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    Drawing, Sonic, Vocaloid, Anime, Manga, INUYASHA!!!!

    Supporter of all Sonic Couples!

    GaiaOnline Name: Julie-SueEchidna
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  1. who has a tumblr?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I do but I don't fucking use it.

    2. Lady Soniko
  2. When people go around bashing a couple or a character to death. People going around bashing Modern Sonic and worshipping Classic Sonic. Don't get me wrong, though, I don't hate Classic Sonic. But I discovered Sonic through the Modern Sonic. You got a point there XD I see I am not the only person annoyed by this!
  3. Who is not a fan of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic?

    1. Solkia


      Everybody, now it seems since twighight became pricess of some shit.

      I don't know anymore

    2. Burnt Ash

      Burnt Ash

      Never watched it

    3. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Never seen it. Don't plan on starting now

    4. Alexander


      people with good taste. *goes back to watching godzilla*

    5. Space☆Tomoki


      It was barely worth watching for the first two seasons, then season 3 pretty much killed my interest in the series.

    6. Chooch


      I'm not. It doesn't appeal to me.

      The show is clearly intended for prepubescent little girls.

    7. Wolfy


      Hugh Jackman

    8. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      I've only been watching spoofs, because some of the people I'm subbed to on youtube are bronies.

    9. ShadMaria


      Whew! Thank you guys for having good sense!

  4. Mmmm..well I really love the Sonic and the Black Knight OST (especially knight of the wind acoustic version)!
  5. Sonic is everything to me! I am super obsessed, like one of those over the top obsessed nerdy fans!!!!! The whole Sonic world that was created by the games,comics, and tv show (talkin about sonic x), I LOVE! I love the characters, how each one has a whole different backstory. At the end of the day, or whenever I am really down or tired, I pop in a Sonic game (currently obsessed with sonic colors) or listen to some soundtracks (currently obsessed with Sonic and the Black Knight OST). Every part of this franchise is part of my life and makes me really happy! Thank you Sega!!!!
  6. Holy cow thank you so much for stating this!!! I agree all the way! I loved the intricate storyline and I did like Elise!
  7. I know it's such a shame!!! I (like most ppl) got my sonic soundtracks off of there! Oh well, time to move on to BlackBlur...
  8. It started when my friend showed me a game website called FreeWebArcade. On there, I found a game called Super Smash Flash and I really enjoyed playing as Sonic. Then, I found Sonic X and watched an episode (Dam Scam <----english dub) and became crazy about Sonic and tred to learn everything about him! STILL OBSESSED TODAY!!!!
  9. Hello!

    1. Ferno


      one of us

      one of us

    2. Frogging101
    3. Aero


      Welcome to SSMB! Where weirdness currently ensues...

    4. Wraith


      well this is awkward

    5. The drunkard from space!
    6. ---
    7. Yoko/葉子


      Konnichiwa ShadMaria-san.

    8. Kiah


      Hi there! Welcome to the SSMB! : )

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