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  1. Sonic Origins has a Discord Server if you're interested: https://discord.gg/Np6MAgs 

  2. My comic issue is almost doooone. Then I can live again.

  3. Hi all, I kinda crawled into my animating abyss for a while. But! I have finished the trailer for this animation project just in time for the new comic hype train. If you're curious, you can take a peek at it: You can also follow the project on that same Youtube channel or on Tumblr or Twitter. Thanks! I'll have more content soonish. like storyboards and maybe some unused content.
  4. Geeze, it's been a while! D:

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      Welcome back.

  5. Geeze, it’s been a while. I forgot to update this. Anywho, I posted on the tail end of 2016 for some voice auditions for an animation project I was working on. I figured I would pop by and give some updates...hopefully bumping a beyond-dated thread isn't annoying. I figured it would be better than just continually making them. :B ( I’ve been updating the site and Tumblr pages regularly, tho. If you want some more stuff you can always poke them. Here's the Tumblr , Twitter or the Site.) First of all, the voice cast! I would rather not waste time listing names, so have a video to list them! (You can also sub to the Youtube channel there if you want. My Mic isn't quite up to snuff to make video updates.. though I'm working on it.) I’ve got a majority of the voices for the trailer and first episode. There’s still a few things I’m missing voice-wise. But hopefully I’ll have them by time they’re needed. Second of all, the animation! I’ve got most of the trailer finished. The trailer is a couple scenes and a good few comp sessions away from being done. On other social platforms, I’ve posted some screenshots, so you guys get some screenshots as well. As well as a snippet of actual animation. I can give you all some WIP shots if you want to see them, but they're not as pretty. I'll pop back in to announce a trailer release or just.. up and post the trailer here when it's finished. Whichever strikes me. After the trailer Is done and released, I can get back to the animatic and start animating that out. /wanders oooofffff.
  6. Last day to audition. Then I promise I can stop with all these annoying bumps. Lol
  7. 3 Days left to audition if you're interested! There's also a progress update on the Hydrocity Blog: http://hydrocity.zone/?p=328
  8. All right! A few more model sheets for ya: If you wanna follow, there is a Tumblr and Twitter as well: Sonicorigins.tumblr.com Twitter.com/sonicoriginsdev The site has also been updated to match. http://www.hydrocity.zone So yeah... waiting on the music guy to finish trailer music and so I can start doing cool stuffs... but have this in the meantime.
  9. 13 more days to send in an audition!
  10. I'll be honest, I know nothing about the specifics when it comes to sound. So I don't really have any specific qualifications for mics or audio. My only requirement is that I need to be able to hear people clearly and without noise. And, as mentioned in the ad, if the role calls for something specific in the line (distortion, leveling, adjusting the clipping levels, etc..) I don't have the equipment to do that. So I would like it if the person in that role could do that and I would just tip 'em a bit extra for the time and effort. Also, for those who like some visuals, I made these couple model sheets to give a glimpse into the quality I'm going for: I might tweak 'em a bit after a draw them a few hundred times, but I think for the most part these should work!
  11. Just a quick update. I've been working on the level layout and camera. I figured getting all the level worked out should be my next step. Today I did my first camera test. There's still things that need fixing, but hey, stuff moves.
  12. Not really...? I mean, years ago you didn't have the amount of demand in graphics and gameplay that we do now. The only way that it's cheaper now to make a game is if you're a smaller studio distributing through your own non-traditional channels. With studios that sell their games through traditional means (game stores with purchasable disc copies or are large studios), they still have to go through the same channels which means paying licensing and salaries. Granted, they do try and outsource some of these jobs to other countries to offset that cost but there are so many jobs that need done with these bigger games. With a game like Assassins Creed, take a look at the credits and see how many studios spanning the globe that they take to make one game. There is demand from these companies for better realism, better AI, bigger games and more missions/levels to get your moneys worth. Having more of these things means more staff which means more overhead and bigger cost. Generally Triple A Studios that have these bigger/more expensive games, which I think is where micro transactions are met with more frustration. In smaller games that are cheaper/less content, micro transactions are a way to build additional revenue or add some more content on later. It's not met with as much frustration on these types of games. Devs also have little say in what these Triple A games are going to do when considering Micro-Transactions. Those decisions fall on the project/company leadership and not the ones that are writing the code. So you might want to blame stock-holders or project managers on that one. In my own opinion, I think a game should hold up on its own without the need of extra transactions. Usually they do. Micro-transaction items are usually additions to games that aren't essential. It's when the game goes crazy with them and games the game impossible to complete without them that it starts becoming a problem.
  13. Ahhhhh. Sunday Night. ;_; Y u come so soon.

