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  1. Ah, ok. Well, I believe I raced you again somewhat recently and lost to you again lol. Spring Cream is one of the scariest characters to me, because that Hedge Maze is terrifyingly unfair in terms of being able to dodge it, and it is insane how much the petal effect can slow you down. To be clear though, I understand why people use powerful characters like her. I would too, if I had one leveled up high enough. I'm still chugging away trying to get enough rings to upgrade my rares and super rares to maximum first. I just can't believe how expensive it is to upgrade special characters. I think Reaper Metal Sonic is even more annoying in the hands of the right player. If anyone needs a nerf, it's him. I like using regular Cream too, but I agree, her boost has been badly nerfed. She is still scary if she takes the lead early though. Some of these Cream players drop their Chao-nado right on top of item boxes and dash pads and it can be very hard to deal with on certain courses. I swear these people are like computers, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were bots. Yes, I too notice that anomaly with Spring Cream on the jungle maps. A similar problem occurs with Big's trap there. I honestly think it pretty unfair and punishing that they haven't fixed that.
  2. I'm pretty concerned about Sonic's future for one large reason here being the lack of output mixed with underwhelming quality. Sonic Forces was almost three years ago. The game took an alleged 4 years and yet was one of the most painfully mediocre Sonic products perhaps ever. Sonic Mania was also released in 2017 and saw DLC about a year later. Now we are left to wonder if we will be seeing more Mania style games. It's 2020 and we don't have even so much as a hint as to whether a Mania 2 is on the way or not. And the only games we've had since those two are the bargain-bin low budget Team Sonic Racing and the 2020 Olympics title. And well... mobile crap. This just seems awfully poor considering Crash Bandicoot had the smash hit N Sane trilogy in 2017, CTR Nitro Fueled in 2019 which performed FAR better than TSR, and is now about to see a huge sequel title in the way of Crash 4, which is coming out this year and will likely do extremely well, whereas Sonic has... nothing coming out this year. Not games anyway. I mean, am I missing something here? How is it that Sega is not properly competing with Crash? I suppose it is possible that they're putting all of their eggs into the 30th anniversary basket and we'll see multiple big titles next year, however I am pretty skeptical of this after being disappointed for so long. And I think I'm just worried that Sonic will only really see new games whenever there's an anniversary and not yearly like in the past. I know they promise taking their time and giving us quality, but these things have been said before, and not much has really improved. I'll eat my words if they prove me wrong on this, but I'd honestly settle for two or so mediocre games a year than wait years just for one mediocre title. I was a happier fan during the so-called "dark ages" because we at least got content on the regular even if not everything hit the mark. Now we wait ages just to get rubbish like Forces. This is honestly not what I would consider an improvement, but as I said before, I will gladly take back my words if next year ends up amazing.
  3. That tighten your belt mission is straight out of the pits of hell anyway. Having to basically throw away three matches just for some tiny sprinkle of cards just isn't worth it. I often throw that mission in the trash because it's so hard to get no more than 80 rings, and you usually have to hit some obstacles or lose on purpose to do it. I've noticed I also get the open 12 chests mission conveniently right after I've opened all the chests that I can and/or maxed out my daily victory chests. I hate that mission too since it's basically asking you to buy red rings or wait a whole day. On the topic of players being bots, I have noticed on some occasions that other players will literally change lanes exactly when I do, and it's so unnatural looking. And of course this happens with Zazz making it far too difficult to avoid his star trail. How that move hasn't been nerfed yet blows my mind. I also find it interesting how the game is able to find players in such a short time span, however I often get lumped with the same players over and over. By the way, are you the guy with the maxed out Spring Cream with the user name <retired> or something like that? If so, you kicked my butt the other day. Right after I complained about balance issues in my last post, Hardlight coughed up a small number of changes, and none the which really seem to address any critical problems. Blaze's fire boost is a little bit faster. That's nice in theory, but it still has the most garbage duration of just about any boost. They nerfed Big's chopper chomp and lilytrap items but of course did nothing to address his broken umbrella boost. They buffed Lantern Silver and Ice Slicer Jet's attack items and yet no one uses those two. It'd be nice they focused on balancing the non-special characters first since they are more commonly used and more accessible to the vast majority of players. Espio, Vector, Rouge, Tails, and Omega are either all terrible or completely outclassed by other characters with similar movesets. Why use Tails when you can use Classic Sonic for instance? Classic is faster and has the no skill required invincibility item. Why use Omega when you can use Metal Sonic? Metal can steal items and has better stats, the same boost and trap. Just... why? Edit: And for my final rant of the day, I really hate the new Egg Pawn Assault mission going on right now. There's some weird stipulation that just conveniently makes it impossible to win the gold ring reward. That's bad enough. But they are literally giving the same tiny amount of cards for Tangle and Whisper as in the first two events. Over the course of Tangle's event and Whisper's event, I was able to get both characters up to level 11, thanks in part to the fact that I bought the Tails vault like the sucker that I am. But now we