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  1. Sonic Heroes is average.

    It's not good, but it's not bad.

    It's fine, harmless, plain.


    My only complaint is TEN MINUTE STAGES, WHY IS IT LIKE THIS

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      By the time you reach the last few levels of the game, you'll wish that they were only 10 minutes long. Because holy fuck Mystic Mansion and Final Fortress never seem to end.

    2. JezMM


      Final Fortress is definitely the worst, because there are like 3 checkpoints and, to my memory, they're at the 1 minute, 4 minute and 9 minute marks.

      And that eighth minute is the hardest =D

    3. Adamabba


      The only part about final fortress I hate is dealing with those giant robots with the helmets

    4. Ferno


      To me they just felt right and meaty. If anything the 3 minute stages we get now feel short.

    5. Soniman


      These days we can't even get a stage half...he'll a QUARTER of that length. I miss those days 

  2. Weeellll shoot, Sonic Drive is stuck in my head now. Repeat listens will do that.



    1. Ferno


      That intro and the pilot that the animation was taken from to make it was some of the best 2D animation for the modern series outside of the Riders intro.

      there was also this from the 2nd Japanese intro that the US never got since we used Gotta Go Fast all the way through and I always wondered where it was from because I saw it in like every forum avatar/ sig back in the day:



    2. Polkadi~♪


      It's unfortunate that the cool animation of the pilot didn't fully carry into the series. Finding the reason reveals that the series unpopularity in it's home country got the budget lowered for season 2, despite being a smash success everywhere else. Hell, it's why Japan never got season 3, despite having the voice track, soundtrack and everything.

      Suppose when people clamour for another Sonic anime, they need to keep that crucial detail in mind.

  3. Evening: Ah, what a nice, clean, all made up bed I'm about to hop into!

    Morning: In two swift movements, it was all destroyed...

  4. Polkadi~♪


    You would lose a few things, considering 4kids even censors a lot of plot points in season 3, and it's very unfortunate. I wouldn't say what they are, as so not to spoil, but it does take away some things from the experience.
  5. Polkadi~♪


    Sonic X has 3 seasons and 78 episodes in total. The 3rd season is not Japan only, nor was it ever aired in Japan (and only ever came to them through streaming services). You can find the entire series in English and in Japanese all in HD quality on YouTube. Many fans will tell you that the Japanese version is better, when compared to the censorship of the 4Kids English dub. The original soundtrack of the series is still intact, and many scenes are unedited and uncensored (of which these edits were for the most inane reasons anyways, like removing text from scenes and getting rid of Live and Learn in an episode). Sonic X, unlike other story-based Sonic TV shows (Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground), actually has a complete ending. The series is done, complete, finished. It isn't unpopular, just not spoken about much anymore. Everything about the show has already been said, and everyone ultimately moved on.
  6. Which Sonic X intro do you prefer? Gotta Go Fast or SONIC DRIVE?

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Sonic Drive takes longer to get going but it doesn't quite annoy me like the 4kids intro

      Plus I'm against replacing music in things in general so

    2. Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      I like them equally. 

      They're thankfully not the UK opening. 

    3. Sean


      The one with Hironobu Kageyama

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't like either, but Sonic Drive is the best of a bad bunch. The UK one is incredibly bad.

    5. Ferno


      Sonic Drive

      To this day I wish one of the big name youtube fandubbers would sing it

  7. It turns out that I am bow legged. Thankfully, it is very mild.

    Time to fix this this through exercise and going outside more...

  8. I have found something... peculiar in my Japanese studies.

    To like is 「好き」。Makes sense. But if you love something, it's 「大好き」。

    「大好き」is literally "big like."

    1. Strickerx5


      Kanji remains confusingly hilarious to me even after years of being exposed to the language and studying it. Like, there are thousands of these symbols and with varying combinations that form different words. It's really something that one only picks up through years of practice and even then a lot of people who speak the language fluently will often come across ones they don't recognize.

      Once you get better with it you'll often find yourself skipping symbols in sentences because you can often just assume the general meaning of it through both the symbols you do know and the hiragana. There's also a large role of overall word recognition as well.

      Though, then you come across examples like this which is just... so weird yet strangely obvious when broken down. Like there's a literal science to it all that my English brain will probably never be able to fully recognize.

  9. Polkadi~♪

    My Hero Academia

  10. Polkadi~♪

    My Hero Academia

  11. For Big Hero 6's concept of San Fransokyo, I really wish Disney would have touched a bit more upon the American and Japanese fusion concept. Instead, it's just a backdrop to the story, that the story could have taken place anywhere.

    Why make a unique concept if it's not even relevant? I get that it's to make the movie resemble more of the original comics, but other than that, nothing.


    Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Polkadi Yells at Disney Movies. Don't even get me started on Frozen.

    1. Mega


      The Big Hero 6 TV series touches on it a bit more, if it helps.

    2. Ferno


      In my early weeb days over a decade ago before I even knew of the BH6 comics, I very briefly bounced around a similar concept for a setting but dropped it pretty quick because I wasn't doing the idea much justice at all and it just seemed very Kappa Mikey-ish and weeby which wasn't my intention but all I had to go off of in terms of refs of Japan was well, manga since I've never been there so I was already off to a bad start. I'm just glad someone else out there did it, and did it very well, and that someone being a big dog like disney no less, which is really satisfying personally, like "my execution was terribad but I knew the idea at its core had some kinda value"

    3. Polkadi~♪


      A fusion of different cultures is always fun to see. It's what makes Europe so fascinating to me, personally, with the interconnection between different countries.

      It's really cool in the way that Disney did it, and it all looks really good, I just wish they indulged into more than just appearance, to let us see more of the world of Big Hero 6. They don't scratch the surface of either culture, let alone a combined culture between the two. I mean, it's inoffensive compared to some of Disney's other works, where they never even refer to their locations, or bring forth any of it's unique attributes, but still, it's a missed opportunity.

    4. Jango


      New Quiork. Hiroshington. 

  12. When the implications of this buyout settled in past first impressions, I was terrified of what it could mean when it went through. I never said these thoughts on this topic, contrary to my memories. Sure, there are some cool things, but the negatives vastly outweigh them.
  13. oh god it actually happened I know I made a brainless post earlier in this topic, but this can be a terrible, terrible thing. I do not wish for Disney to take so much, and yet we have entered this odd reality. I wonder what this could mean?
  14. Polkadi~♪

    DOOM ETERNAL - "It's hell on earth."

    The movement of this game looks really really fun! And we now get to see the Extra Life in action. Looking at the level itself, it looks like part of the process of when Hell takes another dimension into their world, seeing bits of the UAC Mars facility all split into pieces. Oh, a Prowler was spotted as a new enemy in the game (second demon killed in the video)! You may know the Prowler as one of the playable demons from DOOM (2016)'s multiplayer mode. Not very strong, but can zip around and lunge into you to attack. Should make for a fun new enemy! Oh, and other new enemies, but they're completely brand new to this game. They look almost Strogg-like...
  15. What if the book attempts to visualise Sonic via words? "Standing at half a foot was the blue furry Sonic the Hedgehog! His shoes were red, his hands were white, and he had these marvelous long, healthy, supple, strong, cool and lickable human-like legs." ...I wrote that myself, and even I feel scarred from the pain.

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