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  1. theodd1sout is openly a furry now


    this makes theodd1sout the biggest furry youtuber at 10 million subscribers

    1. Red


      That's pretty neat. The furry fandom really needs some good rep to get rid of the bad red. We were going good for a while until some bad stories came out 😕

    2. SaturnWolf


      Huh? He is? That's pretty rad.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      I mean, you could tell he was a furry from a mile away. Only recently, he started posting on and frequenting /r/furry_irl. The subreddit kind of flipped from the fact that he openly accepted it.

      So yeah, we all knew James was a furry. Now it's real.

    4. SaturnWolf


      I don't really keep up with his content with any sort of regularity, but this is nice to see the fandom get some good press for a change.

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