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  1. Apologies, hadn't seen zone transitions confirmed or mentioned anywhere, but this comment reads like Mania between acts will have level changes like the Mushroom Hill acts.
  2. I'm really sad about this game, I enjoyed the heck out of it, even with the perceived problems people had. Wish Amazon Underground or Hardlight would take it over. Here's my wall of shame.
  3. Right? Surely Eggman would be easy to swap out with Metal Sonic, and make the stage Stardust Speedway. Heck, rip the one from Generations and use it.
  4. My kingdom for a Metal Sonic event, where with special stage is Stardust Speedway, with the original music, and Eggman is replaced by Metal Sonic. Hell, copy the Sonic Generations stage and I will be happy.
  5. Must have missed this somewhere but not liking how the characters level different, my phones on the left, a level 71 Rouge, and my friends tablet on the right a level 60 Rouge, notice the difference in the laser wisp even though mines a higher level. (9 vs 14), I'd rather have her stats, all mines going to the dumb spring. Also got my first score over 7 million after switching back to Tails, but got extremely laggy towards the end.
  6. For some it might be easier, at least here in the US, to make some Facebook and Google accounts at home. If you're lucky you might not even need the Google ones. Then go to a corporate cell phone provider store. (AT&T, T-MOBILE, Sprint, Etc.), and use their demo phones. I did this with AT&T and most their phones already had a google account, all I had to do was download the game, invite to the Facebooks from the game, beat the tutorial under the guise of testing out the phone, then connect fb and accept the invite. You can make the account fairly easy in store but it's annoying juggling two phones at once. Authorized Retailers probably will have empty dummy case phones.
  7. I hate to waste one, so does it keep letting you switch during the run, as long as you don't die, or is it one time use per run, per ad view/5 spend? I usually just go Tails, Die, Rouge, Die, Watch Ad, Tails Die, Rouge Die, Game Over. (will flip when Rouge is higher level). Also glad my GS4 died, my Note 4 is like night and day with this game. Yes, I'm one of those need the sd/removable battery freaks or would have gone newer or iOS device.
  8. Come on, really? Seven spins, and I get Nightopian to lvl 4. Ugh. I hate this game. (for now)
  9. It is showing the button for it now and I can see the leaderboards, but if I try to load the special stage it gives an error.
  10. Umm. Did the event end early? I thought it was supposed to be at 6:59 UTC. Doesn't show up on my friends or my device. 12:22 AM Thursday, July 23, 2015 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  11. I had this problem to, was restarting at first, but on my Galaxy S4 it seems to work locking the screen with the power button, then unlocking and going back to the game.
  12. So Sega won't care that we are from the United States and have all this stuff already in the game, and Thursday I can go into Google Play and update the game?
  13. So any ideas or speculation what happens to us rest of the world users who are getting this on Thursday, that have already acquired this by other means? Will the old one need uninstalled or what?
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