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  1. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I really enjoyed all 3 issues so far, with my favorite being #2 for that groundbreaking depiction of Amy Rose and her relationship with Sonic in general. It is SO refreshing to see her written so well after so much inconsistency throughout the years. Loved the Sonic and Knuckles banter in issue 3 and I love Rough and Tumble so far for their goofy Team Rocket-like feel. This comic really feels accurate and true to the source material on top of everything and I love how it feels connected to the game canon. It's like a well-written extension to the games, and I view that as a good thing. I wish Adam Bryce Thomas could do the interior art far more regularly because his work is just phenomenal. If he did the art for every issue, I certainly wouldn't complain because it's just that good. That being said, I loved the art for the 1st and 3rd issues as well and it is still a lot of fun comparing the different styles and getting different takes so long as they still fit Sonic, and so far they have. I can't wait to see Blaze again as well as meet Tangle in #4! I'm a tad disappointed there's not a more exciting RI-B cover for this one though. I love Hesse's promo art, but I would've preferred an original piece since the first 3 issues all had more original covers. A small gripe overall though. I can't wait to collect each cover. It's been fun getting these weekly.
  2. Should Sticks join Main universe?

    I think she absolutely should because I don't really see Sonic Boom continuing in any major capacity for much longer and It'd be a shame to waste the character. I think she has loads of potential, but she sadly has not had any chance to shine outside of Boom content where pretty much everyone is one-dimensional and largely unlikable. That's not something exclusive to just Sticks. The Boom incarnations of the main four are really not any more deep or well-rounded. I get the impression SEGA/Sonic Team like her well enough to let her jump ship, given that she has had a presence outside of the Boom verse, such as the Rio Olympics title as well as Sonic Runners. Not to mention she's received her own Sonic Channel wallpaper every year since her debut and usually only the most popular mainstay characters see a wallpaper every year. They even gave her a comic of her own for the 25th Anniversary along with a slew of other modern Sonic characters. Finally, she is one of the many available characters in the upcoming Sonic Battle Racers board game, being the only character "outside" of the modern verse to be playable. I don't really see Sticks receiving much more than the occasional playable spin-off title, but I think even that is far preferable to just letting her character die off with Boom. I do hope if she finds any story presence that she can be reworked a little bit to be a tad more serious so as to better fit in with the modern Sonic tone versus the more comical Boom tone. Bottom line, I just love Sticks and want her to stick around, pun intended.
  3. Oh, I hear you and I'm not upset, just a bit disappointed. I hope you're right about the continued support.
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I think Rough and Tumble look awesome! I think they look a lot more like Sonic characters than the majority of the characters Archie pumped out. I was never a fan of how over designed the Archie characters were. Too many clothes on the male characters for one thing. I for one have no problem with new characters in the comics. I do think the already existing game cast is great, but you can't honestly expect JUST them and never any new faces. I just hope it doesn't become so overly saturated with newbies that actual game characters get lost in the mix. That was one thing I didn't care for about the original Archie series.
  5. They could've added Cream, Sticks, Jet, Infinite... But no. Boom Sonic. Not that I should complain because at least they added Blaze, but is anyone going to give a rip about Boom Sonic? It's not even worth hyping as a silhouette.
  6. Hey everyone, the Sonic Battle Racers Kickstarter has seen a very nice overhaul and the stretch goals are MUCH better, so please come check it out and see if you'd like to be a backer! :)


    1. Red


      Oh wow, they finally added Silver! Just gotta hope the KS goes over 100K so I can get him!

