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  1. So I've been listening to this You're Too Show podcast thingymajig and it's pretty neat!

    Really fascinated by their discussions especially with Underground and 06.

    1. Saturday Morning Kirb

      Saturday Morning Kirb

      Where can I find it?

    2. Soni


      iTunes is where all the mighty fine Sonic podcasts are at, get on the Opinion Zone train too if you just want some silly people talk about dumb Sonic stuff.

  2. Oh, I don't think they're white; just a faint shade of orange. So I'm guessing they are Egg Pawns. But no official confirmation from them.
  3. Pretty sure those are Buzz Bombers, similar look and color scheme. Just more intimidating I guess?
  4. The last best selling Sonic game was Transformed, so does that mean Sonic's future is to be a racer? Oh wait, it already is! notsorry
  5. All they did was change 2 levels and it was still a disappointment.
  6. If we have to rely on a shallow gameplay style for future Modern Sonic games, this franchise is already dead.
  7. To be honest, yeah. The Boost gameplay just doesn't work as well in 3D as it does in 2D, it especially doesn't help that Sonic Team can't make a game solely on that gameplay STILL yet Dimps can do it just fine. I know the reason why SEGA might've "discontinued" the Rush series since Rush Adventure bombed but honestly, the Rush series are easily the best Boost games in my eyes. It was pretty much at its peak with Rush Adventure, the Trick Combos to add more Boost energy; each stage having a unique in-level mechanic to make it stand out from another and various other improvements from Rush. I mean, the most fun in the main titles when it comes to Boost was in Unleashed's Daytime Stages. I guess it helps that they were fairly challenging if you aren't good on your hand-eye coordination but if it's going to be a simple-designed, fast-paced thrill ride, make it challenging enough so I'm relatively engaged. While Generations' Modern stages had some improvements in certain aspects, those stages were just way too easy that I just stopped caring and just went with the flow. It's been a while since I've played Colors but I have a hunch I wouldn't be all for it either. So I really hope that if Forces' Modern Sonic gameplay isn't going to make a whole lot of improvements, atleast make it about as challenging as Unleashed's Daytime Stages. I just hope whatever the third gameplay style is and it's turns to be really good, I'd be down if THAT becomes the mainstay formula for Modern Sonic. And if people want the Boost, just continue the Rush games. Dimps can probably make a more engaging 3D Boost game than Sonic Team. AlsoIreallylikeLostWorld3DS
  8. I just feel that the Rush games made the Boost a lot more enjoyable so unless Sonic Team makes the Boost more like Rush or like the Boost Mode in Advance 2/3. I'd prefer to not have the Boost as the main gameplay style for Modern Sonic games.
  9. Looks like Sonic Boom has been nominated once again, this time for the Children's International Film Festival. Anyways, considering how the last #AskSonicBoomCrew was trending last week. We're having another session of #AskSonicBoomCrew when Give Bees a Chance airs. Of course, it's special because Cindy Robinson (the voice of Amy herself) wrote the episode. And we got the goods thanks to the main man, Bill Freiberger. And we got the titlecard for next week's episode, Mombot, written by Joelle Sellner. The same writer for Hedgehog Day and Spacemeggdonocalypse.
  10. I got a question that is need of asking from a mod through a DM, is anyone there to answer this tricky question?

    It's a real brain puzzler.

    1. Zaysho


      Go ahead and PM me if you want.

    2. Soni


      Whoop, it's already dealt with nvm.

  11. Having Classic Sonic in Cream's house during a time where Eggman's robots are destroying a city is a cutscene you don't want to have.
  12. I think a good way to do ingame dialogue is to avoid making repeating dialogue about ingame mechanics like the Bounce Pad/"It's time to Speed/Power/Flight character to handle this". If the dialogue involved more about their environments or banter between themselves, that would be more interesting. Also another neat way to help increase the urgency of Forces' setup is to have the characters you're contacting urging Sonic to hurry up before the Death Egg Sentinels before they blow them up or something. Similar to what Eggman says during Crazy Gadget, I'd be down for that. Some small gameplay/story integrations would be swell!