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    Gamerguy21 got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Devil's Advocate: Sonic Unleashed is MUCH better then Sonic Adventure   
    ^ I agree with the three of you (JezMM, Solid SOAP, and Chooch)

    I remember when I first ran through Arid Sands Day, I tried to get through it while boosting as much as possible. I ended up getting my ass kicked, and after a few lives, didn't have many problems running through the level while using the boost sparingly. Now after a lot of practice, I can boost through that level (and most other Day levels) without even getting hit.
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    Gamerguy21 got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Was Generations Rushed?   
    Even if those CG scenes were just made for advertisements and not intended to be part of the story, I really wonder why Sega didn't just throw the full unedited clips into the game as extra unlockables (like the Sonic & Chip scenes in Unleashed). They would have made nice extras and we wouldn't have everyone here wondering what happened to them.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Shrek in The Beta Content Thread   
    Just like how certain things are like onions, games are a bit like movies in a way. Ideas get left out, things get cut from the production for various reasons, and others are just simply forgotten about. This is what our top imagineers call "Beta Content", or in other words, things that don't make it to the final video game. Depending on the game, there could be unused music, levels, graphics, characters, debug menus, and plenty of other treasures hidden away for our unpaid imagineers to dig up and tell us about. Beta content is interesting because it gives us a glimpse of the game's development cycle, as well as what could have been had it not been removed. Here's a list of particularly notable examples:
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
    Being the first 3D Zelda game, there were various design changes made before we got the final product. Like a teenager, plenty of growing pains were involved and some things were removed for the better, while other choices were fairly unpopular like the removal of the Triforce early on in development.

    It is believed the game originally was much lighter in tone, judging by the more colorful and stylized environments and enemies. Other curiosities also exist, like a different, less disturbing model of the Great Fairy and two unfinished dungeons. Several attempts have been made to recreate the original version, though few have been successful.

    Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
    Being one of the first games in development for the Wii, it's no surprise plenty of things didn't make the final cut. It's believed Mario originally controlled much more like his SM64 counterpart, as animations exist for both punching and tackling, most likely removed in favor of the spin attack. An early version of what is believed to be either the Observatory or the first level also exists, and it's fairly impressive to say the least.

    Other planets were cut very late in development or in some cases got a large makeover. Various areas in Good Egg Galaxy had slightly different early designs, and one section was cut entirely known as the "Home Planet". The reasons for it's removal are unknown, though it can be found in the majority of early trailers and demos.

    Have any beta content from your favorite games that you'd like to share? Post them here, or you could also post your opinions on other findings.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to JezMM in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)   
    Luigi vs Waluigi Mode
    Luigi Controls:
    Control Stick - Move
    A- Flashlight
    B- Examine/Use
    R- Vacuum
    L- Strafe
    X- Scan Room
    Waluigi Controls
    Control Stick- Waluigi Time
    A- Waluigi Time
    B- Waluigi Time
    X- Waluigi Time
    Y- Waluigi Time
    L- Waluigi TIme
    R- Waluigi Time
    Flick Touch Screen Upwards - Pelvic Thrust
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to speedfreak in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)   
    It should be FLUDD wearing a Poltergust 3000.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Barry the Nomad in Dexter's Laboratory   
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Detective Shadzter in DmC: a new Devil May Cry   
    I think you missed something.

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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Stritix in Scratch That, Shadow of a Hedgehog (SoaH) is now open once more!   
    It's not dead. At least hopefully not for long. As an administrator of the site, I contacted the owner this morning explaining my plans to revive SoaH City as a whole.
    I do have a complete back up of the site. If the owner is happy for the site to continue there should be no problems.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to LeBronFilms in Sonic Model - SA2HD Project   
    Hey all,
    I'm recreating parts of the Sonic Adventure 2 storyline in a cinematic format. I've had this idea for a while now. I've tried starting a few times. However, I eventually run out of motivation or can't find the time. But this time, I'm sticking to it.
    The Sonic Fan Film from Eddie Lebron inspired me to create a live-action short of my own. Eddie's work is evidently rushed due to him and Blue Core having to work to their deadline. However, all I will say is that this will be completed to in Summer 2013 (June-August) when I'm off university for a mass period of time. Until then, I will just dabble every now and then, doing various tests and tweak when I have the time. Then once I've completed all model refinements and I've built everything, I will begin animating it all. And let me point out, it's not as easy as you think. But I will hone my skills for the best outcome possible.
    Here's the model for Sonic so far (Watch on Youtube,embedded videos lag):

