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  1. I read the last article as "Taxman Remakes Sonic 4" and was happy for a second.

  2. Can't stop replaying first part of Zelda DLC. Reminds me so much of Adventure levels...

  3. Can I just say, I wish the WHOLE game was like the first portion of the DLC? Not even remotely joking. I loved Lost World, but honestly, the levels were way too linear. It's just going straight, and the "multiple pathways" only required you to go left to right. This DLC (the part where you're outside anyways) outright PROVES that the current control scheme works really damn well with open levels (kinda like SA1). There's actual multiple paths, albeit to a lesser extent I guess, but still, they're there! The place felt really open to me first time playing it, and it's just SO much better than every level in Lost World, and that's coming from someone who really loved this game.
  4. Why don't we just wait until we actually see results? The only "hint" we have as to how well this game will sell is how well Lost World sold (which wasn't TOO bad), but honestly I'm seeing Boom get much more word of mouth around the internet already, so who knows? Maybe it'll sell better because of that, or because of the cartoon, only time can tell. Until then, I don't see the point of bringing SegaSammy's machine business, and completely irrelevant (in this situation) games into the mess.
  5. Why wouldn't they give us a 25th Anniversary game? We've had anniversary games for every 5 years (3D Blast, Adventure 2, '06, Generations), so why wouldn't we get a new one for the 30th? I agree with everything else you said though. I'd love a game on the scale of Unleashed, as opposed to Colors, Gens, and Lost World. Big story, great gameplay (albeit controversial in Unleashed's case), plenty of stages and post-game content, new and fun/big characters, and hopefully more than one playable character (no new Sonic transformations OR Wisps please, thank you). Amazing music and looks are a given of course, seeing as it's a SEGA/Sonic Team game. Oh, and PC port please, not console exclusive. Generations did it right.
  6. Oh god, I used to get nightmares of this boss as a kid just because of how difficult it was for me to beat back then. Now I can take him down easily, but he was SO annoying back then! I remember loving this game so much on PC, and I recently heard that it's actually on PSN, which means I have to get my hands on this gem. As a person who found the collectathon styles of SM64 and Banjo Kazooie really boring and repetitive, I always for some reason have loved this game. Maybe it's because I could relate to it after seeing the movie, or maybe just because the environments were more atmospheric to me, or whatever else, but this is by far my favorite of this type of game. I played this game somewhat recently in fact on my old disc, and in my opinion it still holds up. Thank you for a wonderful reminder of this golden childhood nugget
  7. We've already seen that's not the case though, so there's no reason to worry He can use speed ramps, run on water, home in on certain spots, and who knows what else? Even in Heroes he had the fastest speed, tornadoes, homing attacks, rocket accel, and probably something else I'm forgetting. Nobody else did, so what's with the worrying?
  8. This is actually a good point, maybe we'll get a Nega cameo in the alternate-dimension episode they've got planned? That'd be a nice reference.
  9. So after skipping Pokemon from Gen 3 to now, I found out to transfer all my Pokemon from Sapphire I need a DS and every game I missed on. Thanks.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Yep for now you are sol

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Well, how else could you possibly transfer from a GBA to a 3DS?

  10. Parkour was honestly really fun to use, even if the game didn't really tell you to that much. I felt it controlled amazing for their first try, and I'd love to see it return in more expansive and not-so-confined levels, like the tubular ones. There's so much potential to be reached with the Parkour the way I see it.
  11. I'll admit I phrased that part kind of poorly. A better way of saying what I meant is that if it's a character that I've completely lost interest in ever since 2005, what is my sudden motivation to start coming up with says to make him better? Now if he was showing up constantly in the games, then of course I'd be more motivated to do so, but seeing his current state (anti-Sonic by the side lines that's just "there"), I don't see a reason to get all into it seeing as I don't even care for Shadow in the first place. For Tails? Sure. Heck, even Amy and Knuckles? Sure! They're used consistently enough now for me to bother looking into areas for improvement in their characters, added to the fact that I actually care for them. Shadow was just disinteresting to me right from the start.
  12. I have thought of ways before, but what good does that do considering the amount of input Sonic Team/SEGA take in from fans? I personally would have liked him to stay dead after SA2, not because I didn't like him then, but because I thought it was better to give the story that nice and simple closure. I guess not though. Post-Black Arms/Maria games, I also would have liked to see Shadow become some form of a Wario or Bowser Jr. for the franchise, not necessary in character, but in the sense that he's just there for the sake of going up against you and making sure you fail. Sonic Team continued with the bland "Mopey & Loner" archetype which got the character literally no where. There are ways that Shadow could be fixed, but at this point I honestly just can't care for him anymore unless Sonic Team/SEGA/whoever makes these changes goes in a new direction with him. As of late, that hasn't happened. I'm by no means saying he should be fully scrapped and never show up again in the universe, I'm just saying that if he WERE to be announced for Boom (or any upcoming game), I really just wouldn't care about it. As for Boom specifically, I guess it'd be nice to see him ditch the annoying "loner, silent anti-hero" archetype, and go for a more normal approach with the character. Make him occasionally show actual emotions as opposed to that frown that never leaves his face. Make him interact with more than just Rouge, Omega, Eggman and Sonic, which really doesn't create interesting and new situations for the character. There's plenty of ideas that I could come up with, but when it's about a character I haven't cared about since 2005, why should I bother? Again, I'm not saying he should just be erased from continuity, I'm just saying I don't care for him anymore.
  13. Once that sign pops up I'll be worried, but at this point nothing at all has pointed towards Nintendo or Sega stopping support for the Wii U. Both are still making games for the consoles, and pretty good games in my honest opinion, so I'm pretty content.
  14. You say that as if I've been saying it frequently in most of my posts, which I don't believe I have but whatever. I'm not for the idea of just scrapping characters if they don't work. In that same post, I said I'd like to see them give Silver, of all characters, a second chance. The reason is because they haven't run the character into the ground, and they haven't ruined him so much . For three games straight, Shadow was just the same character that failed to interest me whatsoever. But like you mentioned, there's no Chaos Emeralds or anything like that this time, so I guess you're right there, but after 13 years of Shadow, I really don't care for the dude and I can't force myself to do it. IF he turned out to be interesting in Boom (assuming he's in it) then I'll be interested, but otherwise I just don't care for the character anymore. Even after the backstory BS was brought away from his character, he still didn't interest me, whether it be '06, Generations, or even Colors DS (although ironically that was my favorite interpretation of him). It's not like I wanted him to just be killed off after Shadow, but after all the time I've still disliked the character after that "Shadow Trilogy", I can't help but not care for the character anymore.
  15. A lot of people tell me that the Adventure games have the perfect tone of "not too serious, but serious enough", but I honestly think Unleashed was the game to get that tone perfect. Don't get me wrong, Adventure 1 and 2 did get it right, but I feel that Unleashed goes underappreciated in that regard. The Dark Gaia plotline felt threatening and serious enough to actually be seen as a big bad villain, but at the same time the writers got the good tone of a Sonic game with dialogue and whatnot.
  16. Does it matter as long as the game's good? I never got the huge consumer concern over a console's sales. Wii U has great games, why should I care this much if it's selling badly?
  17. I really don't want Retro to make a third DK game right after this one, it'd be the next "New Super Mario Bros." for me. I'd like to see them work on something else for a bit. It doesn't have to be Metroid specifically, but I wouldn't mind that either. When Retro DOES return with a DK game, I'd hope it's something 3D as opposed to another side-scroller. I would really like to see a 3D, modern Donkey Kong platformer.
  18. So the almost-immediate optimism that came out of Boom must be kinda awkward for Sonic Team, I'd imagine...

