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    Sonic, Mass Effect, Star Wars:KOTOR, Left 4 Dead, Injustice, , Twin Peaks, Marvel and DC Comics, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Buffyverse.
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  1. Has it really been five years since I joined this forum? Holy shit time flies.

    1. Kiah


      I remember your SSMB anniversary either being on the day of my birthday or like the day before. 

      Either way Happy SSMB Anniversary! ?

    2. TheOcelot


      Yeah, happy anniversary!

      February will be my 6 year anniversary.

      Oh and happy birthday @Kiah

    3. Kiah


      @TheOcelot I remember our SSMB anniversaries being close as I’m 2 days after you. It will be my 6th as well ?

      And thank you! ?

    4. Chaos Incarnate

      Chaos Incarnate

      @Kiah@TheOcelot thanks guys! And thanks for being one of my the first people to talk to me when I joined, Kiah. Happy birthday! 

    5. Shikushi


      @Chaos Incarnate
      Not sure how long I've been here, somewhere around 5 years I guess
      Haven't been on here in ages though

    6. Chaos Incarnate

      Chaos Incarnate

      @Shikushihey what's up! I just started posting again lol.

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