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  1. Hey folks. Was just curious what people from here studied in college. (If you didn't go to college you can comment what area you work in, what you would've liked to study, or what you "study" on your own.) I'll go first. Majored in psychology, minored in neuroscience and computer science.
  2. Thank you for your efforts! Haha. Music tends to stay pent up in my head. I also did listen to it a bunch. Are you big on gaming music?
  3. I am speechless. This is it. This is my song!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how much I've longed to hear it again and how long ago it was since I've last heard it. THANK YOU SO MUCH GALABANCE!!!! I've edited the original post with a soundcloud upload if anyone still wants to hear my slightly awkward piano version Used SoundCloud. Thanks
  4. Lol wow. I made this thread almost 3 years ago and hadn't checked back after a few days later. So cool to see how many people found it by curiously searching the net for a site that occupied a significant portion of their mid 2000's lives. I loved seeing those screenshots and that blue background. Might as well dump some members from my memory contents: Sonic/Sonikku Coal, Xnic - The "Supreme" Mods when I joined in May 2004. Their names were in neon green. Cake - a supreme mod at a point I think? ChimpoMcCrazyPants - regular mod (orange color) Spirit - mod GreatFox/Flint - mod.. upgraded to supreme mod at a point? I'm not sure. Very nice though Pinkyfreak Temper Fang Violet the Echidna - great artist ShadeSpawnofShadow - still remember her calling Sonic "Addy" XD "Sonic the Hedgehog" - @Spider-Man I remember your ask Sonic topic! Lol. Good job Knuckles.The.Echidna Roarey Raccoon - provided the passageway to SSMB. I remember calling it SSBM and someone laughed at me and said, um unless you meant Super Smash Bros Melee it's SSMB. Minty CoolForever - @wolf4537 hi! FusionHype TehIcey - we were good PM buddies sonow Chris Arrow_Porcupine Mr. M__e - had russian letters that I'm not able to type Legato Bluesummers - catchy name, just read it above and definitely remember it somehow. Our brains are amazing. Ottomana The Fox Brian The Goldfish And definitely more that aren't coming to me now. Hopefully I'll come back Hope everyone's doing well. Thanks for making my preteen life on the internet what it was
  5. Hi there. I was a member of the Sonic Zone Forum back in 2004. It's been a long while ago but I can't forget about the strong community there. I remember going on that site everyday. I remember the mods and several members. I remember many long lasting topics like Word Association, Caption the Avatar above you, Ask Knuckles The Echidna (and other characters) and many many more. My username was Popcicle7 at first, then I managed to save up 500 rings (remember those?) to change it to the way cooler Blitz. I'm a very nostalgic person, and although it's been so long since I've been part of a Sonic forum, I value things from my past so much, and it gives me so much joy to reminisce with people who were a part of the same things. I remember SSMB being mentioned on there a lot, and I'm glad to know that at least this website is still around. I hope I can find a few people to reminisce with.
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