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  1. "Marcus? Hello? Oh..." "Aku, get out. Your turn comes later." Nicole commands. Then she runs over to Marcus, trying to calm him. "I think it'll have to be back to the medbay with you... You're too unwell."
  2. Nicole pauses, her eyes wide open. She then shakes her head, and then says "Do not mention that ever again. She is gone, she won't terrorise us." She starts pushing Aku out of the room. "Get... OUT...! Why are you... So hard to move...?!"
  3. Nicole groans. Really? Now? "Aku, first of all, you're not making the situation any better. "Second, you're doing a terrible job at hiding yourself. I mean, your name is literally evi--"
  4. "Have you ever met "Rosy" before your own eyes?" Nicole continues.
  5. "You are lucky to have her, and she is lucky to have you." Nicole says, smiling. "So, are the other two you mentioned Monokuma and Junko?"
  6. Nicole rests her chin upon her fist, thinking. "White with black cracks all over...? That's Rosy. Does it speak?"
  7. Nicole continues, "How would you describe this 'pest' you've mentioned?" // "I swear, if he acts smart and says it's me..."
  8. "If you want to stop, please tell me." Nicole clears her throat, and then asks, "Do you know the name Rosy?"
  9. "Thank you. And thank you, Anya, for bringing me here," Nicole says, bwoing to Anya. She walks inside and seats herself, facing Marcus. She takes a deep breath, and begins. "Marcus, I have been nursing you since you were brought in for your hallucinations and sudden mental issues. So, in other words, I have heard your rambling. There were many a thing of interest, such as mentioning a 'pest'. Will you be okay to continue?"
  10. Nicole shakes her head. "Basically, we need to know where Marcus is. That is all." Hands behind her back and rocking back and forth, she asks, "So, would you kindly help?"
  11. Nicole wastes no time in explaining, "I'm trying to decypher his ramblings. Like who the 'pest' is, among other things. This may be crucial to understanding what happened."
  12. Nicole greets Sonic with a bow, then corrects. "It would not be me who wants something, it's Raffina. So, you may assist her with what she wants. Farewell, I must go!" As she walks to continue off to Marcus with Shademon, she quickly whispers to Sonic, "And good luck."
  13. Nicole has a small chuckle. "Ah. Would have thought Sonic's interests remained the same throughout universes. Please, give me another second..." Clearing her throat again, she yells out again; "WE GOT PIZZA, TOO!! COME GET YOUR PIZZA!!" // "Actually, I think that's going to backfire horribly."
  14. Nicole just scratches the back of her head, smiling awkwardly. Raffina is exactly who she thought she'd be. "...We, uh... Don't do fancy, expensive, prim, proper rooms... I could try make one, if given permission. That'll take some time. We just have our regular rooms, which should surely be okay, right?" "And I can get your requested Sonic here. Just, um, hold on a second." Nicole clears her 'throat'. "CHILI DOGS HERE!! COME GET 'EM!!" @Failinhearts@Jovahexeon Joranvexeon