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  1. Even though the Muppets intro was a pretty funny touch, Nintendo's E3 was ok/10. Not a whole lot to look for besides that Star Fox game, but other than that, there were quite a lot of Legend of Zelda games. Not to mention the lack of Wii U titles that I was kinda hoping for, especially Pokken Tournament, which looked pretty amazing from seeing the trailer and screenshots. That Metroid Blast Ball game looked pretty cool, but seeing the immense about of hate it has been getting recently, I'll wait a bit and try out the demo if there is going to be one.
  2. Day 26: Favorite Console Generation ~Generations 6 & 7~ I would have to say both gens 6 and 7 since they both got me into collecting video games. I enjoyed gen 6 for both Sonic Adventures and it is what got me into the Halo franchise. During Gen 6, I wasn't able to buy my own games and consoles just yet due to being to young to have a job. So I relied solely on allowance and birthday money for my games. I did, however, strike some good luck on the PS2 and Dreamcast since I got them for a really great price at the local church yard sale in near perfect condition, complete with games. So I enjoyed those until I got old enough to afford the next generation on my own. Once Gen 7 came along and I was old enough to buy my own stuff, I got into collecting not only games, but classic consoles as well. I was pretty much tracking back to getting consoles I didn't get a chance to enjoy as a kid. With the Sega Genesis being my first ever console and Sonic being my most favorite character in existence, I tried as best as I could to follow his franchise on each console he landed on. I really enjoyed Gen 6 with Sonic on the Dreamcast and Gamecube, even with the GBA Player for the Gamecube to play my GBA Sonic games on the big screen. I remember playing the demo of Sonic Heroes at a Walmart and played that for hours each time I went there, then ended up buying it with birthday money. The Xbox was one console that got me into Halo. Although I never owned an Original Xbox, I played on my friend's whenever he came over. Then I got more into the franchise when he got the 360 with Halo 3, I even created my current Xbox LIVE Gamertag on his console, created my own saves, and only played on his when he brought it over; until I could afford my own Xbox and transfer all my stuff to that. These 2 gens really got me into gaming and collecting. It was also a great stress reliever from school.
  3. Day 25: Least Favorite Character This one was a toughy as I don't have much to say about a least favorite character other than being annoying or an ass in game. Going with Black Doom and 343 Guilty Spark though. Black Doom was just annoying throughout the whole game, even as his floating squid...eye...thing. He's evil, and careless. He simply doesn't care much for Shadow even though he was created from his DNA and pretty much uses him as a pawn to do the things he wants done and take over the planet. As a boss, he just teleports everywhere which is just irritating as it is. I hated 343 Guilty Spark after he killed one of the best NPCs in the Halo franchise: Sergeant Avery Johnson. This floating orb just flat out betrays Master Chief and flips out over his precious Halo ring being fired early, even after he helps out since his debut. He was starting to become a good guy until then. Now all he's good for is being a Forge camera.
  4. Day 24: Favorite Controller Going with my top 4 on this one since they are all equally my favorite. This is my most played controller, not only for xbox games, but PC games as well. With the Wireless Gaming Receiver for PC, I can even use my 360's headset through the controller as an input mic for Skype. Its also comfortable with the wireless freedom. The controller is also quite comfortable to grip, and if you got plentiful rechargable AA batteries, battery packs, or the Play n' Charge cable, you should be fine for power. The are a lot of things that I like about the WiiU gamepad, one of them being the awesome Legend of Zelda skin in the pic above that I own. The feature for being able to choose to play the game on either the TV or gamepad is really convenient. For me it's not just so that other people can watch tv (even though my WiiU is hooked up in my bedroom), It allows me to use my tv to multitask with my laptop via HDMI while playing my WiiU game on the gamepad. The gamepad itself is also really comfortable to hold, however it doesn't have the best battery but the UBoost external battery pack makes up for it. The Dreamcast controller is awesome with it's tony screen. It's always fun seeing the little animations as you play the game. The one thing I like about the Dreamcast controller is the ability to transfer your Chao from Sonic Adventure and play with your Chao straight off the VMU like it's one of those Tamogatchis. The controller itself may look a bit bulky, but it's pretty comfortable to hold for long gaming sessions on Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. The rumble pack for it is pretty strong; if it were wireless, you would be going through a lot of batteries. And last, but not least, the Sega Genesis controller. For me, it's where it all started for Sonic. The Genesis was my very first console and I loved every second of playing it. To this day, I still enjoy playing on this controller with all the classic Sonic games. Playing with the joypad for the Genesis is also pretty fun with the turbo buttons.