  14. If anything, I hope they meet their goal so they can keep their jobs. Though unless they get an uptick in the last few days it doesn't look promising.
  15. I think the core of the problem is that their way of putting characters in games generally seems to be putting them in as PLAYABLE characters, and not support characters. Sega should prooobably realize that just because they're in the game doesn't mean they need to be playable. With characters that have such varied abilities it doesn't work to make them all playable.. it would be a nightmare. They tried to do this in 06 on a grander scale, so the quality went down, I'm not for downsizing the number of characters in the games, but I think they need to be used better more strategically. Sega has to realize that not all the characters have to be used in gameplay and just exist for the sake of being support characters. Huge casts, though, tend to be more inherent to RPG games where you could actually go around and get to know the characters and talk to them--a slower paced game. So traditional fast-pace gameplay is more difficult to work with the multiple character scenario. This is why having large casts in say, comic books, works so much better. Because you can jump around and not have action going on all the time. But these are games; games are different. It would take a lot to balance the larger cast with action gameplay, but I think it could be done.
  16. Definitely looks like Way Forwards kinda art style. I'll have to give it a poke.
  17. When people say Sonic is dead because there are 3D games now or that Sega hasn't produced good game since like.. Sonic 3. Yeah, the games afterwards had their own share of problems but they had good things about them as well. :||||!
  18. Aaaand have a zone 2 map, complete with Boss concept. I wonder if minibosses should be a thing... The next update should either be more animations or an actual level screenshot.
  19. Launch parties build up excitement so that folks will buy their product, usually. It's more of a thing to build buzz about a game then to make them money directly.
  20. I'm just sitting here excited that there's a futuristic game set in Detroit where the city isn't depicted like a trashcan. LOL.
  21. Thanks, everyone. Smallish update, but I've added a few new animations and have some more art. I know the last one has been seen already, but I edited the animation to have more height to it compared to the last one.. Some of these are missing some frames and transitions, but hey! They're rough animations. I've also got a could of still art since I was practicing drawing characters on model for when these get cleaned up. (I need to practice Sally a lot.. /whine) And lastly.. I went through and drew a level map for the Wood Zone: Act 1. This has the approximate layout, ring placement, item placement, enemy placement, and pathway navigation. It's approximate but it gives me a good idea of what to place where. It'll come down to final testing whether I want to keep/add/take things away. The map IS huge, so you'll probably need to open it in a browser to be able to make it all out (If you're so inclined).
  22. Hmm. I don't have anything colored like in the preview yet. What I have onhand right now are just level layout charts and some very early proof-of-concept type things. This is part of what I had concepted for the first part of Zone 1. So there are three pathways, as usual, the high path, normal path, and an underground pathway. On the higher pathway, players can go through trees/fauna/etc and on the lower pathways it's much more emphasis on swinging around on vines. Or you could just boss right through it if you want. This is the image I've been trying to model from, except on a 2D sidescrolling scale instead of this perspective. Right where Sonic and Tails are in this image is approximately the starting point of the level. Of course, since there's no art spanning the entire Wood Zone I've taken lots of liberties. This was the first proof of concept that I did waaaay back when I was first starting to toy around with the sprites. It's not going to look much like this in final (I'm not fond of the colors here.) I wanted to get an idea for scaling and just see what it would look like. But since doing this I settled on another color palette and I'm going more for lighter colors/blues/greens with red/orange/purple accents ..and a lot less gray. (So in other words, a little more like the reference but with a lot more little bits of color.) I will be putting together some more concept art for it soon so that people can take a looksee.
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