  7. If Forces was a success, the team should examine what made the game sell at all in the first place, and part of that was the promise of familiar characters getting involved again and an emphasis on storyline ala the Adventure games. Other factors included a playable Shadow for the first time in a decade, and the avatar, which while mixed in reception, was a selling point for the game as it was probably the only "new" feature the game offered and appealed to specific sects of the fandom. The problem with all of these selling points that got people invested enough for a purchase is that almost none of these features were executed well. The avatar was bare bones in every way, the story was almost Colors/Gens level of weak, and many characters who were promised to return did next to nothing of consequence, such as Chaos and the bulk of the resistance members. These are but a small sample of the games problems overall. The boost gameplay was plucked back out of the trash can and not an ounce of effort was put into making it better in any way, and Classic Sonic was hastily tossed in in an effort to appeal to retro fans, and it too was shallow, forced, and abysmal. Forces did very little right. The avatar concept is nice and I'd be fine with its return if it is a side adventure and given some serious effort in terms of the customization itself, because what Forces offered was pittance. I would also like to see more effort in the storytelling once again, something Forces appeared to offer and had every opportunity to impress, but did not. Forces had a few nice ideas that were weakly executed, so I say cut the boost and classic stuff entirely and make something ambitious and exciting from the ground up, with true genuine passion like Sonic Adventure before it, yet hopefully even better. "Try" again. Forces is so lacking in the most basic of effort that it's just not even worth looking at regardless of whatever success it had.
  8. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    I can see Mario games are well-designed and all, but I've just never had any fun with them. I don't like the environments, the characters, nor the gameplay. I just can't find myself invested in what's going on in any of the games barring spin-offs like Mario Kart, and even then I find those pretty boring rather quickly. I don't really care if the Sonic games have flaws. I rarely find myself bored with the games because I'm still invested in the characters, the worlds, the art, the stories, the sense of speed and action, and I truly believe the majority of Sonic games have great gameplay as well, though admittedly far from perfect in some cases. Without investment, I just cannot bring myself to have any fun with nor care whatsoever about Mario. I pick franchises and games based on the entire scope of what it offers, and Sonic just appeals to me in so many ways where Mario does not.
  9. I'm predicting the confirmation of a season 3 if Jasmin is there. I'm not sure if I want to see it or not. I enjoyed Sonic Boom for what it was, but I also would prefer a more serious Sonic show, and I'm honestly hoping future Sonic Boom games and products aren't happening since I'd like to see the main branch of the franchise receive full focus. This will be an interesting SXSW.
  10. I regret bothering to watch the latest official Sonic stream. Seeing Alex Kidd take delight in Chao abuse is nothing but pure cringe. I watch the Sonic stream on occasion to get away from depressing crap irl and enjoy something happy and lighthearted, and this guy is basically acting like a punk kid. Dang, I REALLY miss Sergio. :/

    1. -Justin-


      I really like Sergio, but I really like Alex too. I’ve liked him a lot more since he hit Jerry with a chair XD I had a good laugh with today’s stream.

  11. Where is Blaze the Cat?

    I was honestly pretty heartbroken to not have Blaze in Forces at first, but the game was so underwhelming I thankfully got over it. But I was definitely worried for a while if this was going to be the beginning of the end for Blaze as a mainstay character. Honestly, the fact that the mobile team put her in Speed Battle and IDW is giving her an early debut in the comics all bodes very well. Bless those people. They got more sense than Sonic Team. And Shadow isn't even slightly hurting for anything whatsoever. So what if Blaze got in the comics before him? She's also sharing the spotlight with a new character, and you know it won't be long before the edgelord finds his way into the comics as well. Sheesh, are we really feeling bad for Shadow after his triumphant return as a playable character in Forces?
  12. A Hypothetical New Team Rose

