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  1. I find it absolutely gross that they are so money grabbing that it takes 4.5 million gold rings to max out just one special character, especially with how quickly they release these characters. To top it off, the new Tails Vault feature does nothing but speed up the process of getting cards, which means you’re that more likely to be tempted to make enormous in-app purchases because realistically you’ll be playing the game until the day you die just trying to earn enough rings organically. I enjoy this game but am honestly repulsed by the sheer cost of everything. They need to do something to make getting rings easier, because before the special characters were a thing, it was very uncommon to really ever run out of rings. My fiancé played the game before the specials were added, and he never once had to make any kind of gold ring purchase, which is fair in my opinion, since red rings alone are a huge necessity and those cost more than enough already. Honestly, mobile games that reward so little while charging this much are a cancer, and it’s a shame to see Sonic associated with this kind of business practice.
  2. May not be popular but here’s mine: SA1 = SA2 > Unleashed > Generations > Heroes > Secret Rings > 06 > Black Knight > Lost World > Forces > Colors > Shadow Haven’t played Rise of Lyric.
  3. That new Blaze is perfection.<3 Only not making it my avatar because Wraith beat me to it.
  4. Well, this will be my first canceled pre-order ever. I for one refuse to pay more money than ever for even less Pokemon, on top of the worst gimmick they've puked out yet. That flimsy corporate PR BS little note does nothing but confirm that they don't give a crap about longtime fans like myself who have supported and purchased practically every game in the series. They know they'll sell millions regardless and that's all they care about. I'll gladly save myself some cash instead. Here's hoping we get a quality Pokemon switch game... eventually.
  5. Still no Cream yet we get Big and Omega? Sigh. Edit: Or, erm... Was Cream confirmed to be in the issue after all?
  6. I am not too surprised by this revelation, but I think there's a good chance Infinite is only off the table for the time being. As it currently stands, he's only had one game appearance, and said game did very little justice. The character is still shrouded in a fair degree of mystery and it's unclear what truly happened to him. I think his appearing in a comic is premature, likely because there are further plans for him in future games. It just wouldn't make sense to scrap the character this soon with all the hype he generated and whatnot, and I don't really see any signs of SEGA scrapping him. On the contrary, they allowed Infinite to be used in the upcoming Battle Racers board game, they recently released a mini action figure of him and Zavok, and he's even a spirit in SSBU. They went out of their way to have one of the DangerKids on a past stream, seemingly dropping hints about a potential Infinite return, lest I'm just reading into things. He got a Sonic Channel wallpaper and a pin on the SEGA shop US. That all seems like an excess amount of promotion for a character they're ready to ditch. Just as Omega was once off-limits and no longer is, same could be said for Infinite. The ban is not necessarily forever. It just doesn't make sense for him to debut in the comics just yet because of the unclarity of his whereabouts. It sucks that he can't be used in the comics yet, but it doesn't mean we've seen the last of Infinite in the games.
  7. Eh, I am actually glad to have Zavok over something like Orbot and Cubot because he's at least a somewhat credible threat on the level of Eggman and Metal. I honestly am not even disappointed. The disappointment was done setting in the day that the game was announced with a measly 15 characters. Would've preferred Infinite since Zavok doesn't really make sense, but it may be premature for Infinite's return.
  8. That disgusting blue freak is not Sonic. I knew this was going to be horrible the nanosecond the movie was announced. Hollywood doesn't give a flying leap about honoring source material or pumping out anything of quality, especially if it involves IPs aimed at younger audiences. One need not look further than utter trash like the Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Woody Woodpecker, the numerous Dr. Seuss abominations, etc. This should never have been live action. This should never have been a buddy cop flick. This should never have been green-lit unless Sonic looked like Sonic. But this movie is clearly not being made with the fans in mind. No, this is for the most braindead "normies" who never gave a crap about Sonic in the first place. And dumb kids who don't know better, I guess. The sad fact is that these garbage bin movies make money no matter how panned they are, and this might just follow suit. And Sega allowed this just like every other horrible decision they allowed in the past. They have not and will never learn until it's too late someday. The only good that's come from this is seeing so many Sonic fans united in their disapproval and hatred of this. This piece of work makes 06, Rise of Lyric, Forces and just about anything else you can think of look like masterpieces in comparison. I'm sorry if I sound harsh here, but I love Sonic dearly, and seeing these corporate big wigs take this massive a dump on the series I love, the fans who support it, and the people that work on/have worked hard to make great things for this franchise, just completely boils my blood. I won't be dropping a single dime on this travesty or anything with that logo slapped onto it. I'll try my best to pretend it all doesn't exist.
  9. For real though, if Bubsy can come back from the grave for not just one, but two games, then can we PLEASE get Croc back? 

