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  1. Sorry, no votes for Zoidberg :< I kinda reached my limit for stuff like that when I made that vote to name a new nebula (I think it was a nebula...) after Madoka. I chose Styx and Cerberus though. Why? Styx is an awesome band, and Cerberus is a pretty cool name, even if it's for a three headed dog. :3
  2. I've never really been happy about many announcements concerning religious things (moreso over personal issues, I guess you could call them), but this one seems different. I'm honestly glad (as you'd guess) that he's gone. With the things he's kept covered up, and the rights of people he's oppressed with religious power (or at least, in a majorety of cases, just plain discriminated against), I can't see a reason as to why his departure is a bad thing. Hopefully the next one is a bit better...
  3. For PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam, I'm MegaRevolution1. On the Wii U, it depends on the letter limit thing that I never understood, honestly. I may still be MegaRevolution1 there, but if it's too long, my name is MegaRev1. Haven't sent a friend request to anyone on there, nor have I accepted a friend request, so I'd be more than glad to approve.
  4. I joined a day or two or so ago, but either way, hello!~ I'm pretty bad at introducing myself, but uh, I like forums, anime, and video games. Though, being here with this userpic, I'm sure that could already be guessed in its entirety. Anyways, I'll try my best to be active and be an overall pretty cool person!
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