  5. Day 22: Favorite Art Style Sonic Generations' art style is my most fav because of how crystal clear the environment is, ESPECIALLY the PC version. Each and every level is so vibrant, it seems almost real. The attention to detail is simply amazing, even with the blades of grass swaying with the wind at the end of each level. Sonic Unleashed has just as beautiful of an art style than Generations, even when you are playing as Sonic in the day levels. The Werehog levels have great lighting and the Werehog looks very fluffy. Lost World is really vibrant and is similar to Sonic Colors' art style. Everything is refined and smooth with attention to detail, shading and lighting. And last, but not least: Sonic CD's opening and closing cutscenes, as well as The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie are awesome. For a hand-made animation, they are really well drawn. The animation is so smooth, colorful, and has some classic anime elements. Honorable Mentions - Sonic Colors Wii - Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD - Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Super Mario 3D World - Kirby Triple Deluxe
  6. Day 21: Most Memorable Unlockable Welp, its another Sonic one for me ladies and gentlemen. Can't really think of any other memorable unlockable that's not Sonic related. So here goes. Huehue. Unlocking Sonic in Super Smash Bros Brawl is the most memorable for me due to the amount of hours and effort I put in just to unlock him. I remember that unlocking him was the first thing I attempted to do when I first bought the game. Once I did, I played the Subspace Emissary as Sonic right away and then proceeded to fight everyone else in the roster as him. It was a good day. It's always fun for me to play as Sonic and Lucario second.
  7. Day 20: Favorite Side Character Tails and Yoshi are my favorite sidekicks. Tails is an awesome mechanic and techie who's building skills can easily match up to Dr. Eggman's. He is always that lovable little brother to Sonic, not to mention adorable. Yoshi is an awesome little dino that shoots eggs made from anything he eats and throws them at enemies. He's Mario's favorite mode of transportation aside from his go-cart, hell, he's even babysat Mario when he was a kid. Both Yoshi and Tails have the ability of flight, but only for a short amount of time as they get exhausted. Tails has his two tails as helicopter rotors and Yoshi has his flutter kick. Each of them has also starred in their own games; Tails in Tails Adventure and Yoshi for Yoshi's Island, so both of them have had their own share in the spotlight. Another reason for these two being awesome is that they are always there when the hero needs a lift. Tails always has his Tornado fitted with rockets and machine guns (also transforming into a fighter mech) and Yoshi gives Mario rides on his back and swallow or stomp enemies in his path. It seems as though each of them are following identical footsteps, with the exception of Yoshi in a plane/fighter mech which I'd like to see someday in a mod lol.
  8. Day 19: Favorite Antagonist Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic are my favorite antagonists. One being the evil genius hellbent on world domination and the other was built by said evil genius and is determined to defeat his ultimate rival, Sonic once and for all. Eggman is a great antagonist due to all the crazy mechs he builds seemingly out of thin air. With an I.Q of 300, it always makes me wonder where he gets all the metal and resources to build all of his machines and fortresses. But his genius is always foiled by Sonic, even when Eggman summons unworldly beasts such as Dark Gaia and Perfect Chaos or charges up giant space cannons. Dr. Eggman always has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, even when he fakes fear when being confronted by Super Sonic. There's always a trap he lays out beforehand. Metal Sonic is another awesome antagonist because of his relentlessness to defeat Sonic so Eggman can rule the world without hassle. He has had some pretty awesome transformations like in Sonic Heroes where Metal Sonic transforms into Metal Madness and then Metal Overlord (so many spikes lol). His Neo form makes him look intimidating as well. One feature that puts Metal Sonic at an equal advantage against Sonic is his ability to copy Sonic's moves, just like Emerl. He can match his moves to near identical speeds and agility as Sonic. But if Sonic isn't quick enough, he could end up in trouble.
