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  1. I got Art Academy Atelier the other day and I love it especially the Time Lapse feature and I decided to post some of my Sonic art on Youtube so go ahead and check it out (this was the first picture i made on Art Academy Atelier as well) Sonic here gives his approval of the new Art Academy too.
  2. Hello , I had just made a documentary series on Youtube where I go around Sydney and document historic buildings and places that I like . The series is part of a new Youtube doc on my channel called "SydneySider stories". There will be more videos in this series but the first one is about Sega World Sydney. One reason why I did this video was because I also decided to detail some events from the time I went there since I had been there several times when it was open. I'm still trying to find all of the photos we took there and will happily upload them if I can ever find them to the Sonic Stadium. This is a very detailed and up to date documentary, which covers the entire history of the park and the Jacfun & Sydney Harbor Foreshore Authority Lawsuit from 2009 - 2012, plus some extra added info you may or may not have known. If you enjoyed this video please like and support my channel by subscribing as there will be more episodes about different places in Sydney in this new series in the future. I hope you like it.
  3. I'm still on my Windows XP Actually I forgot all about this. I love my Windows XP. I'm a sucker for old technology and I will refuse to give mine away. Even if support has expired.

  5. Well that doesn't mean that aliens are going to attack us any time soon. We're in 2014 now, conspiracy theorists. [reliable] Source: http://www.space.com/25218-dwarf-planet-discovery-solar-system-edge.html?cmpid=514630_20140326_20759344
  6. Strangely, Non-Sonic Adventure songs really make me want to play Sonic Adventure again. and Sonic Adventure related songs make me want to play it even more. Holoska Night from Sonic Unleashed also gets me in the mood to play Sonic Unleashed more often, since I love that game. OOOOOOOOOOH and also I must say Hidden World from Sonic Lost World is also my current theme song of head bopping enlightenment.
  7. It's a great wake up call for Crush 40 to finally begin making new music again it's always so long between mid albums and songs. I'm really happy with all of the new EP releases. I'm really looking forward to the new ones.
  8. I don't think there's anything bad with it at all. I'm cool with it, actually. That's what I like.
  9. Please let this happen in all countries. This is actually a good thing. Like, I hate scam apps, even if they are games. Hey this game's free to download ! Wait ... i have to pay $5 for unlocking a new character? Stuff that!
  10. I played Out Run and Hang - On. I was pretty impressed by Hang On. For it's time, the controls for an arcade racing game like that are quite smooth and responsive, unlike other early racing games that i've played [i'll never forgive you, Sega Rally for the Sega Saturn] The first series of Photos have been uploaded, [i took a lot of photos, so it may take me a while to upload them all!] http://imgur.com/a/QUna0
  11. Yesterday was the day where I played 100 Games. I went to the Game Master Exhibition at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. I had the best day ever. If anyone remembers Sega World, it's as if Sega World never closed down and had just returned. Although this was no way associated with Sega World, Sega games, including Sonic the Hedgehog was everywhere. There was a big Sonic Lost World poster on the entrance of the museum. I decided to count how many times I saw Sonic, but lost count. I managed to play every single game I saw, when you walked in they first had arcade games. Then they'd have the first consoles. They would have history of the consoles and the early games. When you'd walk in further the arcade games would get more modern and then all of a sudden you'd see rows of Sega Mega Drives (we call Genisises Mega Drives in Australia), Sega Saturns [i CAN'T PLAY SEGA RALLY!], Sega Dreamcasts, and they weren't all just Sega consoles there. This place had the most Playstation 3s i've ever seen, ever. Every game had its own console, and being there over 100 games, there must have been over 100 consoles. The consoles were in protective glass containers so kids couldn't mess around with them. I played Shenmue ("I wonder what's in this drawer? SOME GUY'S PANTS!!!") and for the first time, Chu Chu Rocket, which was exciting, because I still see the PAL version on Ebay occasionally. I am now addicted to it. They had the very first Space Channel 5. You could play NIGHTS on the Saturn, and they had Ipads all over the place where you could watch