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    Turbo the Punk got a reaction from Diz in Cex store opens heart to man who got scammed on eBay   
    All opinions aside this is clearly free advertisement for CEX.
    Quite honestly it cracks me up to see such strong responses over the actions of both parties.
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    Turbo the Punk got a reaction from The KKM in If Boom becomes a critical success could it impact the current direction of SEGASonic?   
    I knew my post would be the subject of debate eventually. Didn't realized it'd be this soon.
    I fail to recognize a need to cite anything I've said. While the amount of talent or skill that the aforementioned individuals possess is up for debate I can without a doubt say that Sonic Team have been pivotal and key in regard to maintaining a direction that has for the most part remained concise and true to the origins of the series. This especially holds true as of late.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Jix Hedgehog in Sonic Boom 2014 "I wanna be apart of it, New York! New York!"   
    I've got a $45 hotel room in lower Manhattan.. Now it's just a matter of getting a plane ticket for under $400 and hoping I'm not charged extra for cos-play carry on

    After living in the US for close to 9 years, I'll (hopefully) finally get to see NY
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Scar in How Do You Like Your Hedgehog?   
    The franchise needs to be unified.
    Fuck what this group of people have to say, fuck what that group of people have to say. Fuck what anybody has to say. Find an appropriate direction for the franchise. Test the fuck out of it. Stick to it, and develop it. Reduce frequency of mainline games, to avoid over-saturation. Diversify into different genres in order to fill the gaps.
    There are too many different versions of Sonic.
    This isn't to say there shouldn't be diversity. By all accounts, have different, varying level designs and aesthetics. Of course all should have a basic overarching "look" that needs to be stuck to, but go wild. Futuristic cities among normal ones, among mystical caves and ruins.
    Story? Decide whether you want one, or you don't. None of this half-assed bullshit. If you want a story, then make sure its a good one. Don't be scared of ignorant fuckheads who think that "Sonic can't have a story". They are wrong. Anything can have a story as long as its not some lazily hashed together excuse of a plotline. If they want to have stories, they need to make sure that story conceptualisation and game conceptualisation start at the same time, and are developed TOGETHER. Don't come up with a bunch of levels, and then try to stick them together with duct tape and call it a story. Entire development procedure must change to accommodate it.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to turbojet in LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling linked to racist comments.   
    Go to 4:20
    Years ago, Bomani Jones wrote an article about Donald Sterling's housing discrimination and how he saw black people as "vermin" and Mexicans as "drunks" also how he did not want people living there. I remember reading that article in high school(I was in my afro-centric phase). I recall that no one cared then. The NBA did not do anything about having an owner of the team fucking over African Americans in LA. They did not give a shit about real structural racism, but when it was as comical as this shit, now people give a fuck. Yeah..no. And how he got those rewards were in due part because of those two law suits. He gave the NAACP money so discredit the charge that he is a fucking racist and the NAACP being a joke as they are, oblige and gave him the award. 
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Dark Qiviut in LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling linked to racist comments.   
    Big news! Donald Sterling is fined the maximum of $2.5 million and banned for life!
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Rusty Spy in Sonic the Hedgehog: how fans have subverted a fallen mascot   
    The only reassuring thing is that at least the comments section on the articles page seem to also think the author is off her rocker.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to SenEDDtor Missile in Sonic the Hedgehog: how fans have subverted a fallen mascot   
    Easy ratings. Sonic is the gaming world's punching bag.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Gabz Girl in Cutest Sonic Moments?   
    OMG this is so adorable and yet so wrong! Shadow should do this expression more often in the games. X3
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Wraith in Cutest Sonic Moments?   
    Back when Sonamy was cute and not borderline annoying.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Soniman in Cutest Sonic Moments?   
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Big Panda in Sonic moments that you found haunting?   
    Sonic can be deep sometimes. But there are times where it gets deep enough that it just sends a chill down your back, and makes you feel...something.

    For me, two of those big moments where in Sonic Adventure 2.

    The first: you know those trailers that play after completing a story? And when you've completed both you get a trailer for the last story. The two trailers for the main hero and dark stories get you hyped for beating the next story, accompanied by cool music and narration. But after beating the second story, you get this...


