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  1. Hi all, I've read this topic...hilarious!!! this is my mystery request. For five years now, me and my bro kept searching the net for this old cartoon we used to watch when we were kids. I believe the cartoon is of east European origin made in the late 80's probably, maybe Russian?, Romanian?, Polish ? I really don't know, but what I know is I wasted hours, days, weeks, months, years trying to find at least the name of this animated cartoon, but I failed. There were 2 main characters in the cartoon, a blue furry creature and an old long white bearded man who lived in the desert, in a cave like place. This cartoon didn't make much sense, the blue creature used to pull out stuff from inside his belly, and did some rude gestures to the viewer making noises like (balak balak balak), in one of the episodes the desert gets flooded, it was totally RANDOM and POINTLESS but it was funny as hell. There were no conversations in this cartoon. So yesterday I've finally decided to make a sketch of what I remember from it, with my friends' help. Please, if you recognize this cartoon or have any information about it or its creators, please let me know because I am reeeaaaally reeeaaally tired of searching for it. I made a sketch , here it is !!!
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