand that it was already in Generations so our goal was to make it as different as possible to provide a brand new experience while also introducing a new generation of players to the original horror that is the Mega Mack. What better way to remix a fairly horizontal level than to make it entirely vertical, ay?
    Here's the E3 low-down thus far. Uuuuhhh... E3 owns. Ohshima-san came by and gave us his blessing. We've had lines around the booth with everyone super excited to play the game. We currently have 4 publications (including IGN and GameInformer) awarding us Best in Show Nominations (Overall, Platformer, Switch Game). Sonic and Crash Bandicoot got into. a dance-off.
    I've been taking non-stop photos of the booth that you can check out on muh Twitter. Stealth has also been takin' photos on his Twitter.
    This has been the coolest week of our lives. Thank you to all the Stadium people who have come by to kick it with us. It means the world. Svend/Dreadknux and I have been hugging pretty much the entire time at the Mania booth. So if you're at the show, just look out for the two grown men in tender embrace.
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