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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful! c:


    1. Diogenes


      man if you're gonna throw a tantrum over that you might as well leave

    2. Badnik Mechanic
    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      *hits you with a squeaky hammer*

      Huh? Its not working!

    4. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      What you consider Serious we consider Dignified. I bid you good day sir *tips hat*

    5. ---


      No we need you and your awesome lyrical salvation

    6. Emmett L. Brown

      Emmett L. Brown

      I'm insulted that that insult was so non-insulting.

    7. buba


      No one will miss you.

    8. JamieDawg


      Don't worry, I know how you feel, hence why I didn't come here for about 2 years, mods around here are as sensitive as 15 year old girls and the comunity isn't far from it.

    9. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      ^ I disappeared for a few months too because of the mods. They seem to have calmed down a little recently

    10. Tara


      >Accuses community of being serious.

      >Posts masked-anger status to whine over how serious it is.


    11. Clouder


      They're trying to ban you? Good luck sir.

    12. Soniman
    13. Diogenes


      what we really need, guys, are users that whine and cry every time a mod does something they don't like. that'll surely make for a healthy and vibrant community

    14. JamieDawg


      ^Silly Toon Link! I'm not even talking.

    15. Sean


      I never threatened to ban you but if you're so fed up with this place then that's not exactly our problem.

  3. I hope you all enjoyed my SonicTeamTexas joke! Sorry to those who wanted SA3.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I don't think anyone here wants SA3.

    2. super saiyan weegee

      super saiyan weegee


      This was no joke.

      This is playing with people's hopes and dreams.

      Not mine of course, but other people's dreams.

    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Predictable but not entirely welcome.

    4. Diogenes


      jokes are supposed to be funny

    5. Abominal SnowTaz

      Abominal SnowTaz

      Not the best move for a new member I'd have to say...

  4. Reaction: The new Sonic game is a console sequel to Sonic Chronicles with online WoW elements.

  5. You all raise good points. I loved the Brotobugs though.
  6. I haven't played SA in ages, but wasn't the water like that in the 2004 PC port? If not, that's weird...
  7. Fair enough. What didn't you like about them?
  8. I also love how some shows frequently show characters talking from behind so they don't even have to animate a mouth! As for Sonic pet peeves, one minor thing is that Sonic doesn't even roll on the ground anymore, not including Sonic 4.
  9. (Bonus) Part 4: Digital Era Everyone remembers the 2D Sonic, We've played it so much we became chronic, Now it's time to bring back what we all knew, Make a physics engine that feels like super glue! Dimps, Dimps Dimps, Di-di Dimps! In Episode 1 there was no fun, Tails and Knuckles must have gone for a run, Work dat ass gotta homing attack those Bubbles, Stick to the walls and forget all your troubles! Dimps, Dimps Dimps, Di-di Dimps! It's the next iteration gotta improve, Tweak those physics don't wanna be rude, Metal Sonic's back what the f***?, Zoom through Oil Desert headbang to dying ducks! Dimps, Dimps Dimps, Di-di Dimps!
  10. Part 3: Modern Era Just when you thought things were goin swell, You get a bad case of development hell, Psychedelic hedgehog and inter-dimensional cat You serious this series 'bout a blue rat! Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah, Throw dat sky gem! Trying to fix this mess Sega gazed up at the moon, Boy that last release made us all look like buffoons, How bout we make Sonic go really really fast, Throw in some Werewolves we got ourselves a blast! Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah, Spam dat boost! Looking at these reviews people only liked half the game, We can all agree that Wolf was pretty lame, Let's throw in some aliens make them all feel the colors, Regain the rightful spot above those pesky plumber brothers! Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah, Launch dat laser!
  11. The Sonic Team Rap Part 1: Genesis Era This thing all started in 91, Back when the plumbers were #1, But one blue dude came to ruin their fun, His name is Sonic and dayum he can run! Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah, Rev dat Spin Dash! Scrolling through checkers was really dope, Nintendo thought it wouldn't last but Sega said nope, Developing a sequel would be a nice idea, Unlike a black hedgehog trying to avenge Maria! Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah, Rev dat Spin Dash! So along came a mutant fox ready to play, He may not be fast but he can fly away, The 2 trippy bros showed Nintendo how is goes, Get ready to roll be sure to tuck your nose! Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah, Rev dat Spin Dash! Just when they thought their success had peaked, Along came Knuckles dang he aint weak, Smashing through boulders like a meteor on crack, You can always count on him when Robotnik needs a whack! Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah, Rev dat Spin Dash!
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