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  1. I'm not even into traditional JRPGS, so why do I find Dragon Quest XI so fun?


    My only complaint is that Free-Form Fighting is bloody useless >:U
    You're better off using the Classic Camera.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Try playing Tales of Vesperia

      The free form movement makes things weird that you'd rather play in the 2D camera mode

      Not that isn't a solid game mind, its really good. It just feels like 3D movement feels like it should move you into position rather than use for fighting.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      You can try to run from attacks, but enemies will still get you. You can also position party members to be in the way so that enemies can’t get to you. But nooo, making it really useless.

    3. tailsBOOM!


      I'm glad you enjoy!  Dragon Quest is truly a joy!

  2. >gets a 4-Chain combo

    >one or two garbage puyos on opponent

    >opponent gets a basic 2-chain combo

    >rows of garbage puyo drop on me


    1. Ryannumber1gamer
    2. Blacklightning


      My guess is Margin Time. tl;dr, the longer a match goes on, the more the damage of both players is multiplied to keep matches from stalling infinitely. As far as weakening goes, that's probably Offset - which is to say when you make a chain, it negates garbage that would have otherwise been dumped on you right after the chain before sending any to the opponent, either dampening the attack (as it would have here) or their resulting counterattack.

      I play way too much Puyo Tetris okay

  3. Thanks to A Link to the Past, I always imagine that particular incarnation of Link as having blonde hair with pink highlights. Like, under any light, the edges of the hair have a pink glow to it.

    ...I mean, A Link Between Worlds says no, but it’s fun to imagine.

    1. SupahBerry


      That's amusing, since most other interpratations of that sprite have his hair fully pink. I for one assumed the pink was part of the hat.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      I used to think it was part of the hat :p

      Official art for the game shows Link with blonde hair, so the reason his hair is pink in the game will forever remain unknown. So I make my own ideas ^_^



    1. tailsBOOM!


      What's you FC?  I don't know if are friends yet.

  5. I remember reading about a French programme that played all kinds of anime to kids, and it was massively popular. I can’t remember it’s name...

    And then I read about how they have a system similar to Shonen Jump, with rankings to keep certain series running. And from start to finish of this series, DragonBall dominated the no.1 spot of the ranks. It was so popular, that Akira Toriyama himself appeared on the programme to be given a special award

  6. Loot boxes are designed to rope in whales who throw away cash with no concern and gambling addicts who cannot control themselves from spending. And although companies will never admit it, they’re aimed at kids too, who have no concept of currency. Loot boxes are designed to take people’s money. To excuse that behaviour is ridiculous, especially now that the practice has become incredibly predatory, with no forewarnings to the fact that a game has them. I am all for their ban. Gaming publishers are getting too carried away with their money maker, to the detriment of their consumers and their products, and are willing to defend it to the death, considering they make more money than sales these days. These games aren’t hiding that they’re gambling mechanics, and need to be regulated. At the very least, put a warning on the age rating label to dissuade the easily influenced.
  7. As I dive more and more into what I want to do in the future, the life of a comic book creator has me thoroughly intrigued. It has me thinking of the good and the bad, especially with working in comics being an unappreciated job in much of the world.

  8. I tried the game out for a time, and I don’t really like it 😅 The characters don’t control too well, and the stages, in my opinion, are really really poorly designed. There’s a good idea in there, but the execution of it is not for me.
  9. “stan” has a rather negative connotation to it

    so tell me,

    why the hell would you want to be a stan for something when it means you are dangerously obsessed over that something

    1. Ferno


      i just feel bad for any dude in the world named stan these days tbh

      its like dick, you're never getting your name back im so sorry oh my god

    2. Zaysho


      It was really weird seeing people calling themselves "stans" what seems fairly recently because it's only ever been used as an insult whenever I've heard it brought up in the past.

    3. Wraith


      People are just playfully exaggerating their fixation 

    4. SupahBerry


      Stan Lee didn't have to die having his name be indirectly assiociated with such filfh.

  10. boy i sure love playin some sonic 2

    1. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      Better Sonic/Sabrina crossover than Some Enchantra Evening.

  11. send me music with “i win” energy. the kind of music that plays when it looks like the protagonist is about to lose, but then this music plays in the background

    1. Spin Attaxx
    2. Celestia


      No joke: Open Your Heart always had that energy to me. Even now after all these years I think it should have played in the second half of the fight instead.

    3. Perkilator
    4. Adamabba


      100% this


  12. I can hear dark humour edgy memers lying in wait...

    1. tailsBOOM!
    2. Polkadi~☆


      Look at the date.

      Look at what will come up soon.

    3. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      9/11 anniversary?

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      Hey you said look at the date!

  13. i found out that a little witch academia manga exists, so i got all three volumes

    god i miss this series

    1. Celestia


      I'm excited for Yoshinari's new show Brand New Animal, but I'm still kind of hoping LWA S2 happens someday.

  14. Lack of sleep. Head is fuzzy, and feels heavy. Must soldier on. Must continue to participate in school. Note to self to not totally rely on an airport’s schedule.

  15. In Episode Shadow of Sonic Forces, Eggman hired a bunch of mercenary gangs to defend one of his bases, including Jackal Squad with Infinite, of which Shadow tore through with ease. Perhaps that’s related to Whisper’s grudge against him?
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