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  1. Could someone share what Sonic stuff is in the game (using spoiler tags). I am on the fence about getting smash, but a lot of Sonic content could sway me. Thanks!
  2. Out of interest, has it ever been confirmed that Sonic Forces had a small budget? I know the final product feels like a glorified mobile game, but it was development in for 3 year which is a little bit longer than most Sonic games. I get the impression that something went wrong and they had redo the game in the final year of development which is why it feels so "underdeveloped". Team Sonic Racing also looks underfunded. But it seems like it is supposed to be a Christmas cash-in". i.e. Sega don't have a main game for Christmas 2018 and so just want a title so they can cash in on the holidays without taking too much budget away from the next main game. Sonic Spinball was the first of these, and Sega has a long tradition them. I also think with TSR they are being too ambitious. The Ai for the team players probably took up a lot of development resources. They should have dropped that and just made a regular racing game. So really, with Forces being the result of development problems and Team Racing seemingly being a cash-in, I think it's too early to conclude that Sega have slashed the Sonic budget.
  3. Do you have a link that shows this? Thanks!
  4. Oh wow, that's so awesome. How could they remove that from the English version? (I think the English version did make reference to Angel Island but not Little Planet).
  5. Thanks! I remember hearing that Q&A. At the time I didn't know what they meant by original design doc, but it makes sense after your explanation. Does this book contain a low of Chaotix/Sonic content? I know it had all the storyboards for the original games (which were photographed and shared online). I wasn't sure what else it contained. (It's on my list of things to buy, but I haven't got around to it yet).
  6. The bits about Chaotix originally being created by Sonic Team are really interesting. If anyone finds a link where Iizuka mentions this, please share it, as I too would also love to see it. @VEDJ-F Do you have links for where you asked the question. Or a link to the Hoshino interview? Thanks!
  7. I haven't played SA2 since the original DC & GC release. I don't remember it being too hard to A Rank. I think it was slightly easier because of the gold bot that gave point bonus. Although of course, it could be that the pain has just fallen out of my memories after all this time!
  8. The SA2 levels were much easier to A rank. (Or maybe I am just too old now!)
  9. Aahh... I see. I saw a couple of threads on other forums where people recommended using the daily bonus for Shadow S-Rank, but I guess they must be mistaken. Darn it, getting S Rank on Shadow stages 2 & 3 is tough!
  10. How does the Daily Bonus work in relation to Episode Shadow? I activate the daily bonus in the main game. I then immediately go and play an Episode Shadow level. But when the score totals up at the end, there is no mention of the Daily Bonus being added. Is there some trick I am missing? Thanks for any help. I'm just trying to get S rank on Shadow stages 2 & 3. (Sorry if this isn't the right place. As it's only a small question, I hunted around for a relevant thread, but couldn't find one).
  11. So, the bonus Atlus costumes come when you download the game. The Shadow costume is available as a free download if you purchase before 24/11. Interestingly it seems you can download the Shadow costume without buying the game. If you do, then a Sonic Forces icon appears on your home screen. Anyone want to see what happens if you tap that Forces icon without owning the actual game? (I would do it, but I am in the middle of a Mania no-save game, so I don't want to lose my progress!)
  12. Will the bonus content + preorder bonus be received if purchased on Nintendo EShop? I've tried emailing Sega Europe, Nintendo UK, Nintendo US and Sega US about this, but no one knows. They all just say to check social media but I haven't seen anything. Nintendo US was the exception: they said it's unlikely. Does anyone here have an answer? Also, what are the odds the bonus content will be available worldwide? (As Eshop games are usually cheaper in Mexico and Russia). (Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask).
  13. I think I read somewhere that she was designed by Sonic Team for Sonic Boom. It wouldn't surprise me if she shows up in Forces as an established character without an introduction.
  14. In the Sonic 3 manual, they even had the idea of Knuckles digging using special gloves, which wasn't possible until Adventure. http://www.sonic-jam.org/sisghzs:md-sonic3k-t1
  15. In Sonic Runners it was explained Knuckles put the Master Emerald into hiding so he could go on his adventures. Later in the story, the animals friends took over guarding it, so it seems it's no longer his job (although in a special event he refers to still guarding it, so perhaps he does it part time.).
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