    I love Big but I think he was just kind of shoehorned in as the power guy for Amy and Cream in Heroes because there weren't really any other better options on hand. He never really met Cream beforehand, lest we include the Cream cameos from SADX, and even Amy didn't really have interactions with him in Adventure save for very brief moments that you could skip. I don't necessarily think Big is bad for Team Rose by any means, but I do wonder if Sticks would be a better fit for a future team theme. The fact that Vector took Big's spot in Free Riders kinda proves there's little interest in developing the Team Rose dynamic beyond what we had in Heroes. There's really no reason they couldn't put Big on a bike like Vector, yet they opted for Vector instead because I guess he's more popular? I don't know... Sticks could easily be established as Amy's friend in the main canon and as for Cream, well Cream is a real sweetheart who just wants to befriend everyone so she's probably one to quickly accept Sticks for her quirks and conspiracy theories, so that kinda checks out too. I guess the main draw of having Sticks instead of Big is the allure of having an all female team, and this seems like the best way to accomplish that. Plus, they make a fine parallel to Team Sonic this way. Boy and girl hedgehogs for speed. Cute young kids for flight. And two very wild rough and tumble fighters for power. That is of course if Sticks is strong enough to even fill the spot for power. She's pretty tiny and relies more on weaponry than brute strength, so I'm not sure, but hey, that didn't stop Blaze from being a power type in Runners of all things... Speaking of Blaze, I prefer her to be on a separate team (most likely with Silver) since I see her as a speed type.
  13. Sonic Forces Impressions Thread

    I played through it and completed the story so far, and it's just as underwhelming as it looked from the get go. The biggest problem is how brief everything is. For starters, all the gameplay styles suffer from inexcusably short stages and only maybe 1 or 2 gave me any real difficulty. I really felt like I spent more time on the menu screens and cut scenes than I did playing anything. The modern Sonic stages are so short, automated, bland, and poorly designed. The 3D segments are usually just grinding segments or boost hallways. There' no fun or meaningful 3D segments. The 2D feels like the same generic platforming seen in Colors, though possibly worse in some ways, and that's bad coming from someone who despises Colors. Every time I did start to have some fun, things just... ended. And so often you don't even feel like you're playing. A good chunk of seconds from many of the stages are spent on very simplistic QTE segments that grow stale very quickly upon replay. Modern's jump is Colors level of floaty, and it just reeks of being budget boost Sonic. No wall jumping or drifting, nah just replace the latter with boosters that guide you to the end so you don't have to do much. The stages are just boring. Generations and Unleashed had some awe inspiring modern stages filled with fun things to do. Forces has so little of anything creative or exciting. It's sad because if the stages at least lasted more than two pitiful minutes I could squeeze out a lot more enjoyment because the modern gameplay isn't exactly terrible, but it's absolutely a regression from previous boost games. Classic Sonic has horrendous air control. It's honestly 06 levels of bad. All of the characters accelerate so ridiculously quickly that it's very easy to slide off the platform and into a pitfall if you're not making a very conscious effort to slow down. I will give classic's levels credit for having some degree of alternate pathways and some of his stages were a little on the longer side compared to the rest of the game, but I just don't enjoy playing as him. I'm sick of half-baked 2D. This is such a sad attempt at classic Sonic especially when Mania was so recent and fresh on the mind. The physics here don't even remotely resemble Classic Sonic. Generations wasn't exact either, but the physics there still felt much better overall than what's here. I don't even ask for a perfect recreation of classic physics, but it's sad to see how no speed is gained going downhill and rolling is so pointless. There's so few interesting gimmicks to speak of, and certain things like moving platforms are just broken... if you stand still on a moving platform you'll just.... slide off? I'm not even kidding. I think a video recently got posted somewhere here that described what I'm talking about. It has to be seen to be believed. Sonic Team truly has no idea what made classic Sonic so great so it's high time they stop with their sad attempts at it. The avatar is a mixed bag for me. I feel like by far the most effort went into it and that's not saying much. I like the variety of wispons because of the replayability offered through it, but again, the stages are so brief and uninspired that it feels like such a waste of a potentially fun idea. You don't even need to do anything half the time because there's so many drawn out QTEs. I won't even be doing anything and my character will just grapple onto things midair by herself. Why can't I be the one doing that? I want to play a game, not watch a movie. It looks cool and flashy the first couple times and then after that it's just boring. The avatar also suffers from acceleration issues and a floaty jump. There's way too much 2D for my liking yet again. I enjoyed the few tag stages there were for the 3D offered, but again, it's all so short and underwhelming. Boss battles are way too easy and mostly forgettable. The bulk of the game was way too easy, and I played it on the "hard" mode and only had much trouble in the last couple stages and one segment of the final boss. I did die a few times here and there, but mainly due to some goofy mistakes thanks to the wonky controls. Everything about the story suffers from poor development and pacing, and the music is honestly one of the least stellar soundtracks in a long time. There's some good tracks but plenty of forgettable songs too. It's a shame this game is so short and easy. It truly felt like this was for the most casual audience possible. I have yet to be challenged by anything to any great extent. Honestly, the game's only selling point to speak of is the character creator. It's fun, it's got a great variety of possibilities and all of the game's rewards are centered around it, leaving the games styles feeling imbalanced in terms of replay value potential. If you aren't into the avatar, then there is no reason to buy or play this game beyond the budget price offered, but even then you're better off waiting for a price drop. There is some fun to be had here, but it ends just as it starts to get good, and that will leave you disappointed every single time. Truly a marvel considering the alleged four years of development. I refuse to believe it really had four years of proper development. Something had to have happened during those four years because I really think the bare bones content is inexcusable.
  14. Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    I hope it passed a million, but I'm pretty sure Steam and Xbox One sales were quite low thanks to Denuvo in the former and the latter never being a platform Sonic sells on. It likely did best on the Switch. I'm very curious to know the actual numbers though, because as good as the game is, I have my doubts that it did as well as people think it did, and if it somehow didn't sell well, then I wonder what that would mean for the future of these types of games. Hopefully a Mania 2 sees more aggressive marketing. Spill the beans already, SEGA.
  15. what do you want from sonic forces dlc