    (Subject to major changes)
    Notice the lightspeed shoes and bounce bracelet?  As soon as I finish Sonic's mouth and ensure he's posable without any visible issues, I will begin on Shadow. Then I'm leaving things such as environments until last.
    In terms of quality, I hope to surpass the Sonic Fan Film. Some of the elements in that short were great, others weren't so good. I hope to have all of mine 100%. Only time will tell.   
    Does anyone have ideas on which part(s) of the story I should focus on?
    Finally, for clarafication purposes, I'm not associated with Eddie Lebron at all. I'm simply another fan who has a variant of his surname. I'm Jordan Le Bron. [space and a capital B]
    Hope you all like it
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Doctor MK in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)   
    If that's the case, then does that make this artwork the Nintendo equivalent of Wallace & Gromit?

    Cracking stuff, Gromit! 
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to JezMM in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)   
    *crickets chirp*
    So uhh... anyway guys this game looks cool and stuff huh.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Ferno in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    The more I go back and watch it, the more ok it becomes, for what it is. I think it could've used an extra year or something to "cook" though, but it's not the worst thing ever.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Barry the Nomad in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    I didn't think I'd still be discussing this fan film, but what the hell.
    One of my major beefs with it, aside from the shoddy effects, acting, and silly cameos, was that despite being a "fan film" I really got the impression that the fans making this film were the types who loved the Genesis originals, ate up SatAM and the early Archie comics, played Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 back in the day and have since ignored the series.
    I mean we had Sonic 1 references (Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Buzzbomber, Motobug), SatAM/Archie references (Robotnik/Kintober, Mobius), Sonic Adventure references (Egg Carrier, Gee You En, the President), and an oddly interpreted Knuckles (as if they got all their information from attempting to make sense of the Sonic 3 cutscenes). 
    Not that there is anything wrong with these types of fans, some of my friends are at this level of knowledge when it comes to Sonic. But if they're going to take 2.5 years on a fan film, they could have at least given fans as a whole a much better cast of characters and plot that made sense rather than being a mish-mash of casual Sonic fan's interpretations of the series. 
    Just for shits and giggles, I've thrown together a much more cohesive setup that falls in line with the games and does less mashing together of old and new concepts. Sorry if this gets a little fanficcy, but I just wanted to see if I could try and cobble togehter a better narrative with the same elements found in the fan film:
    Empire City, Earth: The film opens with a news report on the acclaimed Dr. Robotnik, owner of robotics developer Eggman Industries. Robotnik has, with the assistance of the government, launched an expedition into the unexplored parts of the world. Show Robotnik shaking hands with G.U.N. officials, and show him casting off into the skies with his Egg Carrier towards parts unknown, being cheered by a crowd below.
    3 months later...
    Shots of landscapes, Sonic is seen zipping by. As Sonic runs and tricks through the forest (like the intro to Sonic CD) we get a narration from Sonic talking about how South Island, his home, was a serene and happy place until Eggman arrived. Sonic's friends began to disappear, and robots began to over take the island. Sonic vows to stop Eggman at all costs and free his friends. Sonic comes to the top of a mountain just as the Egg Carrier is passing by (we see the words "EGGMAN INDUSTRIES" across the side, giving the impression that Sonic assumes Robotnik is named Eggman because of what he read on the side of his ship). Sonic breaks in, meanwhile Robotnik is seen constructing a badnik next to cages filled with various animals. Sonic busts into the room in an attempt to stop Robotnik, but Robotnik calls on his E-1000 robots to contain Sonic. A little fight scene occurs, and as Sonic fights, Robotnik notes a strange power reading from within the ship. He says something like "Could it be? The hedgehog knows how to unlock the power of the emeralds?". Perhaps Robotnik is clued into this because the emeralds he has collected thus far are emitting a strange glow. 
    Robotnik freaks out, half giddy and half panicked, ordering the E-1000 robots to contain the hedgehog. Sonic is eventually contained in an electric field and Robotnik does a bit of monologuing, revealing that Sonic just may be the key to unlocking the secrets of the Chaos Emeralds, and that Robotnik will carry out further tests once they reach Station Square. Cut to the ship flying off over the ocean.
    2 months later...
