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  1. Flame Lance

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I take it this is our San Diego Comic Con cover?
  2. T for toaster, baby! 

    1. SkyGTR


      I guess making Blaze toaster would be more logical)

    2. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      I'd buy that. Multiple, actually. xD

    3. SkyGTR


      I like your approach)

  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Oil Ocean Zone Sonic Rush Adventure - Pirates' Island Act 1&2 Mix Sonic CD - Sonic Boom (US Soundtrack) Sonic Advance 3 - Toy Kingdom Zone Classic Remix by Dr. Reverbnik
  4. squad

  5. I love Marine but hoping for her to be in this is a waste of time. I think a lot of people that do like her have given up on her returning, so Cream makes more sense with Silver and Blaze because she has more popularity and prominence in the series. With a barebones 15 character roster, it just doesn't make sense to put in a rare character like Marine over a mainstay like Cream. Though I doubt we will see either since SEGA and Sonic Team seem allergic to female representation lately. Amy and Rouge will probably be it. Sticks would've been epic for Team Rose, and far better than this Chao BS, but the game likely started development before SEGA was sure they were going to axe Boom, so I do wonder if she'll cross over to the modern verse going forward now that there's no other place to put Sticks. Sonic Channel sure seems to treat her like another member of the current cast, what with wallpapers every year as well as her own profile and comic. Only time will tell if she sees any appearances outside of spin-offs and throwaway mobile titles.
  6. Flame Lance

    How much content should be in a Sonic game?

    I think a lot of it depends on the price of the game. Mania was only $20 so I didn't expect tons of content, but for what it offered, it was well worth its price tag. Forces was twice that price and I didn't really spend much more time on it, and I've 100% completed both. Colors was actually full price back when it came out and was so short both in time taken to complete as well as post-game offerings that it wasn't remotely worth the money for me. I do think quality is more important than quantity overall, but even games of the highest quality get boring quickly if they are too short or don't offer enough variety. Balance between the two is key. Of the 3D titles, I honestly think Unleashed and the Adventure games accomplished this the best. I still return to those games today and enjoy completing them in full, except for Big's fishing.
  7. So Amy gets the super exciting addition of Big the Meme and... Four chao. Who needs real characters anyway? RIP hopes of Blaze or Cream. Expecting some Charmy-less Chaotix with Silver and obligatory Eggman with villains. What a bust.
  8. Flame Lance

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Oh. My. Gosh. That cover... It is GLORIOUS. Wow, I am sooo psyched to see Burning Blaze on the cover! Front and center with Sonic and Knuckles even! And oh, extreme gears? How cool. I wonder if we will see the Babylon Rogues before long? Nathalie's covers don't always reflect what's in the comic, so I don't want to get too excited but I also don't think it'd be fair for her to tease Burning Blaze, EX gears, and not to mention all of those characters! Please tell me we will get Cream and Cheese before long! And Gemerl too? Didn't expect to see him. Omega too. 😮 I am so pumped for this! The fact the Blaze is front and center with Sonic and Knuckles has me intrigued and I am hoping it's because there's something exciting in the works for her, like maybe she has an extra special reason for fighting. I mean, she does have a bit of a mysterious reason for being there at all, what with the Sol Emeralds dragging her to Sonic's world once again. I don't think Flynn would just shoehorn her in without planning something interesting to unfold. Or it could simply just be an epic cover that throws Blaze a bone for funsies. Who knows? I really want to see Whisper, however. I guess her lack of presence on the cover means they wanna keep her a mystery a little longer.
  9. Flame Lance