  9. Day 18: Favorite Protagonist I got 2 for this one. Huehuehue. We all know Master Chief is one for saving the world from the Covenant and Flood. He's pretty damn tough, even surviving a fall from space and come up just fine But during gameplay, he's not so tough when you go near a few feet of water lol. He always get the job done when needed and is quick at decisions that are best for the fate of humanity. Everyone is always curious as to what John looks like underneath the helmet. He has taken it off a few times during cutscenes but its still not enough to show a face. He never goes anywhere without his reliable A.I Cortana. When John needs some doors open, security hacks done or a ship ready to go before a massive explosion, she is ready to help. ___________________________________________________________________________________ And of course, I had a feeling this topic would come up so I cannot resist but list my most favorite protagonist of all time. He is what made my childhood enjoyable (and for many of us here as well). That's right. Our most beloved speedy blue hedgehog, Sonic is obviously my most favorite protagonist. His super speed, heroism, powers, epic moves and upbeat personality is what I love about him. When there's someone in trouble, he's always the first on the scene to help. He isn't the type to be sitting around all day or taking things slow. We've all seen his reaction to being stranded on a cruise ship in Sonic X, it's not fun for him. In the face of extreme danger, he's got plenty of friends to help him out. If Eggman is snooPING AS usual with yet another plot to take over the world, Sonic is always one step ahead of him to foil his evil plans time and time again.
  10. Day 17: Best Combat and... Gonna make this a quick one since it's 5am here. These two are my favorite combats so far (Brawl is soon to change with the next Smash Bros installment). But yea, for Unleashed's Werehog combat, I like how they implemented some (or all) of the move sets from the Street Fighter games just with different names. For Brawl, its just being able to play as your favorite character and kick ass against friends. And now that a third party server is willing to keep the game's online functionality alive, we can still play with friends and face other players. My favorite moves for the Werehog are the ones where you pick up the small Dark Gaia minions and start bashing them around, even the move where you take 2 of them and start smashing them together. As well as the moves where you are kicking at high speed or throwing them around, it's amusing For the next Smash Bros, I cannot wait to play as the newer characters such as Megaman and Greninja, that is going to be my #1 best combat.
  11. Day 15: Favorite Moment Now, I have quite a lot of favorite moments, many of which are just random funny shenanigans with friends. But since it is late, I'll just pick randomly out of the box to make it quick. My favorite moment is this cut scene right after you finish the Perfect Dark Gaia battle in Sonic Unleashed. After all the pain and suffering that Dark Gaia put you through in this game, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing Sonic pierce right through his eye (which is pretty brutal for a Sonic game lol). Just seeing all the awesome effects of Dark Gaia falling and all his guts spilling out really gives it a movie-type feel. This and the opening cut scenes are ones that I never skip when playing this game, especially the one where Sonic in his Werehog form faceplants towards Earth. Sonic has a history with faceplanting throughout his life, its amusing. Perfect Dark Gaia's final transformation is always awesome to see because it looks so well done and detailed, it's like something out of AvP from his crazy design with all the eyeballs and ridiculously wide mouth. It gets very feelsy towards the very end where Chip and Sonic say goodbye But knowing that the world is saved once again by Sonic, it's all good.