have to essentially split up the tiny dribble of points between both characters and I just don't even have drive to bother when I might get one level up for both at most and that's if I play religiously until the event ends. Giving a minimum of three cards for a rare character is an absolute insult when it takes hundred of points for just one level up. I got Tikal up to about level 13 off of her event simply because it takes way less cards to upgrade a super rare. So instead of just giving more cards to the rare characters, you have to play even more and still come out with less levels than in Tikal's event. I didn't even play Tikal's missions as often as I've been playing the Tangle and Whisper missions. They really should offer a better minimum of cards for these two. Heck, I wold even settle for a five card minimum. This entire event for these two characters has been such a long and drawn out drag. I honestly enjoyed the Tikal event because it wasn't so needlessly long, and felt more rewarding in the long run.
  4. Well, I'm glad you've found some success with her. Sadly, I still find her to be very weak, and I've seen people on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter say a lot of the same things I did. I could very easily be wrong though, as I have seen a few really good Tangle players that rekt me pretty good, but I definitely must say Whisper seems like a more popular runner and IMO is a heck of a lot better. She may be a bit too powerful even, but it's hard to say yet. All that aside, this game is quickly becoming very frustrating. It's been I don't know how many months now and there's been not a balance patch to be found. This game is in dire need of one. Big, Zazz, Reaper Metal, and anyone with invincibility are just completely unfair and are grossly overused in the higher levels of the game. Meanwhile, characters like Cream and Blaze have terrible boosts that simply are not effective at catching up, and others like Espio are just neglected altogether with useless items that are completely ineffective. And then there's Spring Cream's hedge maze which is so unfair and broken I don't even know where to begin. If you want to make it on the leaderboard, the aforementioned overused characters are pretty much the only ones you're going to see being used. More importantly though, is how abundant hackers are. I just raced one tonight and I face them nearly daily. It's super unfair that these hackers get to run so rampant when the game is excruciatingly punishing in upper levels of play. There's times where I've been docked as much as 8 trophies for getting 2nd place. And this problem seems to be getting worse all of the time. It's also sad that some great tracks were cut in favor of the Golden Bay zones which are no doubt some of the most horribly designed tracks in the history of the game's existence. I don't understand why they feel the need to cut content. Just keep all of the tracks, please. Another problem I run into is that the game conveniently loses connection more than it ever has in the past. My internet is not a problem, so I can't figure out why this happens so much. And my last and final pet peeve comes in the way of the victory chests. The game will constantly feed me silver chests whenever I'm opening my gold chests with red rings. But if I choose to slow down on spending my red rings and only time unlock my gold chests, it ever so conveniently starts feeding me gold chest after gold chest. Sometimes 3 in a row! This is a pain because I want to open as many silver chests as possible to get gold rings, but getting so many gold ones that take 8 hours to time unlock prevents me from getting very far at all. I'm honestly convinced the algorithm is designed to do this to players. I'm all for Hardlight adding new characters to the game, but it is apparent to me that they don't care to maintain the rest of the game or preserve a balanced environment. They just add more overpowered characters to the fold and never offer any quality of life updates anymore. Very frustrating, to say the least.
  5. Is it just me, or is Tangle kind of... bad? I have been playing this game quite a bit in honor of Tangle and Whisper being added to the game, and I was looking forward to using both characters, and I understand it takes time grinding to get the characters leveled up in order to perform better, but Tangle just feels weaker than most characters by quite a bit. Her Tail Attack has some of the worst range I've ever seen and it doesn't have any real duration, nor is it even all that powerful. I've never been fond of items that, when leveled up, merely give you a chance of obtaining more than one. The game does not play nice with chances whatsoever, as you will rarely get more than one of your projectile item no matter if you've hit level 12. The move itself seems like it's in dire need of more power or duration or... something. Because even when stacked, the move is just woefully bad. I think it's just bizarre how she gets two of the same items. Not having a proper trap item really hurts her, and it kinda reeks of Hardlight not having any idea what to do with her moveset. Her Tail Spin boost is mediocre. It grants you temporary invulnerability that lasts maybe a second. Upon leveling it up, you are not granted with longer duration, but faster speed instead. I honestly couldn't tell the difference. It's not like Classic Sonic's invincibility where it lasts a long time. No, it lasts maybe a second but goes really fast. I find that the better boosting items are the ones that last longer rather than ones that are super fast but super short. And on top of all of that, her stats aren't even good. A 7 speed with those ineffective items is terrible. Her acceleration isn't good either, and 10/10 strength sounds nice, but that stat is nearly useless as far as I can tell. I'm hoping it's just me being lousy at playing her, but yeah, I'm not much of a fan of how she plays. 😅
  6. I’m super excited to see Tikal being added to the game. It’s been so long since she was playable in anything other than the ill-fated Runners.
  7. Thank you, Sonic Stadium, for not turning your Twitter account into a politics page. Please don’t ever change. ❤️ 