    Sonic Channel

    Here are the new Blaze wallpapers! Computer Wallpaper: Phone Wallpaper (link): http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/wallpaper_163_blaze_11_sp.png
  10. It's really a downer we're only getting 15 characters. I can understand wanting to maybe focus on just that amount in the story mode of course, but look at other kart games like Mario Kart and the sheer amount of options there. There's really no justifiable reason to not offer more characters in the other game modes, especially since you can mix and match whatever characters you want outside of story mode. To not go totally ham on the roster and give us some long overdue fanservice is just... sad. Because of the limited number of characters, I have to yet again stress about Blaze, my favorite, even being in the game. I want to think she'd be an easy lock just because she's popular and tends to be featured in spin-off games like this, but the team schtick has me worried that they're going to have absolutely no surprises and just pull a copypasta of the Heroes roster plus a villainous team containing Eggman, all the while leaving out fan faves like Blaze and Silver. And if Blaze and/or Silver do luck out and get in, then either Cream, Big, or some/all of the Chaotix are going to be drawing the short stick and get cut. That's what really stinks about all of this. Bottom line though, I just want Blaze if I can't have 'em all. Preferably on a team with Cream, please. Also, people all over are speculating about the Babylon Rogues, as they would fit in smoothly in a game like this. As much as I too would love to have them, I don't think they'll be in. On the last SEGA stream, someone asked Aaron if they were going to be playable, and while he didn't outright say no, it was pretty obvious he was about to say that he didn't think so, but recovered by saying he "doesn't know." In general, his reaction made it obvious they weren't in, which is a shame.
  11. I remember when I thought Tails sounded kinda annoying in Sonic Adventure 2's kart racing mode when he said, "Can't catch me!" I don't mind that line at all anymore.
  12. Flame Lance

    Thank You, Sonic Boom!

    I could be wrong, but I think Boom is indeed a goner. The merch has mostly vanished, there are no signs of new games, and the show got some crummy treatment during its second season. The social media doesn't express a peep regarding it, and with Mania Adventures pulling huge views and acclaim from the fandom, I would be shocked if SEGA were not planning on folding Sonic Boom's tent when they could more likely aim for a Mania Adventures style show. I'm willing to bet that Mania Adventures is a test for that. With the success of Sonic Mania in general, I would think SEGA would probably wish to bury Sonic Boom in favor of a classic inspired branch to the Sonic franchise. All signs seem to point to this. Speculation aside, a part of me is sad to see Boom end. While personally not my ideal depiction of what a Sonic game or show should be, I appreciated it for what it was. I enjoyed many of the episodes. There were so many funny and charming moments throughout the show. It was a nice lighthearted and simple show, but had very intelligent writing for the age demographic. It thankfully was never on the same level of "stupid crap" as wastes like Teen Titans Go. I think my most favorite aspect by far and easily the biggest takeaway of anything I'd like to see more of was Sticks. She's such a funny and cute character, and as a bit of a conspiracy theorist type myself, I appreciated the subject matter she touched upon and I love how the writers were able to give the character's ideals a fair amount of respect. Yes, she's crazy, but she's also very smart and honest about what she believes. I sincerely hope this great character won't vanish along with the show. She belongs in the main series in some capacity. Also, I greatly enjoyed Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. Being able to switch characters mid stage is something more Sonic games need. The game had the right level of challenge and was just plain fun all throughout. It was nice to get a game that really encouraged exploration. Thanks for the memories, Sonic Boom!
  13. Flame Lance

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No prob. I know how you feel because I went mad searching for the Tidewater variant and then it finally popped up on eBay. I'm currently hunting for the Dynamic Forces high grade variant of #1, so I check comics on eBay a lot. If I see that variant of issue 4 anywhere I'll try to let you know. It'll go fast I'm sure.
  14. Flame Lance

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Unfortunately, that SEGA shop variant is extremely rare. Only 400 of them exist, apparently, making it by far the hardest to find IDW Sonic comic next to the Tidewater Comicon #1 variant just based on all the searching I've done over time. You could try joining the IDW Sonic comic squad on Facebook and ask around there, or perhaps the Sonic Reddit. I wish I knew where to point you to, but I know firsthand how utterly crazy rare that variant is. Best wishes!
  15. 15 characters? That's pitiful. The previous ASR games both had over 30. Mario Kart 8 DX has over 40... Heck, even all of the Riders games offered more. Like, what on Earth is the reason for such a puny amount? Everything else looks and sounds decent at least, but that stingy roster makes no sense. I was expecting 20 characters on the low end but SEGA couldn't even cough that up. Keep aiming high, fellas. I want to believe 15 is just the starting roster and more are to be unlocked, plus there's always DLC, but I cannot hold high expectations seeing the $40 price tag again after what a low content chump of a game Forces was. Ah well, if I get Blaze I'll probably manage to enjoy it. The modes and graphics look and sound solid so far.

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