  12. Day 14: Favorite Story I really liked the way the story is told in this game. Part of it is through the way of audio files that you find scattered throughout the city in the form of payphones and kiosks, the other is you exploring the city trying to investigate what happened. And the game makes you work for it by fighting back and killing enemies to find these hidden audio files. These files are like diaries of a person's point of view of them going through a major city crisis (don't want to go into specifics to avoid potential spoilers). You get a sense of what has happened in the city and what that person went through in order to get to safety. Meanwhile, you are also trying to reunite with your ODST crew that got scattered during the initial drop during your investigation. The way the story progresses makes it feel like you are playing flashbacks of each of your crew members and what they went through. AS you play as your ODST, the city's A.I. is guiding you to it's core to protect a special creature; that's what I get out of it. I get a cool post-apocalyptic vibe out of this game's story and you are trying to survive the already invading Covenant. It's got a dark feel to it and you get a sense of lost hope when you are trying to fight back as the Covenant reeks havoc on Earth.
  13. Day 13: Most Disappointing Game I'm sure everyone here knows where I'm going with this. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was obviously disappointing due to the disaster it came out to be. This game could have had potential if it wasn't so rushed to meet the Christmas deadline.. If anyone here has seen Game Grumps play this, you would understand. When I first saw this game's trailer, I thought this was going to be a really great game as it was Sonic's first step onto the Xbox 360. I happened to get the game for free from a long distance friend, and he simply told me he didn't like it. So I tried it out; didn't have any glitches until a few levels after, then it got worse. This was pretty much my reaction. I did manage to beat it after 6 hours, but it was tough with all the glitches trolling you.
  14. Day 12: Fondest "Next Gen Experience" I've had quite a few Next Gen experiences, but Unleashed takes the cake on this one, mainly because the Hedgehog Engine made Sonic awesome in this game by showing us real speed. It is my most played Sonic game on the 360 and I have it in my disc try almost all the time (it still is as I'm writing this lol) Not only that, but the game looks amazing, even when going at super speed. It gave me more of a realistic feel as if I was actually there in those towns on a vacation, I was blown away. The music was fantastic, especially Apotos at night, very relaxing. The game even made me hungry when you are going around eating all the food at each town, even the hotdog stands. Everything looked so delicious, even that Eggman sandwhich. I had to pause the game and grab something to eat because it looked so good on screen. All of the DLC packs made the experience more spicier with the amount of parkour and quicktime events. In one of them, you are flying through the air popping balloons trying not to fall; its like playing Don't Let the Balloon (or in this case, Hedgehog) Touch the Floor game with Sonic. Aside from the Werehog levels, the Day levels are fun as hell to play. That experience will also carry over with the Unleashed Project mod for Sonic Generations PC with all the fan made levels. Its all so well made that I end up playing for hours, even all day.
  15. Day 11: Most Frustrating Moment I have a few for this one: Game-breaking Glitches - This happened to me in a few Halo games where I would phase through a wall randomly and a checkpoint would just happen to take place there, causing me to not be able to move or die instantly at each respawn. There would even be times where this would cause the whole game to freeze, forcing me to restart the console and potentially having to redo EVERYTHING that led up to that point. Corrupted Save Files - This happens to me quite a bit, especially with Chao Garden saves on the Gamecube versions of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Half of the time I would load my Chao Gardens, it would either load or somehow get corrupted, blowing up all my hard work and chances of making that awesome Sonic or Shadow Chao. ;_; Because of this, I would have to make backups on other memory cards just in case. THIS LEVEL IN SONIC LOST WORLD - Lava Mountain Zone 2 Collecting all the Red Star Rings here (or even trying to just get through the level) was the most frustrating few hours I ever endured. I think it was the 4th Red Star Ring that gave me the most hassle and has costed me over 50 lives just to get it. If it weren't for those stupid bomb carts that instantly kill you upon touching them, then this stage wouldn't have been so bad. Instead, they are plastered throughout the stage, even on the circular rails RIGHT WHERE THE RED STAR RING IS. GAH! At least I finally managed to get them all eventually.
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