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  1. I still cannot believe Sans is actually in Smash.

    I didn’t even get to see the reveal, as I had to go to school, but when I checked my phone and saw everyone talking about SANS IN SMASH, I flipped my shit. It felt fake, but it’s real. It’s very real.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Before today, Mii Fighters were always viewed as where popular requested characters go to die. And now? It's where impossible characters are possible.


      That and the fact that Toby is also working on Little Town Fighter should've been our first warning.

    2. Kittea


      I watched the direct, so despite actually giving my thoughts on the addition of Sans in Smash I still woke up this morning like "Sans Undertale is actually in Smash??? Time for coffee."

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