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  1. So I have gone back and started from the beginning...I literally started with issue 0 and now I am on issue 31. I'm about to start Chaotix and SS vs HK Super Specials. I plan to go through the whole series now, so I can see if it actually holds up/is as good as I remember in certain parts. We shall see... either way I am excited.
  2. I can't wait to start this. I just ordered this month's issue and subscribed to a place who will send you an issue every month it comes out. I am excited!
  3. So I decided to sign up for G Mart Comics. They will ship comics for you every month in subscription style (They charge you every month separately for a new issue). I will see how this works. Right in time for issue #25 too!
  4. Sorry for the double post, but I love this thread. This song is a gem. The Guitar rift in the middle is a thing of beauty. Enjoy.
  5. Jun Senoue is a living legend.
  6. I know this is old, but I have some updates on a new Floating Island I worked on. Hopefully you guys like it. I will post them soon!
  7. Powerstone 2....So underrated. So amazing.
  8. Playing WoW again...

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I had no idea that was still in existence XD

    2. KHCast


      Wow you’re playing wow again wow

  9. I am a fan my friend! I have always loved the idea of combining Sonic music and rap. Would love to see more.
  10. GOAT

    Jurassic Park

    Just read the book this winter. Phenomenal writing by Chrichton as expected. I couldn't get enough and read Lost World right after. The movies are some of my favorites ever. I'd say the first one is my all time favorite movie ever in fact. Pumped for the new one. It looks like the horror level is up again, and it kind of has a Lost World feel to it. Which is perfect. If anyone wants awesome JP info check out Klayon Fiorti on youtube. The videos he puts out are excellent. Theories, predictions, he talks about the trailers and delves into the lore. Even the obscure stuff like comics and toys. I think I saw new JP comics coming out also? Not sure if that is true though.
  11. Pumped for a fresh start. Going to pick up a copy tomorrow.
  12. @Jovahexeon Omega-Sapphire No question. Truly a pipe dream
  13. Truly a shame it hasn't been ported to PC yet...
  14. Asking for a friend... Seriously though, is this game only playable on the console?
  15. Obviously Sonic 06 was different. What I am saying is. I wish they made a game that had all three playable with similar gameplay. That would be sweet.
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