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  1. "huh, this guy sings really good in this lets play video"

    "oh cool, the uploader shared that guy's soundcloud"



  2. Oh, the release date has been changed to TBC 2017 now. The secret is out, folks.
  3. Wait, I'm Knuckles now.

    When did THAT happen?

    1. Kiah


      When your rep hit 3500 :wink:

  4. The Emoji Movie is 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    With the Critic Consensus of: 🚫

    Absolutely brutal, goddamn. Now to wait for the Armond White review where he praises it as movie of the year.

    1. KHCast


      We all know this will happen 

    2. Strickerx5


      The thing is, you'd think the animation would've been able to carry it over the 10% mark at the very least. I mean, that part of it doesn't look bad.

    3. Ferno


      i guess the public has finally drawn the line on the whole "lets make a movie about everything and anything" thing. maybe now studios will atleast attempt to make smarter stuff.

    4. CottonCandy


      Ouch but the only way sony will get the message is if it does poorly at the box office.

  5. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Maybe the characters aren't the problem, maybe it's the writers. And that might be why we like Ian Flynn.
  6. Voice acting legend June Foray has passed away, aged 99.

    At her age, this day would be inevitable, unfortunately (even missing the big 100! What a shame). But my God, did she leave the world swinging for the fences. She played many many animated roles, including those that we will remember best from our childhoods. And even at her old age, where it's likely she would have to retire, she continued voice acting until the end. Now that's passion for your work. I'm gonna remember and miss her most as Granny, for sure. Farewell, June. RIP
  7. So the Australian site for EB Games may have leaked the release date of Sonic Forces by accident. Tuesday, on the 7th of November, 2017. It's also selling for $60 AUD, which is quite cheap compared to the usual $80 or $90. And if you don't take my word for it, see it for yourself!
  8. Finally, we're done updating!

    I had to go... OUTSIDE!

  9. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "...Frisk..." Nicole begins, thinking. "...Safety is important. You obviously are not well, and it would be safer for you to remain here. I understand your determination to fight, but please, we'd rather not lose you." She pats Frisk's head. "Your determination is quite the thing, and it seems nothing will keep you down. But that's a risk no one wants to take. When you are better, I promise we will take you!" "Oh no, it's fine!" Orisa replies. But then her eyes go into an X shape, continuing, "Even if I only understood very little of that."
  10. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Orisa arrives, missing all of the action. "What did I miss? ...Oh, go to the Command Room? Very well, citizen, I will meet you there." She takes off, heading to the Everyday Phoning Facility. Nicole sits inside the EPF computers, worried and saddened. She thinks aloud, "All these problems appearing so suddenly... The multiverse is in more chaos than ever. Not only are others suffering, but so are my friends... Something, anything has to be done! What would the others do?" Nicole sighs. "...Sonic and Knuckles just keep fighting on the next thing they are able to fight... So... Is that what I do?"
  11. SonicForces_Hero_Screen_04_1493934679.jp

    i-i find the female wolf cute...
    why do i feel this way

    1. ShroomZed



    2. Bobnik


      sooner or later everyone will have a fursona

  12. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Nicole becomes even more embarrassed. "It's no one. Please don't continue any further with this..." Brushing aside the conversation, Nicole replies. "Oh! Yes! I've sent the details to Bru-- Batman's (I need to get used to that...) computer. But the gist of it is that Frisk is, in some way, connected to something. Or someone, even. I don't know what it could be, though."
  13. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Nicole raises an eyebrow, confused. "What...?" "Sonic, if you're referring to the time I nearly fell in love with you due to... Unfortunate circumstances, I've moved past that." She looks away, feeling embarrassed. "...I don't have anyone I can share such an emotion with..."