    Signed, someone who gets enough political BS shoved down my throat as it is. 

    1. KHCast


      *rolls eyes*

    2. Thigolf


      I'm sorry you're inconvenienced by people fearing for their lives

    3. Penny


      yeah, super sorry seeing people protest racism makes you uncomfortable    /s

    4. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      No. I’d just like to be able to click on something Sonic and be able to enjoy Sonic without being force fed someone’s politics. That’s why I’ll avoid TSSZ from now on. I just think it’s better suited to a personal account. That’s all. No need to just assume I am not bothered by what’s going on in the world. I am, but I can get that story from news articles. I look to Sonic sites to escape all this depression. 

    5. KHCast


      Wow. Just wow 

    6. neezTHEhuman


      Don't get the condemnation. sounds perfectly acceptable.

    7. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      Thank you very much, neez. 🙏

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      "Someone's politics"

      Whether you like it or not you both made a political statement with these ideas and they are







      Moderate at best

    9. KHCast


      What’s the difference in who’s talking about this anyway? You seeing a official account vs a basic user on twitter talking about this shouldn’t really matter? Plus, people have talked about it here in the statuses of the Sonic stadium. So again, why is that fine, but the idea of the official team saying anything on it bad?

    10. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      I don’t care what political slant is involved. I’d be just as annoyed if these accounts were singing an opposite tune. Frankly, I have my own views and they are probably somewhere in the middle of all of this.   I am greatly disturbed by world events, and some of this stuff is too close to home right now. I like my politics and entertainment separate and I’m grateful this isn’t a lost science to those that don’t mix them. That’s all I’m expressing. 

    11. KHCast


      Entertainment is inherently political lol wut 

    12. Sean


      can we not do this

      that goes for all of you.

