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    A Sonic fan of 15 years even though my other interests include the Tales of series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Marvel Horror comics. Drawing is a hobby of mine, as well.
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  1. I would post more in the forums but I personally think I have nothing interesting to talk about.

    1. TCB


      Kinda like me, plus that I have no stable wifi right now.

    2. ZapBas


      Ah hah hah... Me too. My network is pretty bad and the topics I would like to make wouldn't have much content anyway...

  2. I played LaTale for 3 days straight and I'm a Level 66 Warlord. I have nothing to do in my life...

  3. The pain of not being able to play most Tales of games...

    1. Solkia
    2. ZapBas


      I sure did miss you, oh ho ho. I'm broke so I can't get Tales of Xillia, ah hah hah : cry :

  4. Nobody cares about the Mega Man Battle Network series anymore but it's still a part of my heart, oh ho ho...
  5. Oops, I'm back. Real life happened.

    1. Wraith


      Welcome back. Haven't seen you in a while.

  6. Happy Vaginal Exit Day! :D

  7. Red

    Happy Birthday

  8. Hey guys... Sorry. Real Life got in the way. Also Dangan Ronpa.

  9. Well, welcome to the Jojo fandom then~ I used to be a very old member there (I was 15 years old when I joined, ah hah~) but one day, I just stopped posting. I'm in contact with the friends I made over there after all these years, so I'm glad I joined there. Every Part is awesome, with Part 1 being...strange due to Araki still getting used to his style but it's great. It's pretty short too for a Part.
  10. I just really like boss music in anything...
  11. Needs more 'Tales of' games in my life

    1. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      Only played the Symphonia games myself

    2. Solkia


      By the way, Tales of Destiny 2 on PSN isn't actually a sequel. IT's a game called Tales of Eternia. We never actually got the sequel.

    3. Solkia
    4. ZapBas


      Oh, I know~ I've been playing Tales of Destiny 2 on the PS2 emulator : grins :

    5. ZapBas


      Tales of Eternia is a great game as well, though. That opening is beautiful, aw man.

    6. Solkia


      Lol. Is it as hard as they say?

    7. ZapBas


      Yeah, for Tales of Destiny 2. Barbatos Goetia is one of the first bosses and goddang, he is 'tough'.

    8. Red


      I have Eternia on my PSP. It's quite easy for me.

    9. ZapBas


      I was scared that Barbatos was gonna do "No Items Ever!" on me, but turns out his first boss appearance doesn't have that and just reprimands you by countering, which isn't as bad...

    10. Solkia


      I actually forgot about No Items Ever.

      And yeah Lhancat, Eternia is easy.

    11. ZapBas


      I shall say that Barbatos is one of my favorite Tales antagonists alongside Dhaos. I do say, what's your favorite 'Tales of' game?

    12. Solkia


      Definately Abyss.

    13. Red


      Aha...my favourite is Graces. c: But that -might- change if Xillia 2 ever gets localized.

    14. ZapBas


      That game is...so good, hot dang. I'm playing it undubbed on the PS2 emulator and I just couldn't stop playing it.

    15. ZapBas


      I never played Tales of Graces 'or' Xillia. I'm still rather new to the series, but I'm happy to have played as much as I have now. The Japanese-Only 'Tales of' games are wonderful to me.

    16. Solkia


      I loved it so much I bought it on PS2 and 3DS.

      The 3DS port was disappointing.

    17. ZapBas


      Aw man, I was gonna get that due to how hard the PS2 version is the come by. I guess it's just a straight-up port with no extra stuff, huh? That's lame.

    18. ZapBas


      To* come by... Silly me

    19. Solkia


      PS2 version is hard to come by? I found it on ebay for $20 o.o

      It's not just that, it suffers from serious framedrops, and it has that nasty 3DS aliasing that you see on every 3DS title. It's just not visually appealing as the PS2 version.

    20. ZapBas


      I have no access to online shopping so...finding it is rather hard for me.

      Oh yeck, that 'really' sucks now. I'm really glad that the frame rate for 'Abyss' isn't as bad as the other games I try to emulate, but emulating PS2 games on a laptop puts a lot of strain on it.

    21. Solkia


      granted from everyone I've talked to, I'm the only one who had this problem. You could give it a try, it's still the same game after all.

    22. ZapBas


      Yeah... Having a portable 'Tales of' game is pretty awesome, which is why I hope to play 'Tales of Innocence' and 'Tales of Hearts' soon. I may pick it up if I still have some money left for buying 'Tales of Vesperia' : grins :

    23. ZapBas


      I shall say that you're such an awesome person for knowing the 'Tales of' series in the first place. I...really don't have anybody else to talk to about it.

    24. Solkia


      SuperLink is pretty into the series too.

    25. ZapBas


      I don't know who that is but I hope to find out one day~ But yeah, I'm glad~ : pats your back :

  12. I'm feeling pretty depressed right now...

    1. Tara


      Want some chocolate?

    2. ZapBas


      I would totally want that right now. Thanks

    3. Kuzu


      I suggest music.

    4. Tara
    5. ZapBas


      Yeah, I've been doing that... Doing some doodles as well... Pffft, that gave some giggles.

  13. ...Your name reminds me of Zappa.

  14. Dhaos Corridor~

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