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  1. OMG, here's more! Yas!
  2. Here's some more pics on "Wabbit". Isn't this just so charming?
  3. This t-shirt is gonna be so bought! A bit of R.Crumb and we're there. *inappropriate image removed*
  4. Eh... What's Up, Doc? So this just showed up. Any opinions yet?
  5. ...and now they're on to dissecting Shadow at the moment.
  6. Is it Draw-Lover-Lala or Drawl-Over-Lala?

  7. So this has been created now. An SJW in the Furry community have created a black list of alleged rapists, racists and such. "Bad Fur Be Gone" is the name. Here's their twitter account. https://twitter.com/badfurbgone
  8. That's the Sonic I know and love. Anyone really tired of the term "bro" now? Use it ironically or bust!
  9. It's not easy being salty...

  10. Anyone got a Grindr account?

    1. KHCast


      Tinder>>>> grindr less assholes bro(and less guys just wanting sex)

    2. Victoes


      Yeah pretty much, Grindr's only good for memes anyways. :^P

  11. Remember when Calvin Harris used to be a dork?

  12. Nuff' Said! Love's not for me!