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  1. I forgot I made this topic lmao. Honestly, with how casual development seemed to be all those four years ago, I'm surprised it really pulled through to the end. I guess it's one of those Kickstarters that actually happened and thank god for that. I might pick it up on Steam? I really haven't been up to date with how it's coming along lately but I'm always up for new ToeJam & Earl no matter what year it is. Maybe I should take a scroll through the non-meme stuff on the Twitter account and see how it's been shaping up. Also, edited the thread title to accommodate for the PS4/XB1/Switch releases and the release date. Better late than never. RIP Wii U for the ten millionth time
  2. I'd kinda say Persona goes the same way as Bayonetta, it's flashy and stylish. At least that's what I've been trying to convince myself as the reason it fits in.
  3. Honestly if we're listing any IPs that Microsoft has a hold of that should be in Smash, I just want it to be one that has an actual connection with Nintendo. Granted, that would mostly just be all the old Rare stuff (Banjo and Battletoads like mentioned already), and I guess Minecraft with the Wii U and Switch versions plus unique DLC make it a sensible choice too. Plus meme pick or not, Steve would make for an interesting moveset. Man who needs a FE character of a non-Lord class when you can get a sword and axe all in one??? The people asking for Master Chief and the like are just wack tho. The way I see it, the mature content we have in Smash (MGS and Bayonetta) either have already had deep Nintendo connections (Twin Snakes) or are balls-to-the-wall enough to fit in with Nintendo's characters (Bayonetta). A typical post-apocalyptic guy in cyber armor has no place in this series if you ask me.
  4. To be more specific that variant is called a 'rapid jab'. Any neutral A can just be called a 'neutral attack' or a 'jab', the ones that have an infinite get those variants usually called rapid jabs from what I've seen in the community. Also Pirahna Plant feels really fucking weird. Certainly unique and doesn't disappoint for what a weird playable character choice it looked like, but I don't think I'm gonna be playing as it very often. Can't get used to that neutral special lol
  5. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who wants to play Special Smash online in all the years it's existed. I certainly wouldn't want it in quickplay with how it ends up sometimes in this game. In arenas with friends it'd be fun, though. As for stage morph I think that would be a bit of a strain on players' connections? I don't quite get the ins and outs of online play networking and stuff but I can't imagine something like the Nintendogs living room turning into New Pork City or some shit being easy to optimise for online play. The other two though are big standouts and I think Squad Strike especially will probably get added as an online feature soon enough. Here's hoping on my end anyway.
  6. I assume you're getting the typical "application won't start correctly" error here and from what you're describing (older versions working but not the latest) it sounds like an issue that's addressed in the dxwnd readme. Restarting your computer and then running the latest version directly fixes the issue I think.
  7. Changing menu music is literally the only reason I would bother to finish World of Light and even then it's not motivating enough for me lol. Even Classic Mode feels pointless now knowing that the only reward is a PNG file of some character artwork I've seen a million times. tl;dr Spirits suck I think the most damaging thing to the single-player replay value of Ultimate by far was no more trophies. They were always fun to look at and collect and it was interesting to read bios on characters you've never known of before.
  8. I think different eras of Sonic would feed off different sub-genres of rock/metal music. Like I can imagine an Adventure style game working with stuff like math rock (King Crimson, Chon) and the likes of classic rock suites (Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd etc). While something like Heroes or the more recent games could borrow from more lighthearted genres such as ska punk (No Doubt, Goldfinger) and comedy rock kind of stuff (like what's been mentioned already, Barenaked Ladies). I think money would be a tight issue for SEGA though with securing a band that is popular in the moment to work on a game. It seems like their options are more focused on what would be less demanding-- Cash Cash just had kind of a cult following with a couple of songs prior to their Sonic connection (Party In Your Bedroom in particular) and Hoobastank was more popular in the mid-2000s era of pop punk stuff, not so much now.
