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  1. Sonic Generations had some unique missions. Some were boring, others were interesting, and some brought a fun new twist on the gameplay. Even better is when some missions were so open that you could win them with unconventional answers. The Rouge mission for Modern Sonic could be blown wide open by boosting carefully across the water.

    1. Sean


      Always wished we could see modders add those mission-only abilities to other levels such as classic Tails' flight in that one Chemical Plant mission. But I haven't seen anything of the sort over the years so I'm assuming those abilities are specifically hardcoded somehow

    2. JezMM


      Honestly the Generations missions were a little underrated, they pretty much felt like mini-levels of their own sometimes - not really proper thrilling modern Sonic levels but a nice solid bit of platforming (and thank god it was one of the few 3D Sonic games where the controls were tight enough for it to be reasonable to ask the player to jump on some platforms).  Some of them are lame for sure, I do wish there were a few more like the penultimate Planet Wisp Act 2 mission which is basically an obstacle course making use of all of modern Sonic's abilities, felt very reminsicent of the Unleashed DLC stages but without the ridiculously high difficulty.

      But yeah, when I replay Generations, I usually replay all the missions too.  I also love how they set some of them at different times of day too, would've been awesome if it was an unlockable feature or even just an easter egg (by holding down buttons or whatever) to apply times of day randomly to the regular stages.  Big fan in particular of City Escape and Planet Wisp at dawn (another reason I love that Planet Wisp Act 2 mission mentioned above).

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      The Cream, Blaze and Rouge missions are my favorite buddy ones just cause it's nice seeing Sonic with them and that lovely remix of "You're My Hero" which was actually my introduction to the song. (You can guess which version of 3D Blast I played.) I especially loved Cream following Sonic around as an adorable companion during the stage.

      My favorite solo mission was what a lot of people consider the final one, "Action Master". I like the test of skill mastery and the way the background looks is so cool.

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