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  1. Is it me or does Sonic look alot more vibrant? He seems to be a little lighter of a blue. And it doesn't seem that grimdark because of the bright colors used. I'm all for having a darker storyline, Unleashed did it well. Don't be surprised at Eggman destroying an entire city when he literally broke apart the entire planet before. 

    I'm honestly not THAT excited, and kind of weirded out by seeing Classic Sonic again (remember when they said Classic Sonic was a one time thing). Is this going to be another time anomaly story? If there were two giant Death Egg-esque robots i'm assuming both Modern and Classic Eggman are controlling them. I think what's going to separate it from being a Generations 2 though is it's going to have original levels and not retreads of the previous ones.

    I'm interested in this game, but this has to be the most baffling Sonic teaser we've ever gotten.

  2. You know, Fairly OddParents used to be one of my favorite Nick shows. Now it's been turned into...this. Why is the addition of a new character, a new MAIN character, necessary at this point? If changing the entire plot of your show is your way of keeping the show fresh, then you really need to rethink some things. And it's funny how they keep adding in characters when they've flanderized the hell out of the characters they already have.


    35 minutes ago, Applejack1973 said:

    Let's revive every 80s and 90s show.

    Well, every 90's Nickelodeon show wasn't good...*cough Rocket Power cough*

  3. 49 minutes ago, AdventChild said:

    Steven Blum or Bust.

    ...Well, either him or Patrick Warburton or Jon H. Benjamin.

    Ehh, I really don't want to imagine Pikachu with Patrick Warburton's voice. It wouldn't fit his character choice role voice acting ditzy muscular guys. 
    I don't know what voice actor they'd give him in the US though. I really didn't imagine him to have a deep voice. 

    I didn't see any gameplay in the trailer, but i'm curious to see what's gonna go down.

  4. http://www.animationmagazine.net/licensing/dreamworks-collars-felix-the-cat/



    The DreamWorks Animation juggernaut has rolled over another classic property, with head honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg announcing at Licensing Expo that the company has acquired the rights to Felix the Cat.

    “Felix really goes beyond evergreen status and rises to something even more uncommon, as he is a true icon,” Katzenberg told 
    . “We plan to make him one of the most desired fashion brands in the world.”

    Felix the Cat first appeared on the screen almost 100 years ago, in Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer’s silent short Feline Follies (1919). The mischievous mammal went on to star in a slew of shorts and series and became a pop culture icon. Katzenberg did not reveal any plans for a DWA Felix film, although the idea is likely. The studio released a CG adaptation of Mr. Peabody & Sherman earlier this year and recently announced feature plans for the Harvey Comics character Hot Stuff.

    Katzenberg also revealed more about the studio’s planned holiday season theme attraction DreamWorks’ DreamHouse, which will be a sort of Santa’s workshop populated with characters from DWA films and will pop up somewhere in the U.S. in time for Christmas 2014.

    As a fan of classic cartoons, I have to say I'm not so sure about this. I mean, I enjoyed Mr Peabody and Sherman, but it seems to me they just want to profit off of this old franchise for merchandise. What do you think?

  5. Favorite Ending

    Yoshi's Island


    Nothing too big, but I just thought it was a really heartwarming ending. Mario is finally reunited with Luigi and they both unite with their (unseen and unnamed) parents

    Bonus Day:

    I play video games to get away from real life. To escape from reality and become something more fun. That might be the reason why I dont enjoy games like The Sims and the like. So basically, I play video games to have fun.

  6. Favorite Overall Cast? Well Mario comes to mind when....wait? You don't mean cast that wears overalls? Oh. Then I guess I pick this:


    I love all of the Kirby characters. The world of Dreamland is so cartoony, cute and colorful. From the traitorous enemies Magolor and Marx to the mildly harmless Bronto Burt and Waddle Dee to the quick witted Animal Helpers, and even Gooey and Prince Fluff, those Player 2's, Kirby's cast is by far the best.

    pic by Zhelio

    And the Banjo Kazooie characters deserve a mention too!

    That's actually the Banjo Tooie cast but, eh it works

  7. D27 Favorite Developer

    Only 3 more days left, huh? Okay then let's do this!


    Except when making Sonic games...lol jk

    In all seriousness though, when Sonic Team made a non-Sonic game, it was really good. Take NiGHTS into Dreams, or Ristar, Chu Chu Rocket!, Puyo Pop, I think those games were really memorable....too bad they never really went anywhere except Puyo Pop and NiGHTS, which later spawned sequels.


    Yeah, yeah you've heard it once, you've heard it a bajillion times. Rareware isn't really on top now with such games as Kinect Sports and...Kinect Sports Rivals (except they did have Killer Instinct 2013). But back when I could barely even speak in complete sentences, Rareware made such games like Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, Goldeneye 007, and more. Sadly, most of the people who worked at Rare at that time no longer work for the company now. But the spirit of Rareware is not lost, for we have games like A Hat in Time, Lobodestroyo and Rusty Pup, two of said games have ex-Rare executives working on them

  8. Gee I am starting to get behind on this stuff, huh. Oh well

    Favorite Controller 


    Ps2, of course. It's comfortable and easy to control!

    Least Favorite Character

    I'm pretty sure you people will say Bubsy or someone else ,but let me lay down the true worst video game character


    It's good to want to be an environmentalist, but fuck Awesome Possum and his shitty game. He goes all throughout the level making shitty jokes and won't shut up. Bubsy had a similar problem, but unlike Bubsy, who only talks a couple of times, Awesome Possum talks EVERY FUCKING SECOND. Even when you go to the options and cut the voices off, he still talks. He desperately tries to be cool, when he's really fucking not.

