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  1. I went to a market today, and I picked up a PS1 with three controllers and five games for a crazy good price! The seller was just going to give me just the PS1 for $80 AUD, but decided to throw in all he had with it for lower than that.

    Huzzah! Now to look out for some PS1 games to play!

    1. DanJ86


      Sounds like a lucky break. Hope it works okay. I'm always nervous when I buy pre-owned tech.

      I liked a game called Roll Cage which I originally played on the PSone. The cars were those special kinds that can still drive while upside down and tunnels often had round edges so you could drive up them and briefly race upside down before gravity forced the issue. I think I first played Destruction Derby on the PSone, also.

      That was another racer but I enjoyed it most for smashing the cr*p out of everyone. XD

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