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  1. I'm sad I have to go to Gamestop to get Volanion, the nearest one around me is an hour away which is why I love it when they put events on Mystery Gift... As for Keldeo, I'll probably get the tcg set, been getting back into the tcg recently.
  2. For now I'm just crossing my fingers that it isn't some F2P game that all the other spin offs have become recently. I love PMD a ton maybe even more then the main games so I hope it turns out fantastic.
  3. Oh gosh Sonic Channel still does art every month? That's amazing! the Amy is incredibly cute. And yeah I agree that they should tame Amy down personality wise, but I don't see that happening unfortunately.
  4. I find game theories super interesting to watch, love that stuff, but I will agree some of them are pretty ECH or awkward. *coughgaijingoombacough*
  5. Oh man, custom Mii amiibos would be top shelf. I'm personally still looking for a Ness amiibo, it's the one I want the most out of them all..well aside from Falcon and Olimar, Agreed, I have one and it looks so great, super nicely detailed, especially the shell!
  6. During my time playing Sonic Adventure 1/2 for the first time my attitude and personality became a lot like Sonics and to this day you can kinda still see it, and like a bunch of people here I also ran with my arms behind me like Sonic for a good few years during school.
  7. Oh right I forgot about this place for a few months. WOOPS.

    1. C4k3


      One does not simply forget the SSMB.

    2. Kiah


      Welcome back! : )

  8. IOSYS is a cool band that everyone should check out~ OH AND THE MIGHT SWITCH FORCE 1 AND 2 OST IS THE BEST THING IN EXISTANCE.
  9. ^ Yeah pretty much. I belive I got intrested by playing my dads Sonic 2 on his Game Gear. But I only really enjoyed it cause of either SA2B or Sonic Advance. I forget which one I played first but yeah.
  10. I rather enjoyed the Chao as well and wouldn't mind their return but like the others have said it doesn't really fit Sonic. It was a really big pace breaker for the kind of game Sonic is, maybe even more then the Werehog was... Actually now that I think about it, if Sega made Chao a separte game series with more complex things in it plus with a lot more extras...I'd be all over that! What I'm saying is I don't really mind the Chao in Sonic games, just let it not be a important part of the game. *coughlookatmysigniturefreakingSA2emblemscough*
  11. Oh man I can't really tell if this is true but I sure hope it is, the Trainer level thing sounds rather intriguing! Plus, card suit based legends would be a pretty cool idea.
  12. Yeah my favorite is Silver. The setting is good, the music is amazing, and holy shit, its SUPER satisfying when you hit him and see him rolling on the ground (which also applies to Metal). Its like yeah I hit you, I hit you good, ESPECIALLY THE FINAL HIT. Freaking Katamari of death~ Shadows fight is also good but its mostly cause of nostalgia(dat intro), I prefer the original fight tbh.
  13. Oh cool, theres a Touhou thread here! Ah yes, Touhou is probably my second favorite game series next to Sonic. I'm kinda iffy on 3.5 after playing the demo, while the sprite work and other visuals look fantastic, the controls and the way you move is the just....wtf? I mean I'll probably get used to it after a while but still....
  14. Its actually over 900 now from what I've heard. I saw a report earlier stating that this is the biggest human casuallty count from an object from Outer Space. Wow dang.
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