    The Egg Carrier breaks through the clouds over what is identified as Station Square. People are shocked and delighted to see Robotnik returning, but soon enough an explosion rocks the ship and Sonic is seen falling from the sky into some nearby woods. Cut to inside the ship, Robotnik is a mess (as is his ship) and he gets on the video phone to contact the President. Robotnik speaks to the President, telling him he has much to share about what he learned in his expedition, but first thing first: a dangerous specimen broke free aboard the ship and attacked Robotnik. Robotnik pleas for G.U.N. units to track down and contain the creature. Cut to the forest, Sonic is looking around lost and confused, and is soon surrounded by G.U.N. soldiers (no kids, no faces, no stupid dialogue).
    Another action scene occurs, in which Sonic is trying to evade the soldiers, however he is avoiding hurting them. Robotnik, watching from a floating camera, proclaims that the soldiers are useless and sends out his own E-1000 robots, noting that he doesn't care if he reveals his true intentions to the military. With the hedgehog and the emeralds he won't have to hide his true goal anymore. E-1000 robots swarm the place, shooting at Sonic and the soldiers. One soldier, about to shoot Sonic, is hit in the shoulder and Sonic says that its probably best that they stop fighting amongst themselves and stop the robots. The soldier agrees and together they take down the robots. Sonic thanks the soldier, but the soldier keeps his gun aimed at Sonic, saying he still has to carry out his mission, but Sonic notes that things aren't exactly the way the soldier thinks. Sonic notes that Eggman attacked both of them, and that it seems Eggman is up to something. The soldier hesitates and Sonic runs off. Cut to Robotnik losing his shit, and ordering that the Egg Carrier retreats before G.U.N. officials learn that he attacked their own men. Fade to black.
    Fade in to show that it is morning in Station Square, a newscaster is reporting on Robotnik's return (and speedy retreat), and the mysterious blue creature that escaped the ship as it arrived. Cut to the G.U.N. Commander's office, the soldier from the forest who met Sonic is called into meet with the Commander. We hear a bit of the conversation before the scene ends, something like "Soldier, my secretary tells me you have some very important information regarding last night's events in the forest?" 
    Cut to Sonic looking out over Station Square (much like the intro to Sonic Adventure) ending the film with a narration about this strange new world he's in, and how Eggman plans to do just as much damage here as he did to Sonic's home, and Sonic makes mention of telling an old friend to follow after Eggman's ship in the event that Sonic didn't return. And then we see the Tornado break through the clouds and Sonic gives an unseen Tails a thumbs up.
    I mean, yeah it's not perfect, but right there I took all the elements of the fan film and made a much more cohesive story with a far more game-friendly plot. 
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Doctor MK in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    Most people don't have a problem with the actual effort that went into the film - as I've already stated in this topic, it's a damn lot better than any one of us could ever dream of pulling off, and Eddie Lebron should be commended for seeing such an ambitious project through to the end. Our problem is with the film itself on the basis of being a film. The design choices don't work, the plot is nowhere to be seen, and for a project that throws fan-service from every angle (be it the mish-mash of references to Kintobor/SatAM/SA1/G.U.N/Gamma/Green Hill, having Jaleel White as the voice, or the countless internet cameos), it manages to screw up the one thing that's most important in the series - Sonic himself. I admire the concept of taking a different angle with his design, but the execution really isn't that good at all. And as for Knuckles... again, you just don't do that in something which is meant to be a love letter of sorts to the series. It's seemingly always the case in remakes of old TV shows or cartoons that when you change the fundamentals of something so much that it's hardly recognisable, it takes away from what made the original so special in the first place. And this thing, even with all the nods to the various universes, just doesn't feel like Sonic in any way, shape, or form. It's not true to the source material and, despite appearing to exist in its own canon, seems confused by its identity.
    To put it simply: the fact that he managed to make this film in the first place is a worthy achievement. The fact that the quality of said product is poor, however, cannot be excused. The film was hyped up to be something special (or at least half-decent), and it fell horribly short of that expectation.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Solkia in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    I'll pass.
    No fucking shit I couldn't do better. I'm not an animator. But even an idiot like me could tell you that the animation was choppy and the writing had no effort put into it
    "It was fanmade" Yeah guess what was also fanmade:

