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  1. There are "incentive" versions of every issue so far, usually ones with the same without-outlines art style. It's weird but a lot of comics do that where there's a variant that's a bit more expensive than the rest. The comic book place I go to also has the Sonic incentive issues priced at $10.
  2. Might just be me, but I find myself confusing the Rocket and the Burst Wisps pretty often. Usually because I'm focused more on the race and judge what I have from the corner of my eye. Wish they were just a little bit different looking between the two of them.
  3. Random observation, but I'm playing on base Xbox One and can't seem to record or screenshot races. The options are there for menus, but not during actual gameplay. Weird, considering I seem to have no problem streaming the game.
  4. Honestly, it's been long enough since we last saw Final Fortress that I'm fine with them bringing it back. I don't feel fatigued seeing it again like Seaside Hill.
  5. This is a bit of a late reply, but I'm not sure why you brought this up in reply to my post? I was just explaining what I saw back when Transformed came out. I'm not trying to insinuate there are problems with STR *because* of what happened, if that's what you're trying to say.
  6. I recall a bit of that stuff. Lots of people seemed upset with that fan poll they were doing, like a few distinct people really drilled him on the character choices of the game and exclusions he was making to the poll at the time. I also remember some users there being upset about the DLC characters, that some felt General Winter and Willimus weren't fitting additions. Kinda sucks providing free content to your users, only to have so many of them tell you "nothing would be better than this", huh?
  7. Random question, but has anyone had any issues with Mania Plus on PC and controller support? It seems to choose when it wants to work for me.

    Just trying to play with a Bluetooth Xbox controller is all.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I had problems when I tried to use a wired Xbox controller before. Works fine with my wired Switch Pro Controller, though. They're pretty cheap, too. Only $25.

      Which is weird cause the wireless ones are like $70.

    2. Strickerx5


      I’ve had no problems using my Xbox one controller. Though I do use the wireless adapter for it.

  8. It's likely because of THQ Nordic trying to utilize IPs from the original THQ. You're probably going to see a lot more random ports out of nowhere in the next year. We already know they have plans to port old Nickelodeon games to modern systems.
  9. I think it's important to remember that Sonic games are primarily made for kids and their writing is pretty typical for something intended for kids.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  12. I remember browsing certain fansites back in the day solely to listen to some of the music that would play on them. One site I recall had MIDI versions of both Twinkle Park and Egg Hornet from SA1. The character profiles for the characters would list all of these odd minor details about them, like their interests and dislikes. One detail I thought was odd was how Eggman was listed as having red eyes, probably just because of AoStH, but having only played a couple games at the time I was wondering where they were getting that. How and where they were able to see behind his glasses.
  13. I remember that, but I recall him saying something about animating dresses being the problem. But it's not like a game like that would've needed Smash Bros-like physics for dresses. And 3D World eventually did it no problem so it always sounded like a bullshit reason. That is if I'm remembering that right. It's kind of been a while.
  14. I do kind of hate how long they've dragged this teaser out. I recall there being gameplay at least by the second trailer for Transformed. But I guess we're at least guaranteed to see it action by E3, or at this rate, leaked by then anyway.
  15. Most of the negative reception towards Tangle came before her debut issue even came out, at least from my observations here on this forum. Some people reacted negatively to her reveal, how her silhouette resembled Sally, and then some others reacted negatively to the amount of focus she had in promotional material. I heard a lot of people saying how she'd be the main focus of the issue, with how Blaze was more in the background of promo stuff.
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