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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful! c:

  2. VGamer

    Rio 2

    Just saw the movie because I was curious. Eh. If you saw the first Rio and you're interested in seeing the sequel to that movie, then go ahead and see it, it's harmless. The story is cliché, but then again wasn't the first one like that? It manages to barely distinct itself between other movies with the same premise of the father wanting to please the grandfather, so it doesn't feel like it's the same all the time. Humor isn't that good though, didn't laugh too much except to one song really, and that's it. I will say though, I still love Nico and Pedro just as much as I did in the first movie, loved the relationship between those guys and their comedic style. That being said if you aren't interested, don't force yourself to go, it's not worth it.
  3. I read the last article as "Taxman Remakes Sonic 4" and was happy for a second.

  4. It'd be cool to see Shadow, Rouge and possibly even Omega act as the GUN agent trio of the show, constantly spying on the team, getting in their way, messing with them, seeing who can get to Eggman first, etc. I'd be super down for that, considering the tone of the show. Maybe even get the Chaotix in the mix and have the two "agencies" fight it out once or twice? Getting ahead of myself here. As for Gerald and Maria, I really don't know how I'd put them in the Boom universe just because of who they actually are. I mean, the designs may be different in Boom but the characters essentially come from the same place as the actual games (Team Sonic is still who they are at their core, just different dialogue and designs), so I don't know what they'd have to do in order to put them in, but I guess seeing them in one or two episodes and seeing how SEGA would fit them in would be nice. Maybe have them create not only Shadow, but all the other animal friends as well? That sounds cool.
  5. Can't stop replaying first part of Zelda DLC. Reminds me so much of Adventure levels...

  6. Can I just say, I wish the WHOLE game was like the first portion of the DLC? Not even remotely joking. I loved Lost World, but honestly, the levels were way too linear. It's just going straight, and the "multiple pathways" only required you to go left to right. This DLC (the part where you're outside anyways) outright PROVES that the current control scheme works really damn well with open levels (kinda like SA1). There's actual multiple paths, albeit to a lesser extent I guess, but still, they're there! The place felt really open to me first time playing it, and it's just SO much better than every level in Lost World, and that's coming from someone who really loved this game.
  7. Why don't we just wait until we actually see results? The only "hint" we have as to how well this game will sell is how well Lost World sold (which wasn't TOO bad), but honestly I'm seeing Boom get much more word of mouth around the internet already, so who knows? Maybe it'll sell better because of that, or because of the cartoon, only time can tell. Until then, I don't see the point of bringing SegaSammy's machine business, and completely irrelevant (in this situation) games into the mess.
  8. Why wouldn't they give us a 25th Anniversary game? We've had anniversary games for every 5 years (3D Blast, Adventure 2, '06, Generations), so why wouldn't we get a new one for the 30th? I agree with everything else you said though. I'd love a game on the scale of Unleashed, as opposed to Colors, Gens, and Lost World. Big story, great gameplay (albeit controversial in Unleashed's case), plenty of stages and post-game content, new and fun/big characters, and hopefully more than one playable character (no new Sonic transformations OR Wisps please, thank you). Amazing music and looks are a given of course, seeing as it's a SEGA/Sonic Team game. Oh, and PC port please, not console exclusive. Generations did it right.
  9. Oh god, I used to get nightmares of this boss as a kid just because of how difficult it was for me to beat back then. Now I can take him down easily, but he was SO annoying back then! I remember loving this game so much on PC, and I recently heard that it's actually on PSN, which means I have to get my hands on this gem. As a person who found the collectathon styles of SM64 and Banjo Kazooie really boring and repetitive, I always for some reason have loved this game. Maybe it's because I could relate to it after seeing the movie, or maybe just because the environments were more atmospheric to me, or whatever else, but this is by far my favorite of this type of game. I played this game somewhat recently in fact on my old disc, and in my opinion it still holds up. Thank you for a wonderful reminder of this golden childhood nugget
  10. We've already seen that's not the case though, so there's no reason to worry He can use speed ramps, run on water, home in on certain spots, and who knows what else? Even in Heroes he had the fastest speed, tornadoes, homing attacks, rocket accel, and probably something else I'm forgetting. Nobody else did, so what's with the worrying?
  11. This is actually a good point, maybe we'll get a Nega cameo in the alternate-dimension episode they've got planned? That'd be a nice reference.
  12. Omote, you're making this into a huge thing about SegaSammy, the franchise isn't profitable, and how you want Sonic to be sold to another company, when it's NOT that big and complicated. It's really clear that SLW sold this mediocre because it's on the Wii U. This isn't going to inspire Sega to sell off the franchise, it's still profitable. Unleashed? Colors? Generations? Racing Transformed? All sold well. This was an exception due to it being on a somewhat failing console. Please stop it with the talk about Sonic failing as a whole and all that, I get super tired whenever I have to see this anywhere without any solid proof to back it up.
  13. Idina's redeeming of the song after the Oscars:

  14. So after skipping Pokemon from Gen 3 to now, I found out to transfer all my Pokemon from Sapphire I need a DS and every game I missed on. Thanks.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Yep for now you are sol

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Well, how else could you possibly transfer from a GBA to a 3DS?

  15. Parkour was honestly really fun to use, even if the game didn't really tell you to that much. I felt it controlled amazing for their first try, and I'd love to see it return in more expansive and not-so-confined levels, like the tubular ones. There's so much potential to be reached with the Parkour the way I see it.
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