    As if the depressing music wasn't enough, you get echoey character quotes playing over eachother some of which are pretty morbid (An uncharacteristically softer sounding Rouge(?) saying "The end of everything..." gets me the most). When I played the game as a 10-year-old, I pretty went into the last story crapping myself, because the trailer told me "this is where shit gets real".

    And the second: the ending. Or more specifically, everything that plays from as soon as you beat the Final Hazard right to the very end of the credits.

    Sonic and Shadow make their last ditch effort to stop the Ark, with the most dramatically tense music, they succeed and the music quickly gets softer again as Shadow falls, the people of Earth celebrate their rescue, blissfully unaware of the sacrifice that had just been made.

    Back on the Ark, Sonic returns, and "that" music plays (you know the one), and the credits start rolling over the scene. The fact that they succeeded in stopping the Ark never even comes up, because Shadow paid the ultimate price, and the characters sombrely reflect on everything that's happened, including a much more civiler than usual Eggman. The music shifts slightly as Sonic brushes it off, taking a slightly more uplifting turn, albeit short-lived. Everyone leaves, Sonic says one last goodbye to Shadow, and we're left with a scene of the Ark floating through space, eventually disappearing under the horizon, just as Live & Learn kicks back in one final time, the screen finally turns to black as the credits finish rolling.

    But that's not all yet, oh no, the game leaves you with that final message, "rest easy heroes", and that final shot of Shadow being reflected on the Earth.

    It was perfect from start to finish.

    So...what are your "haunting" Sonic moments?
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Linkabel in Sonic The Adhog   
    Talking about the Dreamcast, I found some cool stuff on Ebay. But first, let's take a trip back in time when Sega was preparing to launch the Dreamcast in the USA:
    The reason why I highlighted the Alcone Marketing group part is because of this:

    More photos here and auctions here. How cool are those?! Apparently they were supposed to launch in December 98, but didn't. Or maybe they did, but I never seem them anywhere and I really don't remember seeing them when I was younger.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to turbojet in The Boondocks   
    So last week there was this bumper on Adult Swim about a Boondocks Season 4 and it is set to debut on April 21 of this year. I'm like

    Man, what the hell took so fucking long. If you don't know what Boondocks is, then watch Seasons 1-3 of it. It brings moments like this.
    Look, 2014 has been the year for me. I'm just saying. Shit has gone nothing but right for me after that shitty ass 2013. I am so getting white girl wasted. I'm so happy.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Dark Qiviut in Memorable Moments with Sonic   
    It was 1999.
    Several months passed since i last played a Sonic game. I didn't want to play a Sonic game and didn't care. I wasn't interested in Sonic, period, other than the fond memories I had watching Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and SatAM every morning in the early-1990s. Once Sonic R and Sonic Jam were released in 1997, there was no more Sonic news. 1998 came and went with nothing Sonic, and most of 1999 passed with no updates. Slowly but surely, I was getting close to done with the series.
    Then, I passed my GameStop and saw this intro:

    Sonic Team's logo flashed.
    "Sonic Adventure" showed up on the screen.
    Chaos and adrenaline filled the television screen.
    Sonic was back, and I was interested in Sonic again.
    To this day, if I didn't see the intro of Sonic Adventure, I wouldn't be interested in the series today.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Xtremer Sadiqachu in YouTube and Google +   
    Ok, I REALLY need to post this here, because of how utterly ASININE it is.
    I temporarily disconnected my YouTube account, and when I went to go connect it back, It got an error sign. It said my Google+ account has been terminated.

    I went to Google+ to see what was up, and saw this.