    Favorite Console Generation

    6th/7th generation gaming is the one I grew up on. Good old PS2, Gamecube, GBA, DS and the like. It's certainly my favorite generation that will not be forgotten.

  9. D21 Favorite Unlockable

    How about the time I finally unlocked Wolf in Super Smash Bros Brawl? Sure he was a clone of Fox, but hey, I had finally unlocked all the characters!

    D22 Favorite Art Style


    Kirby's Epic Yarn- aka Kirby can't die so the game isn't a game and it sucks

    Most people don't enjoy the likes of Kirby's Epic Yarn because they say it's too easy, but I'm pretty sure the game was meant for younger kids, most likely to introduce video games to a younger audience, and that's fine. But there's one thing that's worth pointing out.



    Like, seriously, this is probably the most visually appealing Kirby game I've ever played. Everything is a fabric of some sorts, and it looks so good, especially for the Wii.

    Also a runner up is Yoshi's Island 


    D23 Favorite Song

    I'll bet the remixers are flipping out on this one. All of my favorite songs are VGM and It's really hard to choose between one, but I guess I'll pick something slightly obscure.

    Cool Spot was a game most people skipped over, but its one of my favorites. Not likely of seeing him again, unfortunately.

  10. D20, Favorite Side Character


    Toad from Super Mario

    And not just any Toad, the RED SPOTTED TOAD. The one from Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Galaxy/3D World as Captain Toad. I dont know why, but I love this little guy. He needs more credibility. His role has been REPLACED by Toadsworth in New Super Mario Bros and I didn't really like that. Also , am I the only one who doesn't get bothered by Toad telling the you the princess is in another castle? Like, seriously, does no one care about his safety either? 

  11. I've missed alot of days, huh? Oh well I'll keep it brief.

    D17: Best Combat

    How about one of my favorite fighting games of all time


    An Honorable Mention is Worms Reloaded, it's so hilarious and everyone should give it a try

    D18: Favorite Protagonist

    I'm sorry, but I can't ignore my feelings


    I love him, I love Sonic, I want to BE Sonic. He's just so fucking cool. 

    D19: Favorite Antagonist



    King Dedede is one of those villains that isn't really a villain, but just a general asshole. But how can you not love him? Maybe he isn't really an antagonist, I mean he tried to save Dreamland in Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland and he worked alongside Kirby in Return to Dreamland, but for a constant boss in the series, yeah he's an antagonist. I even like Dedede in other incarnations like Brawl in the Family and especially Right Back Atcha. Can't wait to play as him in Smash 4, either!

  12. Sad Moments in Gaming? Try any of the platforming RareWare Game Over Screens.


    It's one thing for a game to be brutally honest, "You failed, Game Over". It's another thing to show your hero failing at his whole quest. In Conker's Bad Fur Day, you get multiple different Game Overs depending on how you die, but in this one the Panther King successfully captures Conker and puts him under his table for balance. (The Live and Reloaded one shows him crying). In the Donkey Kong games, the 2 playable Kongs are shown captured by Kremlings. For me, the DKC3 is a bit more sad than the original, because it shows an opening door on a sad Kiddy Kong's face; who, might I remind you, is a baby. Banjo Kazooie's isn't as sad because of sexy Grunty Banjo & Kazooie aren't actually shown, but it still shows them failing at finding Tooty, and her turning ugly.

    They tried to replicate that feeling a bit with Tropical Freeze (showing the Kongs captured and frozen in Ice, but it's not really the same tragic feeling of failure from the original RareWare. After all, failure is a natural part of life, but you can't let it stop you.

  13. Most Disappointing Game, Now we're getting into the good stuff.

    Btw don't hate me for this



    When I was about 9, I wanted a Pokemon game on my new Nintendo DS. I was kind of at that phase where "if it has Pokemon on it, it was what I wanted."

    So I got excited to play Pokemon, because I was already familiar with it through the GBA games. But this one was different....There are no Pokeballs, there's this weird ropey-capture system. Circle the Pokemon a specified number of times, and you catch it. But you don't battle trainers with them, no no no, you use Pokemon to capture OTHER Pokemon. The Pokemon itself is essentially useless because all that's used in battle is the Pokemon's type, and that changes the type of cursor you use to circle the Pokemon. After you use them, they're free, except for your starter which sticks with you throughout your adventure. 

    It disappointed me as a kid simply because it wasn't like the Pokemon game I originally wanted, and looking back, that's kind of a petty reason to dislike something. Actually , looking back, it was a really creative game. But that wasn't the case when I was 9.

    Fun Fact- I actually completed that game's Pokedex without a link cable. 

  14. Fondest Next Gen Experience

    Sometimes I reminisce about a simpler time. Just playing Sonic Mega Collection--er I mean Crash Nitro Kart on this old guy


    PlayStation 2.

    Yes, most of my games were Sonic on the PS2 so bare with me here. Before PS2, I had a Game Boy Advance, so you could imagine my 8 year old childlike amazement from breaking away from 2D games and exploring a new 3D world. Games like Sonic Heroes, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Crash Nitro Kart, Backyard Wrestling, NBA Street, Shrek 2.....

    like I said it was a simpler time.

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