    What I want and no doubt am not gonna get is some Blaze DLC. There's absolutely zero good reasons for her exclusion in this game. I don't care if she doesn't "fit the narrative." With how little actual explaining Forces offers for any of its major plot points, Blaze randomly being there wouldn't really be any more head scratching and confusing than other story issues presented in the game. Forces is a late anniversary game. You'd THINK it'd go all out on the fanservice, and yet for a game that's supposed to be about war and a "resistance" the good guys team is awfully tiny compared to what it could've and should've been had Sonic Team gave a crap about its supporting character cast. Sonic Generations, a game with a lot less development time, a fraction of the "story" and dialogue, much lower stakes, and also an anniversary game, had a bigger cast and better fanservice than the likes of Forces. Blaze can show up randomly in Sonic's world for some birthday cake but won't bother coming if the going gets tough and Sonic goes through literal torture? Was she just busy in her world? If Forces bothered to explain that, I'd give its poor character roster a pass, but it just doesn't. Just like how the Chaos Emeralds are ignored because... reasons? For the first time pretty much ever, excluding the Rivals and Rush games, we see Silver but Blaze is absent and I just think that if the writing wasn't so lazy, they could've easily found a way to make her fit in. Maybe Nakamura and co chickened out on having Blaze and Silver in an actual story together because they were afraid of devoting a second to either character talking to each other or something. Maybe have the two show signs of becoming friends again. Even Colors DS had more cojones than this game, as well as a better NPC roster and a less lazy script and story too! Blaze is able to freely travel between the two worlds and it's a darn shame that in a game that was supposed to set the stakes really high and be serious and story driven for the first time in ages that Blaze gets benched because Sonic Team is too incompetent to fit her in. It honestly makes me worry about the future of the character and if they're ever going to utilize her in anything that's not Olympic shovelware or cancerous mobile games ever again. What a waste. The only thing is that Forces doesn't really seem to deliver on any of the things it tried to hype people up for in the first place and is basically more of the same bare bones Kishimoto fare. Perhaps her exclusion isn't such a big loss when much of the resistance did little. I just miss my favorite though honestly, and will take whatever crumbs I can get. Sorry for the fangirl rant. Anyway, she missed out on the story, but I'd be really happy just to see a playable Blaze DLC. She doesn't need a story or new stages or anything Shadow's DLC has, just let me replay some modern Sonic stuff as Blaze. It's been too freaking long since I've been able to. Beyond that, more playable characters in general would be nice. Tails, Knuckles, etc.

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