movies about the producers and game designers talking about the games. Near the retro sega area there were Ipads showing Sonic the Hedgehog documentaries with Yuji Naka. There was a virtual Air Hockey table that was designed exclusively for the exhibition. There would be a little bumper in the middle, so if the puck would hit the bumper, it would bounce back to you. It was a touch screen game as well. Oh, and there was that swell time where I unintentionally broke Sonic 2 and caused an unintentional lockdown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppvmlQWMm4Y I believe they had more Sega and Sonic Consoles than they did Nintendo. I found out I hate using the Wii Pro Controllers and I thought that "they were only used for people who can't use the Wii Remotes for some odd reason". I couldn't even move Mario in the Wii Shop version of Mario 64. ("WHERE THE HECK IS HE GOING?!!?!") At the store they had loads of Sonic Merchandise, including those REALLY CREEPY Sonic Pop figures and great Classic Sonic Styled t-shirts featuring Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, even Tetris alarm clocks that would play Tetris music when you'd wake up I'll post pictures when I find an overall bloody good and reliable Photo Uploader. I took too many photos! (Sorry, Imageshack, I don't like you anymore) Our Highlights? Playing Sonic Generations on a huge 3D Television with Glasses, Child of Eden on the Playstation 3, seeing Dreamcasts there, Shenmue Dreamcast, Nights, making sonic get stuck in Sonic 2, and Vib Ribbon. THE EXHIBITION HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JULY 5, 2014!! Web: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/gamemasters/
  12. That's funny because I SUCK at Sonic CD. I can't get past the pinball flipping Robotnik in world 3....I think? It always makes me miss him, those darn pinball flippers. I remember Big's fishing controls [i knew I said let's not mention that but this is a must now that you bring it up] I remember once staying about 20 minutes on Twinkle Park just because his fishing rod couldn't go into the direction that I wanted it to go too and I kept on yelling at him "PUT IT THAT WAY!" But since then I've kind of mastered it because i've tried it so much [lol] Somehow, I have no idea, I have completed Terminal Velocity and have finished the game [except I haven't collected all of the red rings]. I remember Terminal Velocity took me days to beat. uugh sonic tripping so much made me want to pull out my hair. [i ddn't] Man i'm such an expert at treasure hunting. My friends would let me always do it for them [Mad space is my favorite Treasure Hunting level, ever] - I had completed Knuckle's Aquatic Mine in 1min40s [with an A rank, I believe?] I was very good at tracking them. Everybody except me hates the treasure hunting levels. I admit I also almost got nauseated during Mad Space, for that level took me about 20 minutes + to beat as well though - I love the confusingness of it all.
  13. I remember somebody called Turrican. If that was you, I remember! Also, I agree with the Big Projects part. OMG I REMEMBER YOU! Also, Turrican you are forgiven!
  14. Let's not talk about the dreaded untrustified "glitch" myth. Don't go there. Instead, let's talk about the great Sonic games that we're proud to be bad of, so we can keep on playing them again and again to get better at them. I used to be really bad at Sonic Drift, but when I got my Game Gear last year I played Sonic Drift on it. I started to get really good instantly because after I looked at the map on the top of the screen it showed me where all of the turns were, then after a few tries of studying the obstacles on the side of the road I knew where to go to avoid them. I wouldn't say i'm bad at Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, in fact it's just hard now because i'm stuck on a hard part of the game [i have to beat Amy and she's really fast] I'm the worst at Sonic 3, although i'm currently up to Launch Base Zone i'm still studying the gaps between floors where it just drops you and makes you stuck so you'd have to do them again. It's been 20 years and I still am terrible at collecting all of the Blue Spheres. I get too freaked out when the stage turns fast and then I panic, bounce around places and then hit a spring and get knocked back into a red sphere. Game over man, GAME OVER Happens every time. I'm quite terrible at Sonic Spinball, I can get to the first chaos emerald, but then other than that nothing happens since I keep falling in the goo. AND LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT TEAM DARK IN SONIC HEROES , OH BOY! ...the special stages especially - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CHOOSE.
  15. Happy 20th Birthday Sonic 3!

