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  1. I knew my post would be the subject of debate eventually. Didn't realized it'd be this soon. I fail to recognize a need to cite anything I've said. While the amount of talent or skill that the aforementioned individuals possess is up for debate I can without a doubt say that Sonic Team have been pivotal and key in regard to maintaining a direction that has for the most part remained concise and true to the origins of the series. This especially holds true as of late.
  2. In regard to the OP's question, I'll be willing to assume yes. In fact, if anything from the sub series captivates a greater interest it's safe to bank on Sonic Team proper looking to further develop and apply those areas of interest into the main series and/or move to a conjunction of the two series. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to both parties and any third parties involved they'll do what's most practical on all points. In regard to splitting, abandoning, or replacing Sonic Team proper, that's a definite no. It's not practical from a viewpoint, financial or otherwise, to let go of an established and talented group of people, some of which have been working for years, some even decades, that have consistently been employed and as such a valuable asset to the parent company.
  3. Personally I don't mind snow myself, but that's more attributed to the fact that it occurs rarely where I'm at. Last time it snowed at my level was five years ago give or take, and previous to that was ten years ago. Anyhow whatever this part of Cali gets is nothing compared to what I've experienced on the East Coast. Got snowed in once in Staten Island where I was staying in NYC, what a mess to shovel a path through the door.
  4. I wonder how this guy feels. EDIT: Tagged for size, and because it's kinda gross. Like a total dumbass, no question. Note to self, consider twice before etching pop culture icons onto one's self, or live with regrets. Actually, I take that back, it applies to tats in general.
  5. I'm generally content with most of Crush 40's tracks. Tracks in Adventure and Adventure such as "Open Your Heart" and "Live And Learn" have rightfully earned their place in the hierarchy as far as music in the series goes, but even some of their later work, such as "Sonic Heroes" and "What I'm Made Of" is alright, despite the former track arguably being somewhat tacky. In my opinion tracks from Shadow The Hedgehog once again showed that Crush 40 was capable of belting out some radical tracks that combined elements of other genres while staying true to their sound. Hard to believe some aren't fans of "I Am" or "Never Turn Back", though this is likely somewhat because of the connotations to the game, which is highly ignorant in itself, but I digress. After Shadow The Hedgehog they still contributed to the soundtrack of Sonic The Hedgehog. As time progresses Crush 40 doesn't play much part in the soundtracks of recent games, and one questions as to why, but it's clear they've left a great impact on the series as a whole. Other tracks from the series I enjoy are those from Tony Harnell (feat. Ted Poley), such as "It Doesn't Matter" and "Escape From The City", of which are cheesy to an extent (though not as bad as later work), but being a fan of their other acts, TNT and Danger Danger respectively, it's not shock. They stay true to their style and that's what counts in my opinion. Another artist in general I like, yet isn't much a contributor in the series, is Julien-K. "Waking Up" is quite underrated as far as Sonic music goes, but I put blame on Electronic Rock being more of a niche than anything else.
  6. All opinions aside this is clearly free advertisement for CEX. Quite honestly it cracks me up to see such strong responses over the actions of both parties.
  7. The holiday is quite contentious in my case. I don't look at the holiday in any religious notion, and the commercialized bastardization of the holiday is also disheartening to look at. If all else throughout my life it's been a time for gathering between myself and others, whether it be with family, friends, or colleagues. Perhaps some of said gathering wasn't at will, but the majority was, and even a cynic such as myself has grown to appreciate the affect of a corrupt holiday, which glamorizes consumerist debauchery and religious fallacies, has on us all. As I stay here and reminiscence I can't help but feel the least bit contented remembering the good times and bad of past years. Not so much a feeling of nostalgia, but one of yearning, a desire to return to times past. Simpler times at that, of giving, of gathering, of general appreciation of life. As time progresses though I can't help but feel disconnected. Whether it be the age factor, distance between myself and my family, or other things entirely, I continue to fall out of the holiday. However because of that I won't ruin anyone's fun this season. By all means I encourage everyone to celebrate however the choose, even if it entails doing nothing at all, such as myself.
  8. I'm not big on the holiday, though I've always thought the riffs in this piece were radical.
  9. For what it's worth, to an ever growing number of people holiday's don't mean jack shit. Take that as however you'd like. Speaking as someone having been in the retail and another miscellaneous service field I was more than happy to collect a double overtime pay rate, in addition to my regular pay, though just the regular pay would have sufficed. Work sure beat being at home wasting my time drinking like no tomorrow or bullshitting while visiting family, pretending to enjoy each others presence all in the name of tradition. But hey, I'm a proponent for equal accommodation, so I'm sure others would gladly work that day. Just so happens that the conglomerate Walmart doesn't attempt to hire many seasonal workers and as such the workload is shifted to the regular full timers. It is what it is, considering how that company functions elsewhere as well.
  10. I've never been big on traditional anything so I can't say I look forward to any celebration, but because I'll likely be stuck in the house the specific Thursday I'll probably do something different for dinner. Perhaps a good wine on the side and a dessert that calls for some liquor. Yep, doesn't get any better. As for the Friday after I might go browse and see if I find anything to my liking. I'm an insomniac so doesn't matter to me.
