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  1. hmm, I would say against Sonic himself, would be Chaos, since he is composed of water, Sonic's weakness
  2. A massive pet peeve for me is when people call Sonic a knock off of Mario on gameplay
  3. Whatever gets the job done, Besides I see it as he learned from a direct approach failing against Shadow
  4. My favorite villain is Mephiles the Dark, I mean he kills Sonic, something that Robotnik could never do.
  5. when i was a little child at the age of three, I am 17 now, gonna be 18 this year, not important though, my older brothers bought me a video game system so i would stop playing on their Playstation, and Super Nintendo, back then their wasn't any other gaming systems, so they bought me, a Sega Genesis, and Sonic Spinball, along with Sonic 1-Sonic and Knuckles,
  6. I personally loved the Perfect Chaos boss fight, The visuals were epic to see how the water was done in HD, The platforming was well done, also.
  7. I for one love the game, I found it to be the best quality game for what it was bought for. I remember it like yesterday, I got Sonic 06, and Sonic Unleashed both for a dollar total. XD
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