  16. Honestly i'd prefer to keep my PS3 without buying an Xbox One any day.
  17. I really hate the drum kit on Wii Music - it's so hard to play, because you're not using drum sticks. I love using drum sticks, not wii remotes for drumming

    1. Thigolf


      Wiimotes are probably way to heavy to play properly.


    1. Victoes
    2. Chaos Incarnate

      Chaos Incarnate

      I don't think you're on the same page Azure...

  19. I have ALWAYS WANTED A SONIC MOVIE! PLEASE MAKE ONE THIS INSTANT SEGA. I can wait one year. JUST ONE!!! Also, i'm looking forward to the next Wii U version of the new Sonic Game because my wii u is the best. Better than that stinky old xbox one
  20. Hey that's great, people actually remember me on here. I really appreciate all of the nice comments guys, good to see you all too again! Whoops, JezMM, didn't I tell you before when I joined that I was? I'm sorry! I saw you, Akito and some other familiar names on here several times and I was like ..... is that the same people? I DON'T KNOW! But now I know that it IS ! =O
  21. I love everything about Sonic. OK So that's my life simplified here's some reasoning - I absolutely adore Sonic 2006....it's my all time favorite since Sonic Adventure but I don't say that because I don't think all of the other games are bad .... seriously Sonic 06 is way cool especially because of the Tag Team feature during the game, where you can have a full go of a level featuring past Sonic Characters, and every hedgehog in the game that you can play has different moves and styles of gameplay, worlds are alternated, eggman's new look is awesome, etc I love the Sonic TV shows all in general especially Sonic Underground. [sONIC WITH A GUITAR WOAH COOL!] AOSTH is wonderful as is Sonic X an Sonic SatAM, i'm currently exited about the new Sonic Cartoon. I like so many things about sonic and i'm so positive about it that if i tell you all of it your head's probably goin xplode. I was playing Sonic R last night and kept on humming along to Back in Time........Sonic R has [one of the] greatest soundtracks to a sonic game EVERER! [as well as Sonic & The Secret Rings that one rocks my socks off!] Speaking of the boost, THAT'S MY FAVORITE FEATURE IN THE NEW SONIC GAMES! RLY. I love using it so much that I don't even need to move the control pad in a game to beat a level in 3d. For the entire level it's just ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAST PROCESSING OK I've calmed down now, sorry. Sega should stop listening to the negative comments. They shouldn't have slowed Sonic down in SLW. Well at least you can make him run faster anyway. PLEASE MAKE HIM UNBELIEVABLY FAST AGAIN LIKE IN THE OLD ONES IN THE NEXT GAME!
  22. Hey I was a member of Sonic Anime up until it closed. I joined in about early 2005 under the name Mario Murderer. I thought that name was funny, but I actually like Mario. Yeah SonicAnime was great and I made loads of friends [some who I still see on the SSMB from time to time] and i've seen familiar faces here also, I used to be really good friends with the webmaster Sonic Remix. [we even made a CD together once! It was fun] The best active years was from 2005 - 2008. 2007 was my favorite year on it though because that was just when the boards started to become really quiet. It came to such a shock for me because we all had a lot of fun. I remember when all the post count numbers were removed,. I think people were put off by that .... over some confusion ...and an April fools' joke or something I guess? But anyway it was a really good forum and I really liked the chatroom too. I really wish it stayed the way that it was unfortunatley so many people just left so quickly and that's what made the site dead. If anyone from Sonicanime remembers me well just get in touch with me anytime for a talkie again. LOL. I remember making the game "Count to 100,000" which is now known as "Chat and Count to 100,000". http://www.sonicanime.net/forums/index.php?s=c9bff455b18e8191a2d4d5963c543974&showtopic=14214
  23. Because he crashes too much in Sonic & All Stars Racing. Don't forget about those darned homing missles.
  24. I fit all of the qualifications of being a writer, but why the deadline date? pressure pressure pressure augh i'll try to think of something [i know i'm a newcomer to this thread shush] i am soley reliable as a writer and sonic fan and i am definetally not an idiot who just posts rumours because i don't even read those. hee hee -3 WHY DOES MY SUBMISSION HAVE TO BE 731 WORDS?! I have failed
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