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  1. Art style-wise, I enjoy the Generations design, as it brings classic zones into the modern age in stunning detail. It's as shame that they moved away from it in favor of a cold, lifeless, and toyish look.
  2. I love the Archie series, as it's written so much better than the actual games and still retain characters that Sonic Team have phased out of recent titles.
  3. The Adventure games (excluding the rap music) and 06. (Even if it was a dud, the soundtrack still kicks ass.)
  4. The Deadly Six. Sonic Team should try to move as far away from SLW as possible for future games.
  5. I'm not looking forward to it. Sonic is ridiculously slow, which takes away a lot of the fun, there's no reason for the dreaded wisps to exist, the art design is missing life and detail, the camera doesn't even follow Sonic at times, and the whole thing looks like an unfinished joke.
  6. In the next game, I also hope we can have an action-packed opening cutscene of cinematic quality akin to this:
  7. I'm impressed with the way the soundtrack has been composed, but much like the art style, it doesn't work with Sonic at all.
  8. I usually choose Haettenschweiler or Helvetica Black Condensed over Impact, but I wanted to give it that "authentic" image macro look.
  9. With the capabilities of upcoming consoles, I hope they can return to the Unleashed/Generations art style while still exploring Sonic's new abilities.
  10. After the release of Lost World, which seems to have become rather controversial among fans due to severe changes in gameplay and art style, where do you expect the series to go next?
  11. Now, I'm all fine and dandy with you guys worshipping your precious SLW, but I don't understand what's so appealing about it compared to quality 3D games like, say, Unleashed or Generations.
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