  19. As we saw in the trailer, Sonic has some sort of ability that will let him homing attack/air-dash at certain targets, and there's probably a lot more he can do. There's no need to worry about him being stale, because even if the other characters have more abilities than him, that doesn't mean they'll be better. People tend to prefer Sonic in the Adventure games, even though his friends have more abilities.
  20. I don't know where you heard that, but that's not true. The game was practically complete by E3, the only changes they made afterwards were minor ones like camera angle changes, red ring locations, and so on.
  21. I actually quite like them. I like Knuckles a lot more than the game-canon model, since I feel like his head was too big for his body in post-'06 games. I get that some people think the body is too big here, but I think it looks really good actually, proportion-wise. Amy and Tails look to similar for me to even differentiate from the originals, although I like that she's no longer wearing the same red costume. 'Dunno, it's nice to have a fresh of breath air here and there. Sonic though... I don't like Sonic in the concept art, and the in-game model just doesn't look right to me. They either made him too tall, or too slender, I can't really tell. The TV trailer looked great in my opinion, but the game model just looks really weird to me, I can't really put my finger on it... My only other complaint is the excessive amount of sports tape, but it's nothing terrible. Other than that though, I quite like the designs, and dare I say it, I wouldn't mind seeing them in the game-canon one day if SEGA decides to do such a thing.
  22. If anything, I hope that's the one thing Sonic Team retains from this whole thing. Knowing them, I don't think it will happen though.
  23. So.. I actually like the designs. More specifically, I like Knuckles' & Tails' designs (kinda prefer this Knuckles over the one in the games, minus the stupid sports tape). Amy is simply okay to me, but Sonic is just too slender, plus the scarf and those freaking eyes... Yeah, I really don't like how Sonic looks at all. The gameplay... I'm more excited for this gameplay than I've been for any Sonic game since Heroes honestly. Sonic is NOT the only playable character, open HUB's, levels, different gameplay styles per character. I find it way too ironic that THIS is what I've wanted in a Sonic game, but funny enough it's in a one-off that's a prequel for a TV show. I swear I'll laugh my ass off if this game is received better than Lost World, or even Colors. I like the direction of it so far, but that's really all I can say. Not much other than that to judge really, so I'll just wait for more info before over-hyping myself. EDIT - Also, I like that Sonic Team isn't doing this one. They've screwed up so many times in the past in my opinion, I think it's nice to see another team handle Sonic for a bit (even if it's not the main series). I don't see eye-to-eye with Sonic Team at all anymore in most cases (speed boosters everywhere, only Sonic playable, confined levels with no exploration, simple story, etc), so I'd like to actually see if this works out with Sonic Team not making really questionable design changes.
  24. Not really sure if I care that much for tomorrow's announcement whatever it is. After Lost World not being as epic as I thought it would be, I'm kinda indifferent to whatever's coming next :/

  25. I don't have to see what Knuckles or Amy look like exactly to judge what's been given to me now. I know that I dislike Knuckles' design, and same goes for Amy. I don't have to wait and see what they fully look like in detail to be able to think to myself "I don't like what they did with Knuckles right there". So what if it's just a silhouette, in this particular case it's enough to make appropriate judgements on. Sure fanbases don't like change, I don't know any fanbase that does take in change easily. That being said, there's such a thing as too much change. This might be a bit off-topic here, but how much change has Sonic gone through over the past years? It's been an inconsistent ride in my opinion, and the fact that this might leak into the games only adds to the disliking of this that we have. There's change, then there's just altering everything you know about characters (design-wise at least).
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