  11. Bought the game with the intention of gifting it to my brother, ended up playing it a week or two. Not all that bad considering how wide the availability of the game was, especially when even to me it was a foreign feeling playing a Sega title outside of a Sega console, Gameplay and story could've been better. I much more enjoyed the premise and handling of the two prior Adventure titles in comparison.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bad+religion+infected&sm=1
  13. For those who aren't fond of coffee I'd advise making your own brew at home and buying out. Even a cup from a fast food place or even a convenience store is going to be more refined that what can be done with simple household equipment. If you're looking for the energy rush try it again, you'll find something eventually. I strongly recommend espressos for those who still feel otherwise, all the caffeine in a smaller and quicker serving. Nevertheless coffee is an acquired taste. Drank it regularly though it became a daily thing when I was 10 and hit Junior High and dealt with a lot of bullshit that attributed to stress. It was a way to take a breather from my long commute on transit, assignments. social crap, and other issues I faced. Ironically enough when these problems ended in High School I slowed down with the coffee. Now, I don't drink coffee as much as I used to, mainly due to the fact that my coffee maker went to shit and my espresso machine crapped out and I'm not justifying a purchase of new stuff, as well as the fact that I can't seem to find a good standard stove top instant coffee, Folgers is bad but man that Maxwell House shit is horrid. When I do get the chance to get my hands on the stuff it's usually bought from elsewhere. As far as chains go anywhere that serves Seattles Best is a go to and good in my book. In addition I like to support my local independent coffee shops and have located at least a handful in my nearby towns. There's this radical place close to me that has the best stuff around, from Espressos to Lattes to Cappuccinos and all else in between (smoothies, teas, even a sizable lunch menu). All around nice place to visit: http://www.back2thegrind.com/
  14. Hardly deserving from a lawsuit in the sense that Buxer carried over his own material and improvised from there. Unless of course it was without the consent of the others he was working with, which would be an entire different situation.
  15. Damn, had the old comments back for a while, back to the bullshit. Fuck this shit, account becomes inactive as of today.
  16. Speaking only in regard to forums in general, I'm without a doubt that they are still a significant piece of the ever growing social networking sites out there today. Granted, I may be the least bit biased as I'm currently active on over a dozen boards (having been on around 30 in total) and and have staffed a handful in years past but no question they're still a mainstay. While understandably forums membership across the board has fallen over time as social networking has become more mainstream (as evidenced by social media hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just to name a few) there is still a sizable audience to cater to. There is much potential to be had, and it's especially evident as the mainstream sites become over saturated as time progresses. Due to this saturation it becomes more apparent that many don't necessarily want to be dealing with and filtering out a broad hub of online activity. More and more people want alternative outlets to hold discussion on a particular area of interest, rather than lump it all forcibly in one place. This is where the niche factor comes into play in this fairly new era. If there has been a prevalent thing about forums it is that they've always have appealed to a niche audience, going back to when many online communities evolved from BBS' and AOL groups and the like. Now is the time for current forums and those considering entering the business (yes, take my word, it's very much a business in itself) to capitalize on that. My opinion is that when done right a forum can accomplish much more and excel far past the mainstream sites. Now in regard the Atlus message board no one can say for sure, but it's their prerogative to shut down, and I'm not one to question another webmasters decision.
  17. I've always had an affinity towards urban cultural in general, but more now especially after moving from an urban area to a suburban one. To an extent I'd say I do hold an interest for what would otherwise be considered urban decay. I've been in abandoned structures myself and at the risk of giving myself away let me just say they make radical canvases. Just to give you an insight of what captures my interest check out the LTV Squad. They have some awesome sets of industrial decay, tunnels (or as I refer to them urban catacombs), and other miscellaneous graffiti. *DISCLAIMER. Not affiliated with hipsters.
  18. I applaud the efforts made by Debenhams to reform mass advertising. It goes to show that people don't need to make altercations to themselves (photoshop or otherwise) to look great.
  19. Truly my thoughts go out to the neighboring residents, but quite honestly this is just a result of industrial sprawl than anything else. The San Gabriel Valley which encompasses the city of Irwindale, California has always been primarily residential, though it is only in recent years that it's also become a commercial hub for eastern Los Angeles County. One begs to ask the question whether the city should take any responsibility for allowing commercial zoning near existing residences. Either way for the interests of everyone involved it'd be great if there was a solution that would be feasible to implement at this time.
  20. I'd just take the merchandise and bounce. Seems like the bastard will be waiting for his claim to go through, and for what, £20 at best? Dude will be lucky if he even sees £5 out of that.
  21. I hate to be a killjoy but... Not to bring you down, but there isn't much of a damn chance in the near future. Unless this can be applied on a larger and much more diverse scale it'll be a while before this is used in wide scale applications. We all know there will be little to no mass subsidies, all the while money is being poured into other non renewable resources. Read above.
  22. Radical event, and for a great cause. This truly made my night.
  23. Bitching! Throw in a can of St. Ides or King Cobra and I'm good to go!
  24. Damn, what a trip. Used to have this on my Motorola Razr back when I was nine or so. Suffice to say that it was nothing more of short term entertainment (such as while waiting on a bus or while on lunch hour). Nonetheless, as someone who went from a Nokia 6110 to a Motorola Razr it was a whole other world. Back to the topic at hand. The port by today's standards was fucking awful in all ways imaginable. Whether in reference to controls, sound, etc. (all of which were hindered greatly by the limited capabilities of most mobile devices at the time) it was bad (once again, short term entertainment). To me it has that nostalgic (if you could call it that) appeal of being a predecessor of sorts for the mobile ports and games as we know today, though other than that I regard this port as being nothing short of a poor attempt of a successful mobile game. Many thanks for the throwback Speedster.
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