  9. If they're pre-rendered (you can tell when most Unleashed ones are because they have detail on a much larger level than anything else in the game, and iirc the only pre-rendered one in Generations is the one before the Time Eater boss) you can't change the textures, theyre video files, not models and animations. In regards to cutscenes that arent pre-rendered, I think pretty much any guide that covers editing textures in the game in general can cover that. Just have a look at Retro's guide for Generations hacking.
  10. I saw this in my YouTube subs box just now and remembered how I used to be the only one to ever give this thread any updates so I figured I'd drop in real quick. It now works completely instead of just saying NO CD SYSTEM! Plays music discs and is also shown playing some other game (emulated or something I believe he says in the video). It's really nice to see the thing come so far from a fairy tale in the history of the PlayStation, to photos and a video that people thought were fake, to the real deal that's broken, to a fully functional unit. Maybe one day a prototype game disc will surface, we can only pray for that now I guess.
  11. You just cracked my interest in these samples back open! Thank you! I felt Garageband was such a strange source for professional composers from SEGA to resort to. I'll have a look through more of these samples when I can and see what I can find!
  12. Another bumpity bump as Ben Heck has been called in to do an analysis on the inner workings of the unit and (hopefully) actually get the disc drive working, using music CDs as a test because obviously there was never any disc games released. Definitely interesting to watch, the motherboard is very similar to a Super Nintendo at the base. Still feels so crazy to even see the real deal in HD video and whatnot even a year later, remembering all the quick assumptions we all had that this was fake kinda makes me laugh. EDIT ay now, part two is out!
  13. Going for the first time since 2012! I need fresh air more often anyway, being cooped up in this house all the time gets boring lmao
  14. I had this too actually, I enabled copying for my Mii and everything but in the end I had to just open my Mii in Mii Maker and recreate it in Miitomo's one bit by bit, tedious but it wasn't actually AS slow as an experience as I thought it'd be.
  15. local nerd tries to be swag and smooth and falls flat on his face
  16. Hopping on the Twitter train too, I'm @TheSuperSpinD
  17. I'll be up for recording Generations footage if you need it (Steam version is fine right? it's the exact same as PS3/360 so)
  18. I made a topic on Labyrinth once here after doing a complete run through of it back in 2014, but it got lost to the March data wipe of the forum that happened last year (that first gif in your post was actually made by me during said run lmao) But I completely agree, Labyrinth most certainly isn't a good game but people calling it the worst Sonic game of all time or even in the top 5 worst are really exaggerating badly compared to some of the other poorly designed or just plain malfunctional games in the series. Sonic Labyrinth isnt technically bad, it does what it was supposed to do. be a slower paced puzzle game featuring Sonic. And I guess the mixture of 'slow' and 'Sonic' is what led to its negative reception, but actually calling it one of the worst? no chance.
  19. whoa hey guys this topic exists and was once a thing Im not so much into this sample research thing these days but I did find a little something I may as well bump this topic up with and classify as the first find of 2016 whooooooo i can't hear you i can't see you im still dreamin still believin IM STILL A BELIEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Well uh I came across a library of Apple loops named "Apple Jam Pack: Voices" and... "Tom Improv 2" (hey hey heeeey) "Tom Improv 3" (yeeeeaaaah) "Tom Improv 5" (oh yeah? boogie? idk what its saying) "Jax Lyric 8" (jump it up) "Devon Lyric 6" (i cant hear you i cant see you) "Tom Lyric 12" (im still dreamin still believin) "Tom Lyric 13" (im still a believerrrrrrrrr)
  20. We got an explanation.........about two or three hours after the fact. Most knew it was an internal problem to begin with anyway, there's just some people who automatically leap at the assumption of hackers whenever there's any sort of a problem like this with any service.
  21. I was playing a game for quite a while then when I came off I saw this had been going on for about 15 minutes... I really hope everything ends well, I went back online really quick a few minutes ago to tell a friend who was playing a game to come off but aside from that I'm staying away from Steam completely until it all cleans up.
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