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  1. So I played Quake 3 in my IT class, in a LAN game they were doing.

    I've made a lot of people mad.

    Never again.

  2. Sonic Headcanons

    Rotor's a big fan of zombie flicks, Tails really likes shonen anime, and Eggman binge watches romantic soap opera dramas.
  3. "So, through there?" Sally asks. "Wow, that's... An easy entrance. Especially after fearing for our lives when our bodies were digitized, this makes a huge difference..." Nicole claps her hands together, and walks on through. "Come on, let's go! Mickey needs our help, so we gotta be fast!" she tells the others, stepping inside the door.
  4. Grabbing one of the ice-cream bars, Sally smiles, and starts licking it. "Sounds like a weird idea, but this is great!" "I wouldn't be so sure," Nicole says. "Sea salt in large capacities could be-- Mmph?" Sally shoves her bar into Nicole's mouth with a cheeky smile. "Just eat it! It's good!" she interrupts. Taking Nicole's bar, she licks on that instead. With Sally's bar in her mouth, Nicole starts sucking on the Sea Salt ice cream, enjoying it. Taking the bar out, she comments, "I take it back. This is very nice!" Catching on to the throwaway line, Sally mutters, "I'll pay for it all, don't tell anyone..."
  5. "Oh brother," Sally mutters. Worried, Nicole speaks up, "If I may suggest a tactic: The Move Out Of The Way?" "You got it!" Sally shouts, grabbing Nicole's arm and pulling her along to avoid the beams. What was this detecting them as hostiles?!
  6. Rushing to the duck's aid, the girls rather... Don't get involved, seeing as how the old duck seemingly has things under control. "It seems we didn't even need to rush to aid after all," Nicole comments, watching him fight. Sally looks at the old duck, trying to think. "He seems... Familar, somehow? I must have seen him before, surely..." She may have watched a lot of Disney cartoons, but this duck, she couldn't quite remember...
  7. "L.O.G is really pushing us here..." Sally says, rubbing her chin. "We're here to rescue a friend, yet it seems L.O.G's just going to be sidetracking us. We should still help them, but we can't waste any time..." The two girls hop out of the ship and look around the marketplace. Placing her hands upon her hips, Nicole asks, "So what are we looking for here?"
  8. I think I might listen to one of my favourite songs!

    "This media may be damaged"

    i have no reason to live anymore

    1. Shiguy


      "Ah man I remember that thread, man there were some funny pictures in that thread. Sure can't wait to look at-"



  9. I don't know if anyone actually noticed, but Sonic technically was the Iblis Trigger :\

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Sonic could've prevented the entire game if he just stayed home.

    2. A Hyper KING heavy engine
    3. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      The home from Secret Rings? He had a chair and a fireplace and he read books there.

    4. A Hyper KING heavy engine

      A Hyper KING heavy engine

      Silver coulda found him there.

    5. Polkadi


      Yeah, but Elise still needed to cry.

  10. i like cookies, they're delicious, especially shortbread

    1. Penny


      the keebler shortbread pecan cookies are my shit

    2. Kiah


      Yes cookies 🍪. So many delicious ones out there including shortbread.

      Think I actually might bake some cookies today 😋

    3. Polkadi


      The soft, melt-in-your-mouth kind of cookies? They're like heaven, and I can't get enough of them.

  11. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Day after day, I continously imagine adaptations for Mania, Forces and Chronicles in the Archie comics. What would you guys think of such adaptations?
  12. Looks super interesting, I'll keep an eye on it. And yeah, Shinkawa's art style is instantly recognisable with that art.
  13. Nicole looked at Mickey's appearance, shocked. "What... What happened to you...?" she asks quietly, petrified by his appearance. That looked disgusting and sick... Sally sprung up in horror, gasping. "Oh my gosh... We'll help, j-just... Hold on, we can figure something out!" She couldn't handle others getting hurt, or the loss of others... She wanted to help Mickey, and help him now!
  14. "Friends can come from the strangest of places," Sally replies, looking to Nicole and to Sonic, smiling. "I'm sure being a Skylander would have shown you that." Sally takes a seat in the ship, with the sound of a sploosh. "...I think I also stained the seat with chocolate milk..." she groans, as she immediately jumps from her seat, looking back at her figure being implanted into the seat. Nicole looks out the windows of the ship into the vast Disney universe. "Where do we search next?" she asks. "Our friend is somewhere out there, somewhere..."
  15. "We're on a very strict schedule, so yes..." Nicole answers, sighing about leaving so soon. "We could explain why, but I don't think our captor / host would want us to waste any more time." Sally extends a hand, smiling. "It's been a pleasure to work alongside and help you. On behalf of the Skylanders, thank you, Ralph."