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  1. Not trying to backseat mod, but you should probably put the part of your post about the secret unlockable in a spoiler tag, Xenos.
  2. ^ I pretty much agree with King Of Awesome. Some missions can be frustratingly hard on the A and S classes, and while this isn't a problem in itself (a nice challenge can be fun at times), I can see why people who simply want to play as X character wouldn't be too fond of it. I think Super Smash Bros. tackles this nicely, offering quicker, more traditional ways of unlocking characters, as well as the easier and simpler, but longer, "play versus mode enough times". Anyway, speaking of unlocks, I just unlocked the super secret character Also, going back a few pages, it was great hearing your vocal talents as Avatar, S0L. XD
  3. So after a few months of simply lurking, I'm back to complement Sega and Sumo on such a great game. Just picked it up today and am having a great time with it. The game overall just looks, feels, and sounds better than the original; the increased budget really shows (as well as all the love put into this game, obviously). Also, while I haven't posted much (or at all; can't even remember if I ever posted in this topic >_>) during development, it was great to see that shout-out to the Sonic Stadium Community in the credits (haven't beaten the game yet, but saw it on here). Congrats on a job well done, S0L (and everyone else at Sumo)!
  4. Nice. Loved playing the demo of this but never actually got the full game. Definitely gonna pick this up.
  5. You hear that guys? Not enough boosters! In all seriousness though, I find myself most agreeing with Barry and Solid SOAP in this topic. I personally enjoyed the game and I'm not really seeing where all these 5's and 6's are coming from. But to each their own I guess. :/
  6. More info on the villain meeting scene. So apparently Eggman mainly stays in the background during the scene. However, he does have at least one line (which he speaks in unison with the others) during the scene, which is "I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad." I guess that means this is most likely the news Mike Pollock was talking about (assuming Mike Pollock is voicing him).
  7. ^This. I like the series the way it is and would hate for Sega to go back and start messing with what is already established. It just seems too counter-productive for such a long running series, especially since the series is starting to be seen in a more positive light among the general gaming public again thanks to Colors and Generations. The rebooted form of the series ends up not being well received critically or commercially, Sonic fades into obscurity, and the series dies off? Since the series would be rebooted, many fans might lose the nostalgic connection they currently have towards it (which also means they won't be as tolerant with the series's shortcomings) and jump ship. Just look at Crash and Spyro.
  8. On the subject of James playing the modern games, he has played (and apparently liked) Sonic Rush: Also, more on the subject of the video, it's nice to see he has such a good opinion of the series.
  9. March is nearly over and still no Generations DLC. Why Sega? You gave 06 DLC, but not this (a game that is basically asking for it)?

    1. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      I suspect they've forgotten.

    2. Barry the Nomad

      Barry the Nomad

      Or they're busy with the layoffs.

    3. Solkia


      Or they don't give a shit because they already supposedly spent 3 years on it.

  10. Gamerguy21

    Rayman 3 HD

    I'm playing the PS3 version and the CGI cutscenes have audio for me. Granted, the sound seems pretty low on them (lower than the in-game audio), but they still have sound. Although is anyone noticing a choppy framerate in some of the boarding ares? The second disco area in particular sticks out in my mind as being very choppy in this port. I don't remember it being like that in the original. Dimps didn't have anything to do with Origins.
  11. From the way Kellie worded it, it seems like there's no Sonic alone mode as well, since she makes it seem like the co-op with Tails (CPU or human) is mandatory.
  12. Even though I usually played as Sonic in the classics, Tails not being playable by himself really is a big disappointment, especially since they were pushing "TAILS IS BACK!" so much. But meh, I'm not gonna let it ruin the game for me. I remember that I was also similarly disappointed when Diddy was confirmed to be co-op only in DKCR (even though Nintendo didn't tease about Diddy's "return"), but I got over it and still enjoyed the game. I'll probably do the same here (y'know, assuming the game turns out fun). Although, this does suck a bit more since Diddy never really did much to change the experience of the original games, but Tails did with his flying ability.
  13. Wow, that Sonic 4 Episode 2 trailer far exceeded my expectations. The gameplay looks better than I expected, we got much more than 4 seconds of gameplay, and it sounds like they actually used music from the game. Nice going, Sega.

