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  1. Hey, the Japanese Mega Man 8 experience isn't so bad. No kanji makes it even easier for me to read (this was obviously meant for children).

    But goodness gracious, my PS1 looks horrible on my TV. Any suggestions on making it better?

  2. My copy of Rockman 8 for PS1 came in the mail! Hey, it was cheaper than an English Mega Man 8 copy.

    ”For Japan Only”
    [ nervous collar pulling intensifies ]

  3. Nice try, horoscope, but I don’t want to meet anyone 😎 What an odd reference to make, I wonder if the social media team was allowed to? They’ve referenced Tails Adventure before, even though it was confirmed non-canon after.
  4. Emerald Spears is Archie Mega Man. Don’t get too confused, it has nothing to do with Sonic.
  5. Apparently, you're creating the home for the Villagers yourself. If you don't have a vacant home for them, they won't stay. That's what I've heard, at least. I could be wrong.
  6. Hey, you okay, Dan? The lack of an avatar, naming yourself "Nobody," this obviously isn't like you. You said you were made a fool of, and your optimism was seemingly put into question, and it all makes me worry for you.

    1. DanJ86


      I was just trying to give advice. A suggestion based on my observations and what I've been told. But what I got as a reply was "lol."

      That was it. I didn't care about the annoying members chiming in with opinions I didn't give a shit about. What made this hurt the most was that I was talking to a mod.

      I've been coming and going on this forum for 10 years and that was the first time I felt like I didn't belong.

      The update in which this occurred had since been deleted so I can't show what happened...

    2. Polkadi~☆


      If there were any issues with a moderator, bring it up to an administrator. The last thing a moderator should do is make a member on the site feel uncomfortable.

      No one should feel unwelcome in a community, especially when sharing your genuine thoughts and opinions.

  7. I think it's to do with people forgetting all the good things about Sonic, to blow the bad things out of proportion.
  8. If they want to do Sonic eSports (and they're seemingly not going to bother with Puyo Puyo around here ;n;), then I simply MUST suggest... a Sonic fighting game. Highly competitive, and highly fun to watch, especially if one goes for a unique take on the fighting game formula.
  9. I love playing FSX, as well as my grandfather. There were fun missions to do, as well as free roaming across the Earth, maybe in a little biplane (my favourite type). But this announcement, I never saw it coming! And it looks absolutely amazing! I definitely can't wait to play this, and I'll have my joystick ready to go (maybe with an upgrade to my computer to make it look the best possible). I wonder how my hometown will look this time? FSX just layers city textures over it, so you don't actually see it, but that could change for this new game. Hm, maybe this is a good time to finally get a Steam copy of FSX too... The menu music is already playing in my head, ingrained.
  10. There is apparently a Japanese release of IDW Sonic, unless I am mistaken in some way, as Yuji Uekawa has said he's happily following the series in the letter pages of the 2019 annual, despite him living in Japan. Maybe it's an import of the English books, or there really is a Japanese release, but I cannot find anything.
  11. I did mention that it was said Ganon reincarnated before his time, so perhaps this song had prophesied the event that was supposed to happen, which is this. Just, you know, with an angle no one saw coming.
  12. The song is just named after the thing. Came from an old DOOM comic, and became a central point of focus in the franchise. On a different note, how in the actual goddamn heck did people think that fan-design from earlier would be Sonic's new design? I knew it was fake from the moment I laid eyes on it, but others were super quick to panic.
  13. I'd rather Sonic characters looked more like Sonic, and less like rejected demons from DOOM...
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