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  1. Rouge's first English VA is the only good one. Every VA after leans too far into the sultry angle and makes her annoying to listen to. Her lines in Forces: Episode Shadow drove me up the wall because it was trying too hard to be "sexy" when it really didn't need to.

    To be fair, the first VA was also the English voice director of that period, and likely knew the kind of deliveries she wanted. Every Rouge VA forward was under a different voice director, and could probably do a good Rouge if the directors stopped asking for a sultry delivery on EVERY SINGLE LINE.

    1. StaticMania


      Her 4Kids VA doesn't sound like she's doing that all the time...

      It's like...not sultry at all outside of Sonic X.

    2. Kuzu


      I don't really get "sultry" from her current VA tbh, but eh..different strokes. 

    3. Polkadi~☆


      i did make a generalisation, admittedly, because i kinda didn't pay much attention to rouge in the 4kids era, as i didn't really play anything she was in

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      I thought Rouge's 4Kids/X actress was pretty good. I didn't get sultry/sexy out of it, but more of a sly voice that always sounded somewhere between flirty and sarcastic. It fitted with her spy role, along with the backstabbing "I'm out for myself" kind of thing you'd expect with Rouge. 

      One of those sarcastic voices that would explain a shit situation to you, and then say "Shame I can't help you with that", or something along those lines.

    5. Thigolf


      I feel like her performance was pretty natural in Episode Shadow tbh.

      Also the delivery of the first one is really egh sometimes.

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