    1. Gamerguy21


      And by gameplay, I mainly mean the whole Sonic+Tails team aspect. Haven't really seen enough solid gameplay to get a good grasp of how that is yet. The environments also look great in motion.

  14. 8.4 from GamingTrend: http://gamingtrend.com/game_reviews/sonic-generations-xbox-360-review/
  15. I'm not sure if you're trying to imply that the GBA games will be available to regular 3DS owners at a later date, but Nintendo already said that they won't be. Whereas they have been saying from the start that the NES games would eventually be available to all users, with the Ambassadors getting the games early and free.
  16. Wow, I'm really liking how Sonic 4 Episode 2 looks. They took that awful shading off Sonic and now have fully rendered 3D levels. Nice. Hope the team-gameplay between Sonic and Tails ends up being good.

  17. I don't understand all the Sonic Adventure 3 hate. Yeah, the series doesn't need it like some people claim, but if Sega made it and pulled it off well, I don't see why it would be a bad thing.

    1. Gamerguy21


      Also yes, I know that ERSB thing is fake.

    2. Gamerguy21
    3. sonfan1984


      We're not hating on SA3, it's just people like myself don't see it as the great holy savoir of the franchise and it will be instant GOTY like the Sonic Adventure fanboys hypes it up to be. It will only leads to a lot of disappointment

    4. Burnt Ash

      Burnt Ash

      Could be good.

    5. Rusty Spy
    6. sonfan1984


      It has to be better then good. SA fans has very very high expectations for an SA3 and it has to be exactly like how they imagined it

    7. Burnt Ash

      Burnt Ash

      Which probably won't happen.

    8. sonfan1984


      Yeah, that's why I'm in the middle. I want an SA3 but at the same time I don't want it cause I know it will probably create an huge mess like what Sonic 4 did with the classic fans.

  18. Ugh, I tend to stay away from people like this. I personally find his videos not to be funny anyways (it always comes off as if he's trying way too hard to be witty). The part of that blog post mostly annoys me* is when he acts like the game doesn't have a clear audience due to him acting like older fans who grew up with the series and have a ton of nostalgic attachment to it don't exist because he simply chooses not to pay attention them/us. This is especially shown in the way he somehow interpreted the general response to his video review to be "well, what were you expecting", which in reality it seemed to be much more along the lines of "Really? I played this game and liked/loved it". Well Yahtzee, just like how you block your ears and go "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" towards anyone who disagrees with your opinion, I will do the same to you. *Other than pretending Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing was a bad game and that it is a reason for Classic to not look foward to his future. Seriously, what? Not only is it a spin-off, but it was also a critically praised game.
  19. I'm pretty sure Sega DogTagz and VEDJ-F were talking about the Wii version. The 3DS version does indeed come out in February.
  20. Pac-Man being in this game is a pleasant surprise that makes me very pleased. Definetly gonna try to main him. As for Bad Box art Mega Man... Ha ha ha, wow Capcom. On one hand, seeing him in this game is hilarious. But other the other hand, I do kinda feel bad for all the Mega Man fans out there. I mean, this was obviously done as a troll move against them (which I can't help but find amusing), but having your favorite character (who was just denied a spot in Capcom's most recent fighting game and has recently had 2 games cancelled) replaced by a joke version of said character must really suck. At this point, I'm kinda glad I just casually played through Mega Man's games without ever really becoming a huge fan.
  21. I really don't see the problem. I'd be insanely bored with the cutscenes if the only thing that happened during them was watching the characters stand still while only moving their mouths. They're a bunch of cartoony, colorful characters; why should their movements be so limited? Although I will say that the animation in 06 did feel stiff. However, it has improved a lot since then.
  22. Online multiplayer? Most likely not, considering not even the console versions had that. Local multiplayer? I don't see why not. Both systems are multiplayer compatible, and it'd be pretty stupid to remove one of the main features from the game. Also, the Vita version will probably have slghtly smoother graphics.
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