  8. The games themselves weren’t my cup of tea and while I did enjoy the show for what it was, it’s simply not my ideal direction for Sonic. Probably the only truly important takeaway from this sub series for me would be Sticks. I thought her unique sense of humor was fun and genuinely entertaining in a series that’s still feeling a bit of a lack of great female game characters. So yeah, I do hope she has some kind of a future in the modern games line if nothing else from Boom survives.
  9. I’m sure I shouldn’t be this optimistic, but I truly hope for both a new 3D modern game as well as a Mania successor. The latter of the two could literally just be a sequel with another mix of new and old, or it could be all new stages, if not something entirely different like a Mario Maker inspired game for one example. I do hope the Mania team is largely intact and still working for SEGA, but I am unsure of this. As for the modern game, I echo the desires of the many who would like to see a Sonic Adventure remake. I think the boost formula has long overstayed its welcome, and while I do think a brand new style of gameplay is possible, I can’t help but wonder if going back to Adventure and refining it is the safer route. Fans are eager for it, and remaking it would likely be easier than crafting a title from the ground up, even if SA is more ambitious in every way than the budget games of recent years. Part of me wants to see a truly new game since I feel starved of good modern content overall, but I do feel tickled by the idea of successful Adventure series remakes paving the way for the fabled Sonic Adventure 3 to finally see the light of day, but... I’m fantasizing here. Aside from games of course, I’m expecting a movie sequel to be confirmed, and either a new Sonic tv series or perhaps just more YouTube shorts. Maybe some special IDW comics too, and hopefully some exciting merchandise of course.
  10. Well, this is the second time the Hydrocity Act 2 boss transition scene in Mania just completely fails and freezes up. I do love the game, but I have seriously never been so screwed over by game breaking bugs in any Sonic game as I have been by this one. This is the fourth time in my history of playing it that something has broken to the point where I can’t even continue without powering off and retrying the same zone. I... don’t even think Sonic 06 has ever crapped out so badly that I couldn’t proceed to the next part of the game. 😕 

    1. Tracker_TD


      Does the skip cutscene option added as of the Plus update not work? I seem to recall this happening once to me and I either just pressed Start to skip the cutscene or when I restarted it'd registered me as being at Mirage Saloon 1 anyway... 

    2. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      Nope. Couldn’t skip the scene. Thankfully, it did register me at Mirage Saloon 1. I had a memory of these glitches forcing me to re-do stuff. All is well. :) 

  11. I find it absolutely gross that they are so money grabbing that it takes 4.5 million gold rings to max out just one special character, especially with how quickly they release these characters. To top it off, the new Tails Vault feature does nothing but speed up the process of getting cards, which means you’re that more likely to be tempted to make enormous in-app purchases because realistically you’ll be playing the game until the day you die just trying to earn enough rings organically. I enjoy this game but am honestly repulsed by the sheer cost of everything. They need to do something to make getting rings easier, because before the special characters were a thing, it was very uncommon to really ever run out of rings. My fiancé played the game before the specials were added, and he never once had to make any kind of gold ring purchase, which is fair in my opinion, since red rings alone are a huge necessity and those cost more than enough already. Honestly, mobile games that reward so little while charging this much are a cancer, and it’s a shame to see Sonic associated with this kind of business practice.
  12. May not be popular but here’s mine: SA1 = SA2 > Unleashed > Generations > Heroes > Secret Rings > 06 > Black Knight > Lost World > Forces > Colors > Shadow Haven’t played Rise of Lyric.
  13. That new Blaze is perfection.<3 Only not making it my avatar because Wraith beat me to it.
  14. Well, this will be my first canceled pre-order ever. I for one refuse to pay more money than ever for even less Pokemon, on top of the worst gimmick they've puked out yet. That flimsy corporate PR BS little note does nothing but confirm that they don't give a crap about longtime fans like myself who have supported and purchased practically every game in the series. They know they'll sell millions regardless and that's all they care about. I'll gladly save myself some cash instead. Here's hoping we get a quality Pokemon switch game... eventually.
  15. Still no Cream yet we get Big and Omega? Sigh. Edit: Or, erm... Was Cream confirmed to be in the issue after all?
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