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  1. Very minor nitpick but I don't like how all of the screens on the inside of SA2's package are from City Escape. I would've liked a bit more variety.
  2. And that's just a fan hack. I'm really only thinking of official releases, from Sega themselves. Sure, fans can go and download that and will be happy, but there's no "definitive" version of the game for the uninformed consumer. Something that someone could just go and purchase legally.
  3. Not sure what you're thinking of, but for most people a definitive version of Sonic 3 would be comparable to the mobile ports of Sonic 1, 2, and CD. Sonic 3 never received a mobile remaster like that.
  4. What does Japan see in Forces?

    If I had to guess, this thread was made in reaction to the rather positive Famitsu review of Forces. That's the only reasoning I could see behind it.
  5. I have this happen constantly to me on both mobile and on my PC. And yeah, always when I'm logged out. I don't post very frequently so I find myself logged out often.
  6. Isn't it a bit too soon to be theorizing who ruined what and how? The game isn't even out yet, shouldn't we wait for a chance for the developer themselves to talk a bit about the game before we place all of this blame on people? Interpret interviews and developer blogs however you'd like from there and then form a decent theory. I'm not even that huge of a Modern series fan, I totally get why people would dislike Forces and the connection it has with Mania. But it's tiring as fuck to keep hearing "Sega-sense" left and right just because of that ending. Like I think we've gotten the point. I doubt me saying anything about it would do anything but oh well.
  7. Stop trying to make Sega-sense happen. It isn't happening. Why so much negativity just because of this ending? Does it really ruin the rest of the game for some people? I just find that kind of petty.
  8. Classic Eggman appears on goal posts for Classic Sonic in that game, so he's probably involved somehow. I guess I don't really mind that much that it connects to Forces. Sonic Team and Sega have said before that they want Classic Sonic to have a reason to be alongside Modern Sonic (I think this was when Sumo was thinking of adding Classic to Transformed), so I guess that's why they're using Mania's ending like this.
  9. From my perspective I think Oil Ocean is just an overall unpopular stage. It's not my favorite either (and not saying that to suggest no one likes the stage).
  10. I don't see that as realistic at all. I mean, for starters they'd receive a lot of flak over doing something like that. It would kind of be like a repeat of the whole Kojima and Konami thing, though I guess to a much smaller scale. People would for sure notice Christian missing from it's production and say something to Sega on one of their social media platforms. The Sega of today is a much more open company and actually listens to some of the criticism they receive. Maybe seven or eight years ago your worries would be a bit more warranted, but they really aren't right now.
  11. The idea of Sonic Team "taking back" a sequel to Mania is pretty ridiculous, even if things said and done by Sonic Team in the past may suggest that. I feel like in the past they were known for not liking their original work altered, or something along those lines, which I guess explains why it took so long to see actual remasters of the original games. And anyway, wasn't the entire point of Mania to have Christian and Co. do it? And they've received tons of praise for it so far, good sales will only further cement these guys as the go-to for classic games. I just don't see much point in spouting paranoia like that.
  12. I've actually heard a few people on /v/ mention this about the PS4 version, usually as a counter to people saying the PC version will have mods (which isn't impossible, but I wouldn't count on for a while). Because y'know, everything needs a console war argument behind it.
  13. I kind of can't believe anyone would fall for a "leak" like that. Like, yeah they'll eventually happen, but that's literally the most obvious kind of fake.
  14. Archie Comic Subscriptions please read.

    They have a deal with Marvel to distribute comics in those tiny digest books you see in checkout lanes. So I guess we'll see what comes of that relationship. If Marvel did buy up Archie that would mean Archie would become a Disney property.
  15. Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    This is how I'm choosing to take it. The language they used seems to imply they have something planned. There's no doubt Sega of America knew how much of a following that comic had and the milestone it was approaching. I just hope whatever is planned could be a direct continuation. Would be nice to still see it reach #300.