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  1. I have now learned an interesting story when it comes to Sonic VAs:

    When SEGA was replacing the 4kids cast, they sent out auditions for Eggman to replace Mike Pollock. One of the people they sent an audition to was... Mike Pollock. It wasn't a reaudition nor was it treated as one, Mike's agent just called him one day and said "I found a great role for you! It's a video game character called Eggman."

    Mike Pollock was really confused at this. He thought he was already Eggman...?

    SEGA actually tried to replace Mike Pollock with Mike Pollock.

    1. Cuz


      This makes my day! xD

      I great role indeed! 

      Kudos to the agent without them Mike might of missed his chance to re-up!

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