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  1. My dog passed away.

    1. Perkilator


      Oh, no…sorry to hear that.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      It's a funny feeling, I only walked her three days ago. And she was so happy. Even in her old age, you'd still think she was an adorable little puppy. Oh, but she hated the cold wind like I did.

      My cat, who knew my dog since she was just a little kitten, knew something was wrong. Even as my dog was dying, she knew something was wrong before my mother figured it out. My cat's heart is also broken by this passing, they were best friends.

      Oh, we took my dog everywhere. If we were able to take her, then she came with us and got to see Australia. Oh, she loved me, and I loved her. Even as I played my games, drew my pictures, watched my movies, and did whatever it was that made me happy, she was right next to me (or on top of me), just happy that I was there. She was such a good dog, even keeping me company when I was lonely throughout primary and secondary school.

      I miss her so much. Oh god I miss Tess, and I love her so so much. I'm drowning in my tears for her as I type this. Oh my god I love her i love her i wish i treated her even better than i did because she deserves the world

    3. Sean


      I'm sorry :( Sounds like you really adored her. I've been there, I hope you'll be alright.

    4. Zaysho


      Very sorry to hear that, Polk. I remember what you were going through around Christmas, hope you can take some solace that it sounds like you did well by her.

    5. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I'm so sorry to hear that.

    6. Polkadi~☆


      It's hard, isn't it? After realising she was on death's door last year, I begged and I pleaded for her to live through Christmas and to see 2020. We were blessed to see her 12th birthday recently, and it's all I could ask for.

      It's hard to lose someone. You just feel like they were never going to leave you, and that they were going to be by your side forever.

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm so sorry to hear this. You've got my condolences 

    8. Failinhearts


      I'm sorry for your loss, man.

    9. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I'm so sorry, man. As someone who lost my dog a few months back, I know how you're feeling.

      It's so easy to remember all the regrets you have when you lose someone close to you... I was so sad I ended up getting sick. I'm sorry if this is too soon to say, but from what I am reading your dog had a damn good life, raised by people who loved and cared for her very much and she loved you all the same. No matter the bad times, she stuck by you and she loved you very much as well.

      I can't say the pain will go away soon. I admit, I am crying as I type this as well, for your dog and my own... as cliche as this sounds, always cheerish the good memories you have of her and the great life she had with you. 

    10. Polkadi~☆


      Heh, now that I think of it, the last time I won the day on this site according to my profile was when I said that my dog would live through Christmas into 2020. It'd be nice if that stayed, just as a little keepsake for my dog. I don't know if I'll post something that'll change that, but I kinda hope I don't.


      I'm doing my best to hold up in light of this, but this is really going to drag me down for a while. How about a nice game of Sonic, any of the classic games? It's been a long time since I've played 3&K.

    11. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Very sorry to hear that. I love dogs and I want one, but reading this makes me now fear getting attached to animals. I know death happens, and we gotta live with it but still...😞

    12. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I'm really sorry to hear that Polk. I know how its like losing a pet so I understand.

    13. Polkadi~☆


      @Pelvic WOO! engine

      Dogs are man's best friend for a reason. When you find the dog who fits your lifestyle and personality, you'll find yourself with the bestest friend you could ever ask for. Their lifespans are short in comparison to ours, but you'll never forget them.

      I'd say giving a child a dog is also a good life experience. They'll have a friend they can depend on, and they'll learn life, care, responsibility and death, just as I have.

    14. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      It's always devastating when losing a pet. Too many people take them for granted and get confused when people talk about them like a member of the family until it happens to them.

      Sorry for your loss, Polkadi. I hope you can be strong enough to make it through that pain. Your dog wouldn't want you to be sad, speaking from experience myself. Take care of yourself, okay?

    15. Adamabba


      I'm so sorry for your loss

    16. Strickerx5


      My condolences, sorry for your loss.

    17. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      My condolences Polkadi.

    18. Zonic 2099

      Zonic 2099

      I'm so sorry :(

    19. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      I really wish I could give more than an apology for your loss on a status update, dude.

      Never a good feeling losing a family member.

    20. NegaMetallix


      I'm very sorry for your loss.

      Believe me when I say I know the pain of losing a family dog, especially one who has been around for a long time. It's never easy, but I hope you do manage to make it through this incredibly tough time.

      Stay strong, Polk.

    21. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I've never been especially close to the pets my family has owned, but whenever one of them eventually does leave, it always feels like there's some kind of hole left behind, no matter how distant they were. I can't imagine losing one that's by your own side for as long as you can remember them.

      Cherish her memories, and don't ever forget the joy she experienced while she lived. Stay well, man.

      @Pelvic WOO! engine: Stuff like this is heartbreaking but the reason why it's so devastating is exactly why it's worth it. Everything has to go eventually and it's understandable why you would be scared of that, but the comfort, joy, and warmth family members such as pets offer are what make life rich and worth living, so please don't be scared off from attachment in the long run. Live and love life to the fullest.

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