    1. MightyRay


      I second this.

    2. KHCast


      Fuck that, get me Gex

    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Isn't Croc in copyright limbo right now?

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      If only this was the 90s again

    5. Marcello


      Why would anyone want that?

    6. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Err.. sure I guess.

      @Ratcicle King From what I know, weren't the games published by EA? (I know it was handled by FOX in the US but most games back then were either from EA or Gremlin, later on Activision) Good luck getting any of their old stuff a re-release, it took sarcifices just to get a remaster of Burnout Paradise.

      Argonaut did go under though and if they did have the rights then it is some admin company like what happened to System Shock.

  10. Most importantly, I want my bunny, Cream to finally show up. Bonus points if she gets interactions with Blaze. Would also love for underutilized characters that aren't making the cut for year one to appear in year two, such as the Rogues, Big, Sticks, Marine and whoever else. I also wish to see some hard focus on Tangle and Whisper, as well as the skunk bros, and it looks like the latter will be getting just that in issue 13.
  11. No, I haven't read very much of Archie, so I'll have to exclude that. I actually do like Shadow and I recognize that he'd be first in line for his own spin-off comic. I mean, he's gotten his own game of course. I just have doubts about a whole brand revolving around Shadow being that successful when SEGA already struggles with Sonic. Not to mention the direction they took Shadow in his own game not setting well with fans and critics. I'm all for more complex stories with Shadow, but you certainly don't need a 13+ label to do that successfully.
  12. There is nothing "mature" or "complex" about Shadow's game and it's among the worst portrayals of the character so far. We don't need tryhard edgy teeny wienie 13+ BS. This is Sonic the Hedgehog's comic. And since when was Shadow brand material anyway?
  13. Banish the Deadly Six. Personally, I don't have all that much against them, but they're also just kinda there. Their designs are ugly and they look as if they belong in Mario or something, like everything else about Lost World. I'd be lying if I said their dialogue didn't make me laugh though, especially Zor. Still, I would happily ditch all six for the following: Revive Marine, Sticks, the Babylon Rogues, and Cream's prominence. It's been 11 years of no Marine outside of bread crumb cameos, one mention, and an appearance in the 25th anniversary Sonic Channel comics. I long for the day we'd finally see the spunky Aussie, hopefully by Blaze's side. Cream has really been lacking appearances and just once I'd like to see her interact with Blaze again. Sticks deserves a chance in the modern canon since Boom's dead. The Babylon Rogues are extremely fun and underrated characters. I think they're great rivals as well as comedy relief, and I love all things Riders. It's criminal TSR dropped the ball and does not feature these three. I think they're far more engaging rivals for Team Sonic than Team Dark.
  14. Looking forward to seeing this. I'd greatly prefer modern, but am expecting more classic. Mania Adventures was great so this will be hype either way. Just please don't be anything like Boom. PS: Sonic X was awesome. PSS: Both of Amy's game designs are great.
  15. Yeah. I didn't listen to it, so I am going by word of mouth. Anyone think we will see the Rogues in year one? Big? Marine? Maybe Tikal or Chaos?
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