    The reason I can't use YouTube is because they don't think my name is real. Which it isn't, but why the fuck should I have to put in my correct name? What if I don't want people to know my full name? They try to convince us to use this, and they give us THIS bullshit? Facebook doesn't fucking do this.
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    Turbo the Punk got a reaction from GuyWithThePie in Quiz about Sonic the Hedgehog game   
    You don't think anyone here is that stupid, do you?
    Rhetorical question warrants rhetorical answer.
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    Turbo the Punk got a reaction from Aoi in What music are you currently listening to?   
    Which reminds me to dig out my extended plays. For now, Bleach.
    Also, welcome to the latter half of the 80's, enjoy your stay dude.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Captain Fun in The Nelson Mandela Memorial Sign Language guy   
    Pretty sure he's just a birthday clown:

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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Sixth-Rate Soma in Family Guy   
    And with the magic of editing, my thoughts on the issue.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to buba in Family Guy   
    What where you people expeting? Killing off Brian would be the same as killing Bart from the Simpsons.
    They just did this to get some attention.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Kuzu in Family Guy   
    Well they accomplished it, and now this show can go back to fucking off and amounting to nothing.
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Chaos Incarnate in Vocal Themes   
    What do I love most about Sonic soundtracks? Is it the catchy stage themes that can stick in your head forever, orchestral songs , or the always-awesome Credits Medleys that feature several songs from the game fused together to make an awesome compilation? Ha, none of them compare when they stack up against Vocal themes!

    Whether they're made by (then) series staples Crush 40, or newcomers Cash Cash, I've always loved Vocal songs in the Sonic series. They add deeper meaning to the game or what they're describing, like how "It Doesn't Matter" is Sonic's POV and attitude on life. Fans generally love them too, but for some reason they've been put on the down-low starting with Unleashed, and now they're non-existent in Sonic: Lost World. Am I the only person that misses then? Heresy, I say! Bring them back! 
    There's so many damn good vocal songs, but I think I would have to say my favorite in Sonic musical history would have to be "It Doesn't Matter" by Tony Harnell (strictly speaking the Sonic Adventure version). The classic hard-rock focus really fits the character to a Tee, and the lyrics perfectly describer how Sonic will never give up the fight for justice and how he lives the lifestyle the way he wants. 
    In terms of least favorites... I think there's only a total of eight vocal songs I don't like: You're my Hero, My Sweet Passion, Fly in the Freedom, Follow Me, Almost Dead, Catch me if You Can(Sonic Riders version), Seven Rings in Hand(Steve Conte rendition) and Free (Original version). None of them appeal to my taste in music, and the vocals in all of them can really aggravate me.
    This is a place to discuss Vocal songs in the Sonic series in general: Favorites and least favorites, musicians you would like to see working on them, your general stance/opinion, etc. 
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    Turbo the Punk reacted to Ming Ming Hatsune in Cex store opens heart to man who got scammed on eBay   
    *sigh* Why can't we be happy that he got his money back instead of being angry and wishing he should keep the photo and nothing else. Or someone steals his console, really? And even if you are angry, I can't believe it's all on the dad instead of the seller!
    The seller did categorize the 'photo' in the wrong place and you are not suppose to do that at all. It's not allowed to incorrectly put your item in the wrong category and this seller did. The item's picture is also misleading. The price of the photo is ridiculous too which can mislead people in to thinking it's the real XONE.
    eBay should have even spotted this item before someone bought it but they didn't.
    The seller of the photo by the way has to refund eBay as eBay refunded the 19 year old dad. eBay may also ban the seller's account. This is a good move because I don't want scammers like that seller on eBay.
    Now this doesn't mean I am defending this 19 year old dad, but I'm certainly not going to explode because he got an XONE for free. Good for him, he took the risk and what a surprise the news hit worldwide including Facebook, that eBay have to quickly investigate.
    I'm for one happy that he got his moneyback because of the seller tried to scam people in the first place. Free XONE alongside? I don't know. But CEX wanted to give him it for free so what the hey. The seller did a very good favor to the 19 year old dad. If the seller wasn't trying to scam anyone in the first place, none of this would ever happen.
    He has a 4 year old son. That son will grow up with years to come. That son will play the XONE more and more, and it would be like a Father and Son get together on the console.
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    Turbo the Punk got a reaction from Noir in Cex store opens heart to man who got scammed on eBay   
    All opinions aside this is clearly free advertisement for CEX.
    Quite honestly it cracks me up to see such strong responses over the actions of both parties.
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