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  1. Okay, I came up with a name I hope fits the format, so how's.. Aerial Assault! All or Nothing! ...for Flying Battery Zone
  2. Artist title is "dJ~noeko (ft. Samplingmasters J/K)" (Has to be that way because of the people that helped me work on it). I'll ponder on the song title a bit, I'll come up with something!
  3. Hit up my soundcloud and you can't POSSIBLY miss it. <3
  4. A friend of mine (dj EAR) directed me here after I showed him a track of mine. I'd like to submit it, even though I'm not big in the Sonic community anymore (Though I used to moderate SFGHQ, that goes waaaaaay back.) And I'd really like to give something back to the Sonic community in general that was such a big part of my life for so long. Hopefully you guys like the track, you can find it on the internet if you look hard enough.
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