    The psuedo-realistic direction he decided to take with the film was a stupid choice from the start, and even if it was a good choice, the film clearly wasn't ready.
    Did this guy set a deadline for himself or something?
    But I'll stay out of this from now on.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Shrek in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    Speaking of such, what on earth was Eddie Lebron doing, for over 2 whole years? I'd understand that if the film was full-length, but it's only 18 minutes long and the animation could be done in less than 5 months if you had an idea of what you were doing, especially since they used it so sparingly. It doesn't help much that the plot feels like it was written on a napkin and rushed out in one draft, so they couldn't have spent much time with planning. Furthermore, it probably wouldn't have taken any longer than a day to render the full movie, so what happened? Where did all that donation money go? You could recreate a large portion of this movie with no budget at all.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to BlazingTales in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    Oh hey, I think I finally get what they were going for with that mouth...

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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Barry the Nomad in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    I think I've figured out where I've seen "Bloobler" Sonic before:

    So THAT'S where Sydney Sonic went! Glad he found work.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Abominal SnowTaz in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    Yeah...fingers...really? It's like giving spider-man a mouth piece. You don't do it....
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Blue Blood in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    He's not supposed to be shown with fingers. You can debate all you like about how is hands are supposed to look, but his boxing gloves are pretty important.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    So yes, that.
    Now I know some people may accuse me of being some kind of Knuckles fanboy here... well I don't think I am but I do have something to ask...
    WHY!? HOW!?
    How do you mess up Knuckles that badly. Just a basic google image search would show you that's wrong. It just makes this look so lazy in so many ways. Sonic doesn't look like Sonic, Knuckles looks... well... you can see it there. With the exceptions of maybe one or two in archie/fleetway from artists who were freelance, has there ever been any depiction of Knuckles where he's... looked like that?
    Edit: Lol the image won't display on SSMB. Even SSMB doesn't want it!
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Alexander in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    "I'll tell you everything. How it got this way, and how I'm gonna make sure it goes back!"

    ... Oh, really now? I'm waiting, Sonic. Oh, wait. You only said that line for the trailer, didn't you...?
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    Oh hang on! Something else I forgot which shows just how bad this movie was.
    Anyone remember that really bad opening sequence? What did you see?
    You saw a giant ring and chaos emeralds fly out of it. They then take up formation and spin around and.... we never see them again!? What the fuck!? Why even have that scene in the movie if they're not going to be in it.
    Oh wait, ONE does return and Robotnik says 'That makes three, four mor to go'
    Wait what!? When did this happen? When did the emeralds appear in this movie other than the opening sequence? In fact pretend you know nothing about Sonic for a moment. Exactly what was the point of that emerald? Do you know what it does? Do you know why Robotnik is having... and orgasm(?) over it?
    None of that was ever explained, nor did any emeralds or rings appear in the movie. So what was the point of that opening title sequence? It doesn't introduce you to anything in the movie or any key plot devices like an opening title sequence should.
    Go look at ANY movie or tv show that has some kind of opening sequence, you'll find that good movies always have a reference to something important in the story. This one did not. It was a pointless throw away scene.
    It was just a 1-2 min sequence of bad CGI some people will think is amazing because they don't know better.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Nepenthe in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    This is... pretty bad on just a fundamental level of film-making. You guys can nitpick about "Bloobler" and "Mobius" and "Doug Walker" or whatever else, but I'm disappointed by it on just a technical and storytelling front alone.

    So okay, I'm eight minutes in. Robotnik's got some ships and he goes to invade South Island which is done in a fairly bloody fashion. Most Mobian animal life has been exterminated and the city has been completely refit for Robotnik's dictatorial needs. But this is never shown. No explosions, no damage, no real military resistance. The robots just land and look around- they never shoot a bullet- and hell, not even the unarmed people can be bothered to react in a manner befit of being completely conquered by robots and multiple Egg Carriers. 
    All of the action that should have been shown is relegated to convenient info-dumping news reports (especially that one confirming Robotnik succeeded, because it comes right the fuck out of nowhere), and I'm assuming at this point it's because it would've had to have been effects-laden and they didn't have the means to do that. After all, when the robots first land in the forest, leaves don't even kick up, so you bet your jimmies a robot invasion was off the table.
    And then there's one GUN soldier hanging around, but why? When was GUN called? Where are his teammates? Are they dead? If they are, why is he still alive? Are they not telling about Sonic and being offed as threatened by one of the robots? That wouldn't make any sense because he's completely surprised when Sonic shows up, so why didn't they just say no if that's the case? It's just a weird scene all around, and I'm not sure it's going to pay off later.

    This is just an annoying mess so far, but I feel obligated to watch it to keep in mind what not to do in the future.
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    Gamerguy21 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!   
    Here is why I think this movie is terrible, and I'm going to try and not go into the area of say if this was a big budget thing.
    Characters do not look like the characters. Sonic is a fucking hedgehog not a teddy bear, Not Sonic.

    It didn't have Sonic in it. Seriously count up the time Sonic is in the movie, it's what 16 min long and Sonic is in it for about 2 min.
    The internet cameos... This is bad casting in a nutshell, those guys have so much baggage and so little was done to disguise it was them you don't see them playing characters, you see the Angry Videogame Nerd and Nostalgia Critic. Get unknown actors to play these roles so it's more belivable, if you must have a cameo, limit it to one person.
    Little details were missing. Just tiny things that make you aware you're watching CGI. Like when the robots crash down to the ground... does any of the forest floor get disturbed? Nope. When the gun soldiers are running away, is there any sign of weapons fire even though we hear it? Nope. When the Motobugs are driving through the forest, it looks like they're floating over it, no shadow effects, no sign of the forest being disturbed.
    It felt that so much had been put into making the robots look good, the things that make them belivable were just lost.
    The acting that the GUN Soldier actors were really bad. Not to mention epically young for soldiers?
    Sonics voice actor is bad. Sorry, but he is, Sonic no longer sounds like that, his voice actors over the years sound totally different to Jahl White, at times it was cringe worthy when Sonic did speak.
    My goodness... Robotnik really likes those monologues.
    Who exactly is this supposed to be appealing to? We had shots and entire sequences that were more or less lifted from Sonic Adventure. We have Kintobor mentioned, Robotnik, Mobius. It's just a mess and doesn't flow well at all. Pick a universe and stick to it.
    Music, did any of it fit? Yes it was nice music, but did it fit what Sonic is? Did it even fit what SatAM was?
    Now anything else I say is probably going to be stepping into the area of 'big budget' or professional so I'd better not... However... don't forget that just because this was a fan made movie remember this. They asked and are still asking for donations to the movie. Some people actually paid money towards this and I've gotta say, a lot of really bad decisions were made and it shows, even for a fan made product.
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