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  1. Oh yeah, and I’m no longer interested in Overwatch for the Switch, too. Don’t know why I should be if Blizzard clearly isn’t in favour of human rights and free speech.

    I look forward to the shitstorm that Blizzcon will be, though. Oh goodness, what a lovely time...

    1. Teoskaven


      What happened, did they badly Rowling'd another charater like they did with Soldier 76?

    2. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      @Teospooker Nothing to do with Overwatch, more with Hearthstone.

      Basically a player named Blitzchung stated his opinion supporting the protests in Hong Kong, Blizzard didn't like that and banned him from playing in the tournament for a year, as well as not giving him the prize winnings.

      It's a pretty shitty move from Blizzard imo.

    3. Teoskaven


      No big surprise unfortunately, more and more companies are bending the knee to the chinese governament just to get more money due to the rich market potential there. Creative Assembly being another example.
      If left unchecked, this can bite everyone in the ass big time in the future.

    4. gato


      Man... Blizzard used to be cool... I really liked playing them Starcrafts and Orcs not in space.


      @Teospooker They recently held a Hearthstone competition and the person who won started to voice his support of the current movement in Hong Kong. Blizzard in response, banned him from the event and any other related activities for a year (obviously also removing the prize he won) for breaking one of their Terms Of Service  (basically, the one that states you are not allowed to say anything that offends a portion of the playerbase). This is a controversial decision to say the least since it made clear that what is and isn't considered offensive on Blizzard's eyes goes beyond your typical heated gamer moments, and puts into question how much that sweet Chinese market is influencing our media consumption.

      It certainly doesn't help matters that Blizzard didn't only ban the player, but also the commentators of the event who had (probably) nothing to do with it and were literally ducking while the player in question made his voice heard. Also most attempts to bring the topic on Blizzard related channels on Twitch and the like are getting instantly deleted (I'll admit tho, Twitch chat being Twitch chat it's probable a lot of the people doing it aren't exactly activists and they just want to make the streamer in question feel uncomfortable).

      All of this is happening with Blizzcon just a month away. So proverbial excrement flinging is to be expected in large quantities.


      Also, you mentioned it but a lot of people are already mocking the companies' attempts to win back the